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Handbook of Planning Support Science

Edited by Stan Geertman, Utrecht University, the Netherlands and John Stillwell, University of Leeds, UK
Encompassing a broad range of innovative studies on planning support science, this timely Handbook examines how the consequences of pressing societal challenges can be addressed using computer-based systems. Chapters explore the use of new streams of big and open data as well as data from traditional sources, offering significant critical insights into the field.

Extent: c 592 pp
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Publication Date: January 2020
ISBN: 978 1 78897 107 2
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  • eISBN: 978 1 78897 108 9

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Encompassing a broad range of innovative studies on planning support science, this timely Handbook examines how the consequences of pressing societal challenges can be addressed using computer-based systems. Chapters explore the use of new streams of big and open data as well as data from traditional sources, offering significant critical insights into the field.

Contributions from key scholars from around the world demonstrate how mature the field of planning support science has become in providing support for practitioners to confront diverse problems. The Handbook analyses a carefully selected range of case studies looking at digitization, big data, geodesign, applied modelling, smart city instruments and planning support systems. It addresses key urban challenges including traffic congestion, neighbourhood gentrification and urban heat-island formation, providing examples of how planning practitioners can improve modern urban conditions.

Scholars of urban and regional studies as well as human geographers will find this to be a critical reference on the topic. With examples of planning applications from across the world, this will also be a key resource for urban and regional planners and policy-makers.
‘The editors and authors put together this seminal volume at the cross-roads of geospatial technologies, systems and (big and small) data science. Long-term PSSers and the newly initiated will enjoy this state of the art volume which builds on the past and looks into the future trajectory of PSS.’
– Zorica Nedovic-Budic, University of Illinois at Chicago, US, and University College Dublin, Ireland

‘The Handbook of Planning Support Science provides an important, up-to-date review of innovative methods, tools, techniques, and case studies on the development and use of planning support systems (PSS), computer-based tools that support planning and policy-making. This essential international collection describes state-of-the-art applications using big data and data analytics, smart cities, cloud-based computing, and geodesign.’
– Richard E. Klosterman, University of Akron, US

‘Read on. Enter a cornucopia of intelligent applications and reflections on PSS. Enjoy.’
– Michael Batty, University College London, UK
Contributors include: J. Barton, R. Behrens, C. Biderman, M. Birkin, S. Blanchard, P. Boden, M. Campagna, Y. Chen, H. Chou, J. Claassens, C. Daniel, C. de Boer, B. Deal, Z. Deng, S. Eagleson, F. Fernandez, F. Figari, J. Flacke, Q.-L. Gao, S. Geertman, X. Goldie, R. Goodspeed, P. Greenwood, Y. Gu, S. Guhathakurta, J.D. Hamerlinck, N. Hood, R. Hughes, W. James, E. Janowicz, R. Janssen, M. Kahila-Tani, R. Kingston, B.W. Koo, E. Koomen, P. Krause, H.R. Kwon, M. Kyttä, S.Z. Leao, J. Li, S. Li, X. Li, S. Lieske, J. Liu, L. Liu, Z. Liu, O. Lock, N. Lomax, Y. Long, R. Lovelace, I. Luque-Martín, J. Martinez, S. Maurer, T. Moyo, W. Musakwa, A. Newing, H. Niu, P. Pelzer, C. Pettit, K. Pfeffer, S. Pinnegar, E. Punt, B. Rijken, R. Sieber, E.A. Silva, A.P. Smith, A. Staffans, I. Sterland, J. Stillwell, B. Stimson, T. Su, D.C. Swiatek, Z. Tomor, F. van den Bosch,V. Vlastaras, P. Waddell, S. Wang, M. Wegener, C. Whitcomb, P. Witte, A.G.O. Yeh, Y. Yue, G. Zhang, X. Zhang, N. Zhao, Z. Zheng, X. Zhou, M. Zuidgeest

Foreword Planning Support Systems in a Connected World
Michael Batty

1. Planning Support Science: Challenges, Themes and Applications
Stan Geertman and John Stillwell

2. Data Linkage and its Applications for Planning Support Systems
Mark Birkin, William James, Nik Lomax and Andrew Smith

3. Hard and Soft Data Integration in Geocomputation: Mixed Methods for Data Collection and Processing in Urban Planning
Elisabete A. Silva, Lun Liu, Heeseo Rain Kwon, Haifeng Niu and Yiqiao Chen

4. Open Access, Open Source and Cloud Computing: A Glimpse into the Future of GIS
Chris Pettit, Bob Stimson, Jack Barton, Xavier Goldie, Philip Greenwood, Robin Lovelace and Serryn Eagleson

5. Spatial Planning and Geodesign
Michele Campagna

6. Methodology and Application of Data Augmented Design: A Case Study of Urban Redevelopment Design for the Panyu-Xinhua Area, Shanghai
Tianyu Su, Shihui Li, Jing Li, Hongyu Chou and Ying Long

7. Geodesign, Resilience and Planning Support Systems: The Integration of Process and Technology
Yexuan Gu and Brian Deal

8. Spatial Modelling and Forecasting
Subhrajit Guhathakurta, Ge Zhang and Bon Woo Koo

9. Are Urban Land-Use Transport Interaction Models Planning Support Systems?
Michael Wegener

10. Automated Monitoring of Planning Policy: An Overview of the Journey from Theory to Practice
Claire Daniel

11. Big Data, Urban Analytics and the Planning of Smart Cities
Anthony G.O. Yeh, Yang Yue, Xin-Gang Zhou and Qi-Li Gao

12. Planning Support Systems and Science Beyond the Smart City
Zhibin Zheng and Renée Sieber

13. The Achievements and Challenges of Planning Support Science in E-Planning in China
Shifu Wang, Zhaohua Deng, Zheng Liu, Nannan Zhao, Xiaoyang Zhang and Lie Liu

14. Smart Governance in the Making: Integrating ‘Smart’ in Local Spatial Planning
Patrick Witte, Eline Punt and Stan Geertman

15. The Influence of Political Context on Smart Governance Initiatives in Glasgow, Utrecht and Curitiba
Zsuzsanna Tomor and Stan Geertman

16. Challenging the Conventional Wisdom: The Case of MobiLab, São Paulo, Brazil
Ciro Biderman and Daniela Coimbra Swiatek

17. Transcending the Exemplars of Utility and Implementation in Planning Support Science
Scott N. Lieske

18. Limitations and Potential of Planning Support Systems Application in Planning in Southern Spain: Bridging Academia and Practice
Irene Luque-Martín and Karin Pfeffer

19. Interactive Planning Support Systems with Citizens: Lessons Learned from Renewable Energy Planning in the Netherlands
Johannes Flacke, Cheryl de Boer, Frans van den Bosch and Karin Pfeffer

20. Participatory Urban Planning in the Digital Era
Aija Staffans, Maarit Kahila-Tani and Marketta Kyttä

21. Local Government Web-based Services for Neighbourhood Planning
Richard Kingston and Vasileios Vlastaras

22. Organizing, Facilitating, and Evaluating Planning Support System Workshops
Robert Goodspeed and Peter Pelzer

23. Using Geodesign for Collaborative Planning: Development Planning in the Lower Zambezi Valley
Ron Janssen

24. Perspectives on Planning Support Systems and E-planning in Southern Africa: Opportunities, Challenges and the Road Ahead
Walter Musakwa and Thembani Moyo

25. Linking Socio-economic and Physical Dynamics in Spatial Planning
Jip Claassens, Eric Koomen and Bart Rijken

26. Cellular Automata Modelling for Urban Planning in Fast-Growth Regions
Xia Li and Anthony G. O. Yeh

27. UrbanCanvas: A Collaborative Platform for Informed Planning
Paul Waddell

28. The Making of a Mega-region: Evaluating and Proposing Long-term Transport Planning Strategies with Open-source Data and Transport Accessibility Tools
Oliver Lock, Simon Pinnegar, Simone Z Leao and Christopher Pettit

29. Planning Support Systems for Retail Location Planning
Andy Newing, Nick Hood and Iain Sterland

30. Planning Support Systems for School Place Forecasting
Peter Boden, Rebecca Hughes and John Stillwell

31. Penciler: A Web-based Affordable Housing Development Feasibility Analysis Tool
Paul Waddell, Christiana Whitcomb, Francisco Figari, Federico Fernandez and Justin Martinez

32. A GIS-based Planning Support System for Inclusionary Housing Profitability Optimisation in Cape Town, South Africa
Philip Krause, Mark Zuidgeest and Roger Behrens

33. Applying Planning Support Science in Rural Environments
Jeffrey D. Hamerlinck