Privatization and Public Policy


Privatization and Public Policy

9781858988412 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Vincent Wright, formerly of Nuffield College, University of Oxford, UK and Luisa Perrotti, formerly Assistant Professor of Political Science, INSEAD, France
Publication Date: 2000 ISBN: 978 1 85898 841 2 Extent: 1,088 pp
Privatization is now a universal practice and is the result of a set of interrelated factors, all of which are explored in this collection. Privatization has also become an academic industry, generating a vast outpouring of books and articles.

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Critical Acclaim
More Information
Privatization is now a universal practice and is the result of a set of interrelated factors, all of which are explored in this collection. Privatization has also become an academic industry, generating a vast outpouring of books and articles.

This authoritative two volume collection, which includes a new introduction by the editors, concentrates on the public policy of privatization, and explores its dimensions by presenting key theoretical and empirical articles. The volumes are also clearly interdisciplinary, bringing together for the first time articles informed by political science, economics and sociology.

The collection will be invaluable for both practitioners and academics, especially those involved in the study of applied economics, public policy and political science.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is a very impressive collection of articles on the extent of privatisation, the reasons for privatising put forward by its proponents, the theoretical issues raised, its political and institutional dimensions, and its impact in economic and political terms. Taken from a very wide range of journals, the papers provide a comprehensive coverage of an important topic.’
– Aslib Book Guide
45 articles, dating from 1983 to 1998
Contributors include: N.N. Ayubi, W. Baer, A.E. Boardman, D. Bös, G. Hutchinson, D.C. North, J.J. Richardson, C. Shapiro, S. Young

Volume I
Acknowledgements • Introduction

Part I: Methods, Techniques and Types
1. Lucas J. Wilson (1998), ‘Privatisations in 1996: Another Record Year’
2. OECD (1997), ‘Privatisation: Recent Trends’
3. Stephen Young (1986), ‘The Nature of Privatisation in Britain, 1979–85’
4. Kostas Lavdas (1996), ‘The Political Economy of Privatization in Southern Europe’
5. Jan Winiecki (1992), ‘Major Privatization Differences between East and West’
6. Thomas J. Hyclak and Arthur E. King (1994), ‘The Privatisation Experience in Eastern Europe’
7. Ira W. Lieberman (1997), ‘Introduction: Mass Privatization in Comparative Perspective’
8. Simon Commander and Tony Killick (1988), ‘Privatisation in Developing Countries: A Survey of the Issues’
9. Shaoguang Wang (1994), ‘The Compatibility of Public Ownership and the Market Economy: A Great Debate in China’
Part II: Reasons and Rationalizations
10. John Moore ([1983]1986), ‘Why Privatise?’
11. Carl Shapiro and Robert D. Willig (1990), ‘Economic Rationales for the Scope of Privatization’
12. Cento Veljanovski (with Mark Bentley) (1987), ‘Property Rights and Industrial Performance’
13. Louis De Alessi (1987), ‘Property Rights and Privatization’
14. Dieter Bös and Wolfgang Peters (1991), ‘A Principal-Agent Approach on Manager Effort and Control in Privatized and Public Firms’
15. Piotr Jasinski (1992), ‘The Transfer and Redefinition of Property Rights: Theoretical Analysis of Transferring Property Rights and Transformational Privatisation in the Post-STEs’
16. Jonathan Bradley (1996), ‘Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe: Models and Ideologies’
Part III: The Political Dimensions
17. Steve H. Hanke and Stephen J.K. Walters (1990), ‘Privatization and Public Choice: Lessons for the LDCs’
18. David Stark (1994), ‘Path Dependence and Privatization Strategies in East-Central Europe’
19. Pierre Guislain (1997), ‘Privatization and Basic Legal Norms’
20. Douglass C. North (1992), ‘Privatization, Incentives, and Economic Performance’
21. Jeremy J. Richardson, William A. Maloney and Wolfgang Rüdig (1992), ‘The Dynamics of Policy Change: Lobbying and Water Privatization’
22. Ellen M. Pint (1990), ‘Nationalization and Privatization: A Rational-Choice Perspective on Efficiency’
23. Patrick Dunleavy (1986), ‘Explaining the Privatization Boom: Public Choice Versus Radical Approaches’
24. Carles Boix (1997), ‘Privatizing the Public Business Sector in the Eighties: Economic Performance, Partisan Responses and Divided Governments’
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Volume II
Part I: The Political Dimensions
1. Harvey B. Feigenbaum and Jeffrey R. Henig (1994), ‘The Political Underpinnings of Privatization: A Typology’
2. Roland Czada (1996), ‘The Treuhandanstalt and the Transition from Socialism to Capitalism’
3. Pierre Guislain (1997), ‘Institutional Framework for Privatization’
4. Constance Squires Meaney (1995), ‘Foreign Experts, Capitalists, and Competing Agendas: Privatization in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary’
5. Alex Danso (1992), ‘Privatization of State Owned Enterprises in Africa: The Case of Ghana’
6. Nicholas Buttle (1996), ‘Privatization and Ethics’
7. Gawdat Bahgat (1993), ‘Privatization and Democratization in the Arab World: Is There a Connection?’
8. Michael McFaul (1995), ‘State Power, Institutional Change, and the Politics of Privatization in Russia’
9. Pita Ogaba Agbese (1992), ‘Moral Economy and the Expansion of the Privatisation Constituency in Nigeria’
Part II: The Impact
10. Yair Aharoni (1991), ‘On Measuring the Success of Privatization’
11. Giandomenico Majone (1994), ‘Paradoxes of Privatization and Deregulation’
12. Dieter Bös (1991), ‘Arguments on Privatization’
13. William L. Megginson, Robert C. Nash and Matthias van Randenborgh (1996), ‘The Financial and Operating Performance of Newly Privatized Firms: An International Empirical Analysis’
14. Anthony E. Boardman and Aidan R. Vining (1989), ‘Ownership and Performance in Competitive Environments: A Comparison of the Performance of Private, Mixed, and State-Owned Enterprises’
15. Gladstone Hutchinson (1991), ‘Efficiency Gains Through Privatization of UK Industries’
16. Werner Baer (1994), ‘Privatisation in Latin America’
17. Geisa Maria Rocha (1994), ‘Redefining the Role of the Bourgeoisie in Dependent Capitalist Development: Privatization and Liberalization in Brazil’
18. Mary M. Shirley (1994), ‘Privatization in Latin America: Lessons for Transitional Europe’
19. Nazih N. Ayubi (1992), ‘Political Correlates of Privatization Programs in the Middle East’
20. Yudit Kiss (1994), ‘Privatization Paradoxes in East Central Europe’
21. Vincent Wright (1995), ‘Industrial and Banking Privatization in Western Europe: Some Public Policy Paradoxes’
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