Risk and EU law


Risk and EU law

9781783470938 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Hans-W. Micklitz, Professor for Economic Law, the European University Institute and Finland Distinguished Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland and Takis Tridimas, Chair of European Law, Director, Centre of European Law, The Dickson Poon School of Law, King''s College London, UK and Professor and Nancy A. Patterson Distinguished Scholar, School of Law, Pennsylvania State University, US
Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78347 093 8 Extent: 272 pp
Risk and EU Law considers the multiple reasons for the increase in the types and diversity of risks, as well as the potential magnitude of their undesirable effects. The book identifies such reasons as; the openness of liberal societies; market competition; the constant endeavour to innovate; as well as globalization and the impact of new technologies. It also explores topics surrounding the social epistemology of risk observation and management, the role of science in political and judicial decision-making and transnational risk regulation and contractual governance.

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Although the assessment and management of risk has always been an integral part of government and private decision-making, it has acquired particular importance in contemporary politics. Developments such as the global financial crisis of 2008, the ensuing Eurozone crisis, the rise in international terrorism, and natural disasters have brought to the fore the importance of risk management. As the competence of the EU has expanded, the presence of EU law in risk control has increased significantly. This book seeks to provide an analysis of EU risk regulation in various sectors, examining some key concepts and transversal themes, as well as focusing on sector specific regulation.

The contributors explore the social epistemology of risk observation and management, risk modelling, the role of science in political and judicial decision-making, in addition to transnational risk regulation and contractual governance. They examine EU regulation, among others, in the field of terrorism prevention, external relations, food regulation and financial supervision.

This book will be of interest to law scholars, social scientists and students, whilst lawmakers and lawyers will also benefit from the practical insights of its expert authors.
Critical Acclaim
‘In recent years, we have witnessed the spectacular growth of risk management approaches to regulation, so much so that the concept of risk regulation has entered the mainstream regulation vocabulary. This timely collection takes a critical look at risk and EU law. Its multidisciplinary, comparative approach traces the dangers lurking in the practical application of these approaches. It offers important insights into the limitations of the approach and its variability across domains and Member States. It is a valuable addition to the risk regulation literature and deserves to be widely read.’
– Bridget M. Hutter, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
Contributors: A. Alemanno, F. Allen, D. Brean, F. Cafaggi, E. Carletti, M. Cremona, S. Duquet, A. Garde, T. Herberger, A. Höfer, C. Kobrak, K.-H. Ladeur, H.-W. Micklitz, A. Oehler, T. Tridimas, M.B.A. van Asselt, K. Vieweg, E. Vos, S. Wendt, J. Wouters


Hans-W. Micklitz and Takis Tridimas

1. Risk and the Regulatory State – Various Aspects Regarding Safety and Security in the Fields of Technology and Health
Klaus Vieweg

2. Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Economics
Andreas Oehler, Tim Herberger, Stefan Wendt and Andreas Höfer

3. The Social Epistemology of Risk Observation and Management - Modern Law and the Transformation of its Cognitive Infrastructure
Karl-Heinz Ladeur

4. Risk in Three Dimensions: The EU-US Agreement on the Processing and Transfer of Financial Messaging Data
Marise Cremona

5. Managing the Unmanageable: The European Union and Terrorism
Jan Wouters and Sanderijn Duquet

6. EU Risk Regulation: The Role of Science in Political and Judicial Decision-making
Marjolein B.A. van Asselt and Ellen Vos

7. The Emergence of EU Lifestyle Risk Regulation: New Trends in Evidence, Proportionality and Judicial Review
Alberto Alemanno and Amandine Garde

8. Transnational Risk Regulation and Contractual Governance
Fabrizio Cafaggi

9. Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Regulation
Franklin Allen and Elena Carletti

10. Financial Crisis and Global Financial Regulation
Christopher Kobrak and Donald Brean


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