Research Handbook on the Sociology of Education


Research Handbook on the Sociology of Education

9781788110419 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Rolf Becker, Professor of Sociology of Education, University of Bern, Switzerland
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78811 041 9 Extent: 624 pp
Presenting original contributions from the key experts in the field, the Research Handbook on the Sociology of Education explores the major theoretical, methodological, empirical and political challenges and pressing social questions facing education in current times.

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Presenting original contributions from the key experts in the field, the Research Handbook on the Sociology of Education explores the major theoretical, methodological, empirical and political challenges and pressing social questions facing education in current times.

This Research Handbook covers the theoretical foundations of the discipline; methodological problems; the effects of modernization; educational systems; benefits of continued education; migration and social integration; and wider policy implications. Chapters discuss education as a life-long process as well as adults returning to education. Schools, families and other social contexts and influences are also considered, as well as skills formation and ways to measure achievement. Offering an analysis of policy outcomes from an empirical social-scientific perspective and emphasizing the impact of social and ethnic inequality in educational opportunity, this influential Research Handbook defines the discipline and its agenda for future research.

Researchers and students interested in education, sociology and social policy including the effects of inequality will find this Research Handbook a highly relevant reference tool. It also offers an important message for policy makers and other stakeholders in the field of educational policy and training.
Critical Acclaim
‘With bridges to psychology and economics, this Research Handbook presents a rich collection of outstanding studies on the present state of knowledge in core areas of the sociology of education. Leading experts discuss theoretical and methodological advances and challenges and integrate a wealth of research results especially on the generation and consequences of educational inequality.’
– Walter Müller, University of Mannheim, Germany

‘This Research Handbook provides a comprehensive state of the art on the contemporary challenges addressed by sociology of education, based on up-to-date empirical findings as well as diverse theoretical and methodological approaches. The internationally renowned contributors analyse the key interactions between educational processes and social inequalities, and particularly within the life course.’
– Jake Murdoch, Université de Bourgogne, France

‘In this Research Handbook top authors deliver cutting-edge contributions on both the state of the art and open issues in theory, measurement, methods and empirical findings in the sociology of education. It is an invaluable resource for researchers planning new projects, instructors interested in the cumulative state of knowledge and students who want the very best introduction to key problems.''
– Karl Ulrich Mayer, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Germany
Contributors: S. Anger, C. Artelt, B. Becker, D. Becker, R. Becker, F. Bernardi, D.B. Bills, G.J. Blossfeld, H.-P. Blossfeld, P.N. Blossfeld, C. Borgna, C. Brzinsky-Fay, S. Buchholz, M. Dieckhoff, J. Dollmann, R. Erikson, M. Gebel, A. Hadjar, E.A. Hanushek, G. Heineck, S. Hillmert, A.C. Holtmann, C. Imdorf, M. Jacob, C. Kleinert, I. Kogan, I. Kriesi, C. Kristen, C.M. Lechner, V. Müller-Benedict, B. Nauck, M. Neugebauer, L. Pfahl, J.J.W. Powell, M. Prenzel, B. Rammstedt, D. Reimer, C. Sälzer, T. Schneider, J. Skopek, H. Solga, V. Stocké, J.P. Thomsen, M. Triventi, S. Weinert, F. Weiss, L. Woessmann, C. Zangger

Part I Introduction
1. Key Challenges for the Sociology of Education – Theoretical, Methodological, and Empirical Issues
Rolf Becker

Part II Theoretical Foundations
2. A Sociological Perspective on Education as a Lifelong Process
Gwendolin Josephine Blossfeld, Pia Nicoletta Blossfeld and Hans-Peter Blossfeld

3. How does Education depend on Social Origin?
Robert Erikson

4. The Rational Choice Paradigm in Sociology of Education
Volker Stocké

5. Multiple Social Contexts of Education: Systematic Commonalities, Differences and Interrelations
Steffen Hillmert

6. The Problem of Meritocracy: The Belief in Achievement, Credentials, and Justice
David B. Bills

7. Measurement of Skills and Achievement – A Critical Assessment of Theoretical and Methodological Concepts
Sabine Weinert and Cordula Artelt

Part III Methodological Problems
8. Longitudinal Data Analysis in the Sociology of Education – Key Concepts and Challenges
Thorsten Schneider

9. Experiments in the Sociology of Education: Causal Inference and Estimating Causal Effects in Sociological Research on Education
Christoph Zangger and Rolf Becker

Part IV Modernisation and Educational Expansion
10. Educational Expansion and Inequalities: How did Inequalities by Social Origin and Gender decrease in Modern Industrial Societies?
Andreas Hadjar

11. Gender Segregation in Education
Irene Kriesi and Christian Imdorf

Part V Organization of Education and Outcomes
12. How do Educational Systems affect Social Inequality of Educational Opportunities? The Role of Tracking in Comparative Perspective
Jan Skopek, Moris Triventi and Sandra Buchholz

13. Early Educational Inequality – Growing up in different Learning Environments
Birgit Becker

14. The Equalising Effect of Schools and its Limits
Anne Christine Holtmann and Fabrizio Bernardi

15. Educational Institutions and Inequalities in Educational Opportunities
Jörg Dollmann

16. Vocational Education and Training in Comparative Perspective
Corinna Kleinert and Marita Jacob

17. Vertical and Horizontal Stratification in Higher Education
David Reimer and Jens Peter Thomsen

18. Still a Safety Net? Revisiting the Role of Vocational Education and Training in School-to-Work Transitions in Europe
Irena Kogan

19. The Social Structure of Schools and Classrooms
Dominik Becker

20. Teachers – Their Characteristics and their Role in the Education System
Martin Neugebauer

21. Disability and Inequality in Educational Opportunities in Life Course Perspective
Justin J.W. Powell and Lisa Pfahl

Part VI Benefits of education and returns to education
22. Returns to Adult Education and Inequality – A Life Course Perspective
Felix Weiss

23. Socioemotional Skills in Education and Beyond: Recent Evidence and Future Research Avenues
Clemens M. Lechner, Silke Anger and Beatrice Rammstedt

24. Returns to Education in the Life Course
Michael Gebel and Guido Heineck

25. Knowledge Capital and Economic Growth
Eric A. Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann

Part VII Migration, education, and social integration
26. Ethnic Inequality in Educational Attainment
Bernhard Nauck

27. Language Assimilation and the Education of Immigrant Students
Cornelia Kristen

Part VIII Policy Implications of Research in Sociology of Education
28. Large-scale Assessments of Educational Systems
Manfred Prenzel and Christine Sälzer

29. Simulation of Outcomes of Educational Policies and Programmes
Volker Müller-Benedict

30. Beyond Schools – The Social Embeddedness of Educational Inequality
Camilla Borgna, Christian Brzinsky-Fay, Martina Dieckhoff, Anne Christine Holtmann and Heike Solga

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