Research Handbook on Conflict Prevention


Research Handbook on Conflict Prevention

9781803920832 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Timo Kivimäki, Professor of International Relations, University of Bath, UK and Senior Non-Resident Fellow, Sejong Institute, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 083 2 Extent: 362 pp
The Research Handbook on Conflict Prevention is a cohesive and comparative analysis of the ways in which organised violence is combatted. Renowned experts dissect the complex problem of conflict prevention by investigating its three main aspects: agency, methods and timing.

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The Research Handbook on Conflict Prevention is a cohesive and comparative analysis of the ways in which organised violence is combatted. Renowned experts dissect the complex problem of conflict prevention by investigating its three main aspects: agency, methods and timing.

This incisive Research Handbook both reviews the current literature on conflict prevention and introduces new theoretical and empirical findings. Contributors compare the different roles played by women’s groups, academics, military forces, and local and international agents such as the UN. They also explore resolution methods such as prenegotiation, negotiation, mediation and conflict transformation. In doing so, they illustrate the various ways in which hegemonic masculine approaches, peace journalism, and robust non-military and military approaches manage to reduce organised violence. Finally, the Research Handbook tracks the different phases of the conflict process, from the onset and escalation of conflict to conflict relapse. Confronting the vicious cycle of organised violence, this rigorous and multi-faceted study of conflict prevention provides an impetus towards understanding the field and inspiring solutions.

In-depth and comprehensive, this Research Handbook will be of great benefit to scholars of conflict and international relations, human rights, terrorism and security, as well as practitioners and policymakers in the field.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Research Handbook on Conflict Prevention is a wonderful addition to cutting edge theoretical and empirical work on different aspects of conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Organised into three sections, Agents of Conflict prevention, Methods of Conflict prevention and Conflict prevention at different stages, the Research Handbook provides state of the art arguments for early intervention and for engaging multiple actors in the design and implementation of conflict resolution processes. This is a must read for anyone interested in preventive diplomacy, conflict prevention, conflict management and conflict transformation, and should be on the shelves of everyone interested in creating a more peaceful world.’
– Kevin P. Clements, Toda Peace Institute, Japan

‘The Research Handbook on Conflict Prevention is an indispensable contribution to the field of peace and conflict studies. Featuring an impressive line-up of the most renowned scholars, this volume provides a nuanced reflection on the complexities of preventive efforts, challenges that remain ahead, and opportunities for further refinement of policies aimed at making prevention deliver on its promise. Impeccably edited, this volume is a must-have for scholars and practitioners of conflict management.’
– Siniša Vuković, Johns Hopkins University, US

‘Conflict prevention has in recent years become an increasingly multidimensional and multilayered concept. The handbook edited by Timo Kivimäki offers novel perspectives on the theory and practice of conflict prevention and transformation. Today, there is a growing need to develop new means and resources to tackle violent conflicts before they escalate into large-scale humanitarian disasters as has happened in Ukraine and Gaza. The world needs a new culture of conflict prevention and, first of all, a new commitment of national leaders to turn it into reality.’
– Raimo Väyrynen, Past President, Academy of Finland, Finland
Contributors include: Shikshya Adhikari, Victor Asal, Kyle Beardsley, Mattia Cacciatori, Abraham Diing, Outi Donovan, Edward A. Gonzalez, Lukas Hegele, Nakissa Jahanbani, Patrick James, Ayesha Jehangir, Andrew Johnstone, Timo Kivimäki, Joakim Kreutz, Liisa Laakso, Janie Leatherman, Steven E. Lobell, Hugh Miall, Naomi Pendle, Norrin M. Ripsman, Scott A. Silverstone, Grace Sorci, Isak Svensson, Suzanne Weedon Levy, Anne van Wijk, I. William Zartman

1 Introduction to the Research Handbook on Conflict Prevention 1
Timo Kivimäki
2 Conflict prevention: what does it really mean? 8
Timo Kivimäki
3 Women in conflict prevention 34
Outi Donovan
4 Academic diplomacy 48
Liisa Laakso
5 Whose conflict prevention works? Strong states vs the legitimate world
organization 64
Timo Kivimäki
6 Local vs international agency in conflict prevention 86
Naomi R. Pendle and Abraham Diing
7 Prenegotiation: promises for conflict prevention 104
Lukas Hegele
8 Dispute resolution by means of peace negotiation 122
Timo Kivimäki
9 Mediation as a method of conflict prevention in intrastate conflicts 139
Isak Svensson
10 Conflict transformation: a feminist, intersectional and emancipatory approach 152
Janie Leatherman
11 Hegemonic masculinity and the power-centric method of conflict prevention 180
Timo Kivimäki
12 The International Criminal Court, economic sanctions, and the
Responsibility to Protect as instruments of conflict prevention 198
Mattia Cacciatori
13 Military means of conflict prevention 215
Andrew Johnstone
14 Peace journalism: a cosmopolitan approach to conflict prevention 235
Ayesha Jehangir
15 Timing opportunities 262
I. William Zartman
16 Conflict transformation as a means of preventing violent conflict onset 276
Hugh Miall
17 Great power politics and the dynamics of capability: the prevention of
near-crisis escalation 304
Edward A. Gonzalez, Anne van Wijk, Shikshya Adhikari, Victor Asal, Kyle
Beardsley, Nakissa Jahanbani, Patrick James, Steven E. Lobell, Norrin M.
Ripsman, Scott A. Silverstone, Grace Sorci and Suzanne Weedon Levy
18 Conflict prevention in post-conflict settings 323
Joakim Kreutz
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