The Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship


The Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship

Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship Research

9781849803793 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late David Smallbone, formerly Professor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Small Business Research Centre, Kingston University, UK, João Leitão, Head of University Management and Administration, University of Beira Interior and Research Fellow, Technical University Lisbon, Portugal, Mário Raposo, Full Professor of Marketing and Strategy, University of Beira Interior and NECE – Research Unit, Portugal and Friederike Welter, President and Managing Director, Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM) Bonn and Professor, University of Siegen, Germany
Publication Date: 2010 ISBN: 978 1 84980 379 3 Extent: 336 pp
This timely book provides a fresh perspective on contemporary research in the field of entrepreneurship and small business, considering both theory and application.

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This timely book provides a fresh perspective on contemporary research in the field of entrepreneurship and small business, considering both theory and application.

Drawing together leading-edge European research, the expert contributors apply a variety of research methods to a number of specific issues – including the entrepreneurial climate at universities, the role of knowledge and experience in the internationalization of knowledge-intensive firms, the links between entrepreneurial orientation and performance in micro-sized firms, and organizational entrepreneurship. In so doing, the book sheds new light on the key role played by entrepreneurship as an engine for regional development.

With a unique set of insights linking theory and practice, this book will appeal to postgraduate and advanced students of entrepreneurship and small business, researchers and policy-makers.
Critical Acclaim
‘The papers in this volume showcase the depth and richness of contemporary European research. The contributions offer invaluable insights on diverse facets of entrepreneurship including entrepreneurial universities as catalysts of innovation and regional development, perspectives on small firm internationalization and strategic alliances. This compelling collection is essential reading for all those who wish to stay updated on leading research findings and the methodological diversity that is a hallmark of European research. Very worthwhile policy-relevant angles are an added bonus.’
– Anne de Bruin, Massey University, New Zealand

‘The present volume with its fourteen contributions by authors from eleven different European countries gives a perfect overview of what theory and practice of entrepreneurship in Europe is all about. Entrepreneurship is often cited as a powerful instrument to help economies recover after the banking crisis. The fourteen contributions provide valuable material to show that entrepreneurship is indeed a much needed instrument and how policymakers and others can make use of it. Also, the impact and the pervasiveness of the entrepreneurial instrument are thoroughly illustrated.’
– A. Roy Thurik, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Contributors: S. Aaltonen, D. Baumgartner, H. Bergmann, A. Bikfalvi, R. Blackburn, A.M. Bojica, J. Byrne, T.M. Cooney, C. Díaz García, V. Eckl, D. Engel, E. Esposito, P. Evangelista, A. Fayolle, M. del Mar Fuentes Fuentes, M. Geissler, J. Grande, P. Haefner, J. Heinonen, T. Iakovleva, S. Jahn, J. Jiménez Moreno, C. Kalantaridis, V. Lauro, J. Leitão, P. Migliorini, N. Nummela, E. Paavilainen-Mäntymäki, K. Puumalainen, M. Raffa, M. Raposo, M. Ruiz Arroyo, S. Saarenketo, C. Serarols, D. Smallbone, I. Vassilev, F. Welter

Thomas M. Cooney

1. Introduction
David Smallbone, João Leitão, Mário Raposo and Friederike Welter

2. The Entrepreneurial Climate at Universities: The Impact of Organizational Factors
Mario Geissler, Steffen Jahn and Peter Haefner

3. Overcoming Critical Junctures in Spin-off Companies from Non-elite Universities: Evidence from Catalonia
Pablo Migliorini, Christian Serarols and Andrea Bikfalvi

4. Benefiting from Publicly Funded Pre-Competitive Research: Differences between Insiders and Outsiders
Verena Eckl and Dirk Engel

5. A Feminist Inquiry into Entrepreneurship Training
Janice Byrne and Alain Fayolle

6. Knowledge and Experience in the Internationalization of Knowledge-Intensive Firms
Niina Nummela, Sami Saarenketo, Eriikka Paavilainen-Mäntymäki and Kaisu Puumalainen

7. The Nature of International Relationships and Performance: Policy Implications from the Case of Globally Integrated Small Firms
Christos Kalantaridis and Ivaylo Vassilev

8. Exploring Entrepreneurial Exits: A Study of Individual Exit Experiences in Finland and the UK
Satu Aaltonen, Robert Blackburn and Jarna Heinonen

9. The Virtualization Potential of SME Networks: An Exploratory Investigation
Emilio Esposito, Pietro Evangelista, Vincenzo Lauro and Mario Raffa

10. Knowledge and Organizational Entrepreneurship: A Relational Perspective
Ana Maria Bojica, María del Mar Fuentes Fuentes and Matilde Ruiz Arroyo

11. The Impact of Legitimacy Building Signals on Access to Resources
Cristina Díaz García and Juan Jiménez Moreno

12. Antecedents of the Entrepreneurial Orientation of the Firm: The Case of St Petersburg, Russia
Tatiana Iakovleva

13. Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance in Micro-sized Firms: Comparing Agricultural and Non-agricultural Firms
Jorunn Grande

14. Entrepreneurship in Urban and Rural Switzerland: Similar or Worlds Apart?
Heiko Bergmann and Daniel Baumgartner

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