Research Handbook on Gender and Diversity in Sport Management


Research Handbook on Gender and Diversity in Sport Management

9781802203684 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Pirkko Markula, Professor of Sociocultural Studies of Physical Activity, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, University of Alberta, Canada and Annelies Knoppers, Professor Emeritus, School of Governance, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 368 4 Extent: 458 pp
This groundbreaking Research Handbook adeptly navigates how gender and diversity are addressed in sport management. Offering insight into practices and processes that work to exclude certain groups and practices, and favour others, it highlights how gendered ways of organizing sport are experienced and may be sustained, disrupted, and challenged.

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This groundbreaking Research Handbook adeptly navigates how gender and diversity are addressed in sport management. Offering insight into practices and processes that work to exclude certain groups and practices, and favour others, it highlights how gendered ways of organizing sport are experienced and may be sustained, disrupted, and challenged.

Leading international scholars employ theoretical frameworks to comprehensively set out how individuals or groups engaged in leading and managing sport are situated in the social world and engage in managerial practices. Providing a wealth of conceptual analyses, the authors of the various chapters explore diverse feminist theories, perspectives, and methodologies to expertly examine gender-based marginalization in sport management at local and international levels. Expert contributors reveal how women negotiate and navigate gender and intersecting identity categories in sport organizations.

Presenting a wide variety of feminist perspectives on sport management, sport organizations, and coaching, this Research Handbook will prove a valuable resource to researchers and undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields of sport management and sport sociology. It will also be essential reading for policy makers working in sport organizations.
Critical Acclaim
‘In the Research Handbook on Gender and Diversity in Sport Management, Markula and Knoppers provide an insightful and encompassing overview of the topic that is impressive in scope and quality. With stellar contributions from leading scholars around the world, this text will undoubtedly impact research, teaching, and practice.’
– George B. Cunningham, University of Florida, US

‘When two pioneers of gender and diversity studies in sport join forces to curate a kaleidoscope of feminist perspectives on gender-based and intersectional marginalization in sport organizations, expectations are high. This Research Handbook firmly delivers on these expectations, offering comprehensive and thought-provoking insights into how gendered ways of organizing and managing sport are experienced and may be disrupted and transformed. The Research Handbook stands out through its theoretical diversity in understanding gender in sport organizations, leadership, and coaching. In doing so, it paves the way for enhancing the breadth and depth of impact of critical research in sport management.’
– Ramón Spaaij, Victoria University, Australia

‘A very welcome, important, and valuable contribution to the theorizing of gender and diversity in sport management! The original work by international scholars on how gender intersects with other relations of power offers new, expanding, and exciting insights to the field. Thus, this Research Handbook represents a must and an invaluable reference source for students, faculty, and policy makers in sport.’
– Jorid Hovden, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Contributors include: Johanna A. Adriaanse, Laura Alfrey, Emily Ankers, Dunja Antunovic, Zoë Avner, Sarah Barnes, Sheree Bekker, Laura Burton, Bettina Callary, Inge Claringbould, Gunn Helene Engelsrud, Simone Fullagar, Brian Gearity, Pepijn Geldof, Julia Ferreira Gomes, Anna Goorevich, Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Lauren C. Hindman, Larena Hoeber, Ruth Jeanes, Allison Jeffrey,Ajhanai C.I. Keaton, Shannon Kerwin, Annelies Knoppers, Alixandra Krahn, Nicole M. LaVoi, Sarah Leberman, Louise Mansfield, Pirkko Markula, Jordan J.K. Matthews, Mitchell McSweeney, Laura Misener, Eva Soares Moura, Jessica Nachman, DooJae Park, Adele Pavlidis, Erin Pearson, Lucy V. Piggott, Anna Posbergh, Annika Olson, Aishwarya Ravi, Talia Ritondo, Parissa Safai, Sally Shaw, NaRi Shin, Ryan Storr, Sasha Sutherland, Holly Thorpe, Dawn E. Trussell, Philippa Velija, Nefertiti A. Walker, Beccy Watson, Sarah Zipp

Preface xvi
Introduction: why a Research Handbook on Gender and Diversity in
Sport Management 1
Annelies Knoppers and Pirkko Markula

1 A decade of tracking women’s participation in the governance
of international sport federations 21
Johanna A. Adriaanse
2 Gender representation and policy implementation in the
governance of international Paralympic organizations 37
Lucy V. Piggott and Jordan J. K. Matthews
3 Gender, leadership, and (dis)ability 52
Erin Pearson and Laura Misener
4 Gender and diversity in mediated sport marketing: using “old”
and “new” media 65
Dunja Antunovic and Annika Olson
5 Doing gender in the neoliberal, global context of sport management 79
NaRi Shin and Doo Jae Park

6 Managing gendered sport organizations 94
Laura Burton and Ajhanai C. I. Keaton
7 The “motherhood penalty” and sport leadership 110
Sarah Zipp and Sasha Sutherland
8 The gendered organization of men’s professional sport 124
Lauren C. Hindman and Nefertiti A. Walker
9 Institutional heteronormativity in Dutch sport clubs 137
Inge Claringbould and Pepijn Geldof
10 Heteronormativity and gender-based violence in Sport for
Development 151
Julia Ferreira Gomes and Jessica Nachman, Lyndsay M. C.
Hayhurst, and Mitchell McSweeney

11 Occupational hazards: harassment and women’s work as sport
coaches 167
Sarah Barnes
12 The socially reproductive labor of women sport coaches 181
Alixandra Krahn and Parissa Safai
13 Refuting gender essentialism about women in sport coaching 192
Nicole M. LaVoi and Anna Goorevich
14 Gender, women, and community sport coaching 206
Ruth Jeanes, Aishwarya Ravi and Laura Alfrey
15 Elite coaching, gender, and diversity 220
Bettina Callary and Brian Gearity

16 Influencers for change: women leading in the outdoor sector 234
Emily Ankers and Beccy Watson
17 Gender inclusive sport: what’s in it for (all) women? 248
Ryan Storr and Sheree Bekker
18 Balancing inclusion, fairness, and binaries in transgender
eligibility sport policies 262
Anna Posbergh
19 Gender and voluntary work for diverse and traditionally
marginalized identities in community sport organizations 277
Dawn E. Trussell and Shannon Kerwin
20 Re-imagining mothers exercising leadership in sport management 291
Talia Ritondo, Sarah Leberman and Dawn E. Trussell
21 Sexualization and gendered empowerment in a Sport for
Development organization in Brazil 304
Eva Soares Moura

22 Process-figurational sociology and gender relations in sport
management 318
Louise Mansfield and Philippa Velija
23 Bourdieu on the field: gender, power and the organization of sport 331
Allison Jeffrey and Holly Thorpe
24 Critical feminisms in sport management: theory and practice 345
Sally Shaw
25 Critical discourse analysis, gender, and sport management 358
Larena Hoeber
26 Poststructuralist feminist approaches in sport management research 370
Zoë Avner
27 Phenomenological perspectives for sport management research 385
Gunn Helene Engelsrud
28 Feminist new materialist insights for sport management 398
Simone Fullagar and Adele Pavlidis
Conclusion: directions for future research 413
Pirkko Markula and Annelies Knoppers

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