The Legacy of Michal Kalecki


The Legacy of Michal Kalecki

9781840640557 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Malcolm Sawyer, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Leeds, UK
Publication Date: 1999 ISBN: 978 1 84064 055 7 Extent: 1,024 pp
This major two volume collection of previously published articles assesses the intellectual legacy of Michal Kalecki (1899–1970), combining a selection of Kalecki’s own writings with papers which evaluate and extend his work.

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This major two volume collection of previously published articles assesses the intellectual legacy of Michal Kalecki (1899–1970), combining a selection of Kalecki’s own writings with papers which evaluate and extend his work.

Volume I focuses on Kalecki’s work on capitalist economies, notably the effective demand, pricing and distribution of income based on the degree of monopoly, cycles and growth and the political economy of full employment. Discussion of capitalist economies, with an emphasis on money, finance and taxation continues in Volume II, which also considers Kalecki’s work on socialist economies and developing economies.

In the centenary year of Kalecki’s birth, these volumes provide a fitting tribute to his important contributions in the fields of economics and politics.
55 articles, dating from 1966 to 1997
Contributors include: A.T. Asimakopoulos, W. Brus, A. Dutt, G. Feiwel, E.V.K. FitzGerald, M. Kalecki, M. Lavoie, D. Mair, B. McFarlane, J. Steindl

Volume I:
Acknowledgements • Introduction
Part I: General
1. P. Kriesler and B. McFarlane (1993), ‘Michal Kalecki on Capitalism’
2. Ferdinando Targetti and Bogulslawa Kinda-Hass (1982), ‘Kalecki’s Review of Keynes’
3. Simon Chapple (1995), ‘The Kaleckian Origins of the Keynesian Model’
4. Simon Chapple (1991), ‘Did Kalecki Get There First?’
5. Joseph Halevi and Peter Kriesler (1991), ‘Kalecki, Classical Economics and the Surplus Approach’
6. Ian Steedman (1992), ‘Questions for Kaleckians’
7. Malcolm C. Sawyer (1992), ‘Questions for Kaleckians: A Response’
8. A. Asimakopulos (1989), ‘Kalecki and Robinson: An “Outsider’s” Influence’
Part II: Effective Demand, Investment, Profits and Distribution of Income
9. M. Kalecki (1990), ‘The Essence of the Business Upswing’
10. Marc Lavoie (1997), ‘Real Wages, Employment Structure, and the Aggregate Demand Curve in a Kaleckian Short-Run Model’
11. A. Asimakopulos (1977), ‘Profits and Investment: A Kaleckian Approach’
12. A. Asimakopulos (1975), ‘A Kaleckian Theory of Income Distribution’
13. Steven M. Fazzari and Tracy L. Mott (1986/7), ‘The Investment Theories of Kalecki and Keynes: An Empirical Study of Firm Data, 1970–1982’
14. Amitava Krishna Dutt (1984), ‘Stagnation, Income Distribution and Monopoly Power’
15. Amitava Krishna Dutt (1990), ‘Competition, Monopoly Power and the Prices of Production’
Part III: Pricing and the Degree of Monopoly
16. M. Kalecki (1991), ‘Class Struggle and Distribution of National Income’
17. Peter Kriesler (1988), ‘Kalecki’s Pricing Theory Revisited’
18. Liliana Basile and Neri Salvadori (1984/5), ‘Kalecki’s Pricing Theory’
19. P.A. Riach (1971), ‘Kalecki’s “Degree of Monopoly” Reconsidered’
20. Martin Riese (1982), ‘Raw Material Prices and Kalecki’s Wage Share Theory’
Part IV: Cycles and Growth
21. M. Kalecki (1991), ‘Trend and the Business Cycle’
22. M. Kalecki (1993), ‘Theories of Growth in Different Social Systems’
23. Stanislaw Gomulka, Adam Ostaszewski and Ray O. Davies (1990), ‘The Innovation Rate and Kalecki’s Theory of Trend, Unemployment and the Business Cycle’
24. Malcolm Sawyer (1996), ‘Kalecki on the Trade Cycle and Economic Growth’
25. Josef Steindl (1990), ‘Some Comments on the Three Versions of Kalecki’s Theory of the Trade Cycle’
26. Marc Lavoie (1995), ‘The Kaleckian Model of Growth and Distribution and its neo-Ricardian and neo-Marxian Critiques’
Part V: Political Economy of Full Employment
27. M. Kalecki (1990), ‘Political Aspects of Full Employment’
28. M. Kalecki (1990), ‘Three Ways to Full Employment’
29. Andrew Henley (1988), ‘Political Aspects of Full Employment: A Reassessment of Kalecki’
30. George R. Feiwel (1974), ‘Reflection on Kalecki’s Theory of Political Business Cycle’
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Volume II:
Part I: Money and Finance
1. A. Asimakopulos (1983), ‘Kalecki and Keynes on Finance, Investment and Saving’
2. M. Kalecki (1990), ‘The Principle of Increasing Risk’
3. Marcello Messori (1991), ‘Financing in Kalecki’s Theory’
Part II: Taxation
4. Michal Kalecki (1990), ‘A Theory of Commodity, Income and Capital Taxation’
5. A. Asimakopulos and J.B. Burbidge (1974), ‘The Short-Period Incidence of Taxation’
6. D. Damania and D. Mair (1992), ‘The Short-Period Incidence of Taxation Revisited’
7. Anthony J. Laramie and Douglas Mair (1996), ‘Taxation and Kalecki’s Theory of the Business Cycle’
8. Anthony J. Laramie (1991), ‘Taxation and Kalecki’s Distribution Factors’
9. Anthony J. Laramie, Douglas Mair, Anne Miller and Theo Stratopoulos (1997), ‘The Impact of Taxation on Gross Private Nonresidential Fixed Investment in a Kaleckian Model: Some Empirical Evidence’
Part III: Socialism
10. D.M. Nuti (1986), ‘Michal Kalecki’s Contribution to the Theory and Practice of Socialist Planning’
11. Alberto Chilosi (1971), ‘The Theory of Growth of a Socialist Economy of M. Kalecki’
12. L. Mainwaring (1987), ‘Foreign Trade in the Kaleckian Perspective Plan’
13. M. Kalecki (1992), ‘Workers’ Councils and Central Planning’
14. Jan Toporowski (1996), ‘Kalecki, Marx and the Economics of Socialism’
15. Alfred Zauberman (1966), ‘A Few Remarks on Kalecki’s Theory of Economic Growth Under Socialism’
16. Wlodzimierz Brus (1977), ‘Kalecki’s Economics of Socialism’
17. Josef Goldman (1980), ‘The Role of Investment in the Context of the Kalecki Model of Economic Growth Under Socialism’
18. George R. Feiwel (1970), ‘Towards a Theory of Growth of a Centrally Planned Economy’
Part IV: Development
19. M. Kalecki (1993), ‘The Problem of Financing Economic Development’
20. M. Kalecki (1993), ‘Observations on Social and Economic Aspects of “Intermediate Regimes”’
21. E.V.K. FitzGerald (1990), ‘Kalecki on Financing Development: An Approach to the Macroeconomics of the Semi-Industrialised Economy’
22. E.V.K. FitzGerald (1988), ‘Kalecki on Planned Growth in the Mixed Economy’
23. Thanos Skouras (1978), ‘The ‘Intermediate Regime’ and Industrialization Prospects’
24. Kenneth P. Jameson (1981), ‘Socialist Cuba and the Intermediate Regimes of Jamaica and Guyana’
25. Ignacy Sachs (1977), ‘Kalecki and Development Planning’
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