The Development of Human Resource Management Across Nations


The Development of Human Resource Management Across Nations

Unity and Diversity

9780857932983 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Bruce E. Kaufman, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Economics, Georgia State University, Atlanta GA, US and Senior Research Fellow, Department of Human Resources & Employment Relations, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
Publication Date: 2014 ISBN: 978 0 85793 298 3 Extent: 520 pp
This volume contains country studies of the historical development of human resource management (HRM) in seventeen different nations. The nations span all regions of the world and each chapter is written by a national expert. Primary attention is given to HRM developments in industry, but university research and teaching are also covered. Human resource management is defined broadly to include industrial relations and each chapter places the historical development of HRM in a broad political, social, and economic context.

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This innovative book describes the historical development of human resource management (HRM) in seventeen countries around the world. The chapters, written by national experts, describe the origin of HRM in the late 19th - early 20th century and its evolution and development as a business practice to the present day.

Offering a comprehensive cross-disciplinary perspective, the chapters discuss the economic, political and social factors that shaped HRM in each country, including the role of national labor movements and labor law regimes. The authors also provide an examination of HR practices and systems within firms, starting with rudimentary hiring and compensation a century ago, progressing to personnel and industrial relations programs in the last century, and culminating in modern human resource management practices today, including strategic high-performance systems. This unique book is the first to identify the commonalities and differences in HRM both across nations and over time.

A book with real international appeal, ‘The Development of Human Resource Management Across Nations’ will interest researchers, students and practitioners involved with management, industrial relations, labor economics, organizational behavior and employment law.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is an excellent book. Bruce Kaufman, in his ever thoughtful way, has not just analyzed the history of the development of HRM, but assembled 17 chapters in which world-class local experts report on that history in their own country. The book is full of fascinating information, stories and analysis and will be a touchstone text for everyone wanting to break out of the usual narrow ethnocentric view that often afflicts studies of HRM.’
– Chris Brewster, University of Reading, UK

‘In summary, this book is disciplined and effective comparative research that meets its stated objectives. The historical evolutions it describes are, in themselves, fascinating. . . It’s quite rightly said that HR professionals should read a definitive text at least annually to prime their thinking for the future, and this book fits that bill.’
– Geoff De Lacy, Australian Human Resource Institute Journal
Contributors: C. Aldao-Zapiola, A. Camuffo, L. Chen, G. Costa, L. Gonãs, H. Gospel, Z. Guimarães Horta, I. Gurkov, I. Harpaz, B.E. Kaufman, P. Larson, Y-M. Lee, M. Meyer, E. Morgunov, J. Rojot, R. Rosenberger, A. Settles, J.S. Sodhi, Z. Su, L. Tüzüner, J-W. Woo, C. Wright, O. Zelenova, X. Zeng

1. The Development of Human Resource Management Across Nations: History and Its Lessons for International and Comparative HRM
Bruce E. Kaufman

2. A Century of Human Resource Management in Argentina
Carlos Aldao-Zapiola

3. Human Resource Management in Australia: Historical Development and Contemporary Tensions
Christopher Wright

4. The Historical Evolution of Human Resource Management in Brazil
Zilá Guimarães Horta

5. The Evolution of Human Resource Management in China: Traditions, Reforms and Developments
Xiangquan Zeng, Liwen Chen, Zhongxing Su

6. The History of Human Resource Management in France
Jacques Rojot

7. The History of Human Resource Management in Germany
Ruth Rosenberger

8. The Evolution of Human Resource Management in the UK
Howard Gospel

9. Human Resource Management in India
J.S. Sodhi

10. The Historical Development of human resource management in Israel
Itzhak Harpaz

11. The Evolution of Human Resource Management in Italy: An Historical-Institutional Perspective
Giovanni Costa and Arnaldo Camuffo

12. Evolution of Human Resource Management in Japan: Continuity, Change, and Enduring Challenges
Jong-Won Woo

13. The Development of People Management in South Korea
Young-Myon Lee

14. Human resource management in Russia over a Century of Storm and Turmoil: A Tale of Unrealized Dreams.
Igor Gurkov, Evgeny Morgunov, Alexander Settles, and Olga Zelenova

15. Human Resource Management in the Republic of South Africa
Marius Meyer

16. Employment Regimes and Personnel Work in Sweden
Lena Gonäs and Patrik Larsson

17. Human Resource Management in Turkey
Lale Tüzüner

18. The Origins, Evolution, and Current Status of Human Resource Management in the United States
Bruce E. Kaufman.


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