Research Handbook on Sport and COVID-19


Research Handbook on Sport and COVID-19

9781802207569 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Paul M. Pedersen, PhD, Professor of Sport Management, Department of Kinesiology, School of Public Health, Indiana University–Bloomington, US
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80220 756 9 Extent: 462 pp
This timely Research Handbook examines sport-related research and analysis pertaining to how the sport industry has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Taking stock of the changes over the course of the pandemic, it also provides key insights into how the sport industry and its stakeholders might move forward in post-pandemic times.

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This timely Research Handbook examines sport-related research and analysis pertaining to how the sport industry has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Taking stock of the changes over the course of the pandemic, it also provides key insights into how the sport industry and its stakeholders might move forward in post-pandemic times.

Organized into six parts, the first half of the book explores the areas of sport management, sport communication, and sport marketing, while the final three parts analyze sport events, sport stakeholders, and sport and society. Expert international contributors delve into a wide array of topics related to the sport industry including athletes, clubs, leagues, and brand and sport management to illuminate how the pandemic has influenced these aspects of sport.

Offering a comprehensive analysis of how Covid-19 has affected the sport industry, this Research Handbook will be a key resource for business and management scholars and advanced students with a particular interest in sport, health, and well-being. Its use of global case studies will also be beneficial for sport managers and practitioners in this field.
Critical Acclaim
‘Professor Paul M. Pedersen did an astonishing work in providing a collection of essays that ensure a broad conceptual and empirical view of the impact and reflexes of COVID-19 on different actors and levels of the sports industry. What makes the unicity of this handbook, in other words, is the diversity of contexts in which it is applied, and the areas that compound a systematic approach in comprehending the dynamics of sports and social relations through business; but not limited to that, it also includes economics, management, sociology, communication, marketing, and other specific areas.’
– Leonardo Colares Castro, Unisinos University, Brazil

‘The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sport industry cut across myriad areas, from financial to organisational to socio-cultural. In the Research Handbook on Sport and COVID-19, Pedersen has collated works that highlight all the various implications from this once-in-a-generational event. From an international perspective, this resource not only documents the experiences for future generations of sport scholars, but also provides a truly valuable resource to demonstrate how one event can systematically change the landscape of an entire industry – affecting how we operate, view, consume, and value sports as part of our everyday existence, while also fast-tracking innovation and new opportunities for growth.’
– Lauren M. Burch, Loughborough University London, UK

‘The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted sport in ways not previously imagined, and necessity spawned multifaceted innovation. Sport entities rich in resiliency and creativity connected with sport consumers via new approaches, and many of these novel methods will remain permanent. The true value of the Research Handbook on Sport and COVID-19 lies in its rich description of pandemic-induced innovation as relayed by 92 contributors from 22 countries, and, accordingly, the text is a must-read for sport managers desiring to thrive in the face of future disruption.’
– Damon P.S. Andrew, Florida State University, US

‘In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the planet to a standstill. The impacts on the sport industry at all levels (grassroots, Olympic, or professional) were unimaginable. Editor Paul M. Pedersen had the foresight to reach out to scholars and practitioners from different segments of the sport industry to study and report on the effects of COVID-19 on the business of sports worldwide as it was happening. With unique insights from over 20 countries, this book will be of great interest to students, academics, and sport managers alike.’
– Benoit Séguin, University of Ottawa, Canada

‘The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great effect on all aspects of our lives. Editor Paul M. Pedersen’s Research Handbook on Sport and COVID-19 is an extremely timely resource that examines these effects on sports. With almost 100 scholars and practitioners (representing over 20 countries) contributing to the Handbook, readers will learn how the pandemic impacted sports and what we have learned as we enter a post-pandemic world.’
– Brian A. Turner, The Ohio State University, US
Contributors: Gashaw Abeza, Arkaitz Castaneda Babarro, Ramón Ernesto Mendoza Baldenebro, Luis Felipe Monteiro de Barros, Luca Bifulco, Valérie Bonnet, Chris Bowers, Tim Breitbarth, Ryan M. Brewer, Alex Bryson, Luiz Augusto Brum, Sandra M. Bucerius, Sunghwan Byun, Simona Castellano, Jinwook Chung, Luis Tomás Ródenas Cuenca, Veerle De Bosscher, Nicolas Delorme, Peter Dolton, Mark Dottori, Christian Dragin Jensen, Sam Duncan, Minerva Thalia Juno Vanegas Farfano, Yair Galily, Alex Gang, Thadeu Gasparetto, Hamid Ghasemi, Oswaldo Ceballos Gurrola, Andreas Hebbel-Seeger, Bryan Hogeveen, Thomas Horky, Donovan Jurgens, Kihan Kim, Nakibae Kitiseni, Thomas Könecke, Elsa Kristiansen, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Ju Young Lee, Minkyo Lee, Patxi León-Guereño, Orr Levental, Choonghoon Lim, Jeanette M. López-Walle, Romulo Macedo, Ewa Malchrowicz-Mośko, Brian Mancuso, David Maralack, Laura Matz, Jürgen Mittag, Charles Mountifield, Jörg-Uwe Nieland, Daniel Nölleke, Braden Norris, Norm O''Reilly, Inae Oh, Paul M. Pedersen, Zack P. Pedersen, Tyler Ratts, James Reade, Hermann A. Richter, Margot Ricour, Brad W.R. Roberts, Ary José Rocco Junior, José Tristán Rodríguez, Rosa Elena Medina Rodríguez, Roy David Samuel, Christiana Schallhorn, Jeroen Scheerder, Dominik Schreyer, Norbert Schütte, Christof Seeger, Alex Sévigny, Stirling Sharpe, Carl Singleton, Philip Sinner, Li Siying, Ilan Tamir, Tomasz Taraszkiewicz, Erik Thibaut, Mario Tirino, Marina Tranchitella, Albert H. Vette, Ryan Vooris, David Wagner, Wei Wei, Annick Willem, Antonio S. Williams, Roger Woodruff, Kong-Ting Yeh, Tsu-Lin Yeh, Arif Yüce, Julia Ziółkowska

1 Introduction to the Research Handbook on Sport and COVID-19 1
Paul M. Pedersen

2 Economics lessons from sports during the COVID-19 pandemic 8
Carl Singleton, Alex Bryson, Peter Dolton, James Reade and Dominik Schreyer
3 The impact of COVID-19 on amateur sport 18
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Patxi León-Guereño, Ewa Malchrowicz-Mośko and
Arkaitz Castaneda Babarro
4 The impact of COVID-19 on French sports federations 30
Nicolas Delorme
5 The impact of COVID-19 on the management of the sport media 44
Hamid Ghasemi and Ryan Vooris
6 Changing business models – how fitness centers reacted to COVID-19:
the case study of a Polish fitness operator 54
Julia Ziółkowska and Tomasz Taraszkiewicz
7 The impact of COVID-19 on interscholastic athletics 66
Tyler Ratts, Braden Norris, Brian Mancuso and Paul M. Pedersen

8 De-globalization, de-commercialization, and semi-mediatization: the
influence of COVID-19 on global sport communication 87
Wei Wei and Li Siying
9 Young audiences’ sports media repertoires and expectations towards
sport coverage during COVID-19 98
Daniel Nölleke
10 The hard law of live: a case study on French sports channels during COVID-19 112
Valérie Bonnet and Tyler Ratts
11 Professional football clubs and associations under pressure: COVID-19
as a precursor of structural change in European sport 124
Jürgen Mittag and Jörg-Uwe Nieland
12 Accelerating direct virtual public relations for sport organizations
through information subsidies during COVID-19 137
Mark Dottori, Alex Sévigny and Norm O’Reilly

13 Relationship marketing during COVID-19: strategies and processes of
communication in German and Austrian sports clubs 153
Thomas Horky, Christof Seeger, Jörg-Uwe Nieland, Daniel Nölleke,
Christiana Schallhorn and Philip Sinner
14 Using consumption capital theory to analyze the impact of COVID-19
on major and minor sports in Germany 165
Andreas Hebbel-Seeger, Thomas Horky and Hermann A. Richter
15 Who wants football back? Surveying fans in Brazil during COVID-19 177
Ary José Rocco Junior, Thadeu Gasparetto, Marina Tranchitella, Luis Felipe
Monteiro de Barros, Luiz Augusto Brum and Romulo Macedo
16 The impact of COVID-19 on athlete branding 190
Zack P. Pedersen, Antonio S. Williams and Ryan M. Brewer
17 COVID-19 as a new chance for a sport league: motivation behind
watching Korea Baseball Organization games 202
Minkyo Lee, Ju Young Lee, Jinwook Chung, Inae Oh and Choonghoon Lim
18 The star and COVID-19: Serie A soccer celebrities and the
self-narrative of contagion on social media 214
Mario Tirino, Luca Bifulco and Simona Castellano

19 The impact of COVID-19 on sports events, national federations, and
organizations in South Africa over a 16-month period 230
David Maralack, Donovan Jurgens and Roger Woodruff
20 Sport event pandemic risk management and what has been learned from
COVID-19 245
Kong-Ting Yeh, Tsu-Lin Yeh, and Nakibae Kitiseni
21 Innovation in sport events during COVID-19 258
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Christian Dragin-Jensen and Thomas Könecke
22 Fourteen days: athletes’ media usage and stories in hard quarantine
during COVID-19 269
Sam Duncan, Tim Breitbarth and Chris Bowers
23 Sport management during COVID-19 in the Norwegian context 289
Elsa Kristiansen

24 COVID-19 and the Bundesliga: a study of digital fan engagement
strategies in professional soccer 300
Laura Matz, Gashaw Abeza and David Wagner
25 COVID-19 and the decline of volunteers in Australian community
sport: solutions to move forward 312
Charles Mountifield and Stirling Sharpe
26 An assessment of mood and anxiety in university athletes and
non-athletes during social mobility restrictions of COVID-19 328
Oswaldo Ceballos Gurrola, Minerva Thalia Juno Vanegas Farfano, Ramón
Ernesto Mendoza Baldenebro, Rosa Elena Medina Rodríguez, Luis Tomás
Ródenas Cuenca, Jeanette M. López-Walle and José Tristán Rodríguez
27 Between total loss and immunity: does the crisis resilience thesis prove
its worth in times of COVID-19 in Germany? 337
Norbert Schütte
28 Parent hockey culture during “unsettled times”: COVID-19 and the
hockey community 347
Sandra M. Bucerius, Bryan Hogeveen, Brad W.R. Roberts and Albert H. Vette

29 The football segment of the sport industry and the first wave of
COVID-19 in Italy: a conflict analysis 358
Luca Bifulco
30 From the stadiums to the consoles: the role of sports computer games
during COVID-19 374
Ilan Tamir
31 Social stratification patterns in physical activity and sports during COVID-19 384
Jeroen Scheerder, Erik Thibaut, Veerle De Bosscher, Margot Ricour and
Annick Willem
32 Sports betting and COVID-19 399
Arif Yüce
33 Sports activism during the COVID-19 pandemic era 414
Orr Levental, Roy David Samuel and Yair Galily
34 Utilizing critical ethnography to understand the impact of COVID-19
on the structure of elite soccer in Korea 423
Alex Gang, Kihan Kim, Sunghwan Byun and Paul M. Pedersen

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