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Research Handbook on EU Sports Law and Policy

Edited by Jack Anderson, University of Melbourne, Australia, Richard Parrish, Department of Law and Criminology, Edge Hill University and Borja García García, School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University, UK
The EU’s influence on sport has traditionally focused on the socio-economic and cultural impact. This Research Handbook on EU Sports Law explores the development of the 'European dimension' in sport, and the concomitant legal issues including, competition law, state aid and free movement of persons. The application of such areas of EU law to sport and the influence of EU law on key policy issues such as, doping, match-fixing and governance, are detailed in this comprehensive collection. The topical chapters by experts in their field, also touch upon the future evolution of EU sports law.
Extent: c 480 pp
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Publication Date: July 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78471 949 4
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  • Law - Academic
  • European Law
  • Sports Law
Drawing on the expertise of leading academics and practitioners, this Research Handbook provides comprehensive analysis of the EU’s involvement in sport. Structured around the key themes of sport in society, the economic dimension of sport and the organization of sport, this Handbook is the definitive assessment of modern EU sports law and policy.

With its thematic approach, the Research Handbook on EU Sports Law and Policy reflects on themes used by the EU commission in the field of sports law and policy and the role of sports in society. The initial contributions explore the origins and sources of EU sports law and policy to provide context, while the remaining chapters address a wide breadth of sub-themes. Contributors explore the key cases shaping EU sports law, such as Walrave, Bosman and Meca-Medina, whilst also assessing the key contemporary issues concerning the relationship between sport and the EU.

Demonstrating how and why sport can make a difference to the socio-economic wellbeing of the EU, this Research Handbook will be stimulating reading for sports lawyers and administrators as well as students of sports law, sports policy and sports business, and politicians and civil servants in this sector.
‘This compilation by three renowned experts will be invaluable to all who practice in the ever-growing field of sports law.’
– Michael Beloff QC, Blackstone Chambers, UK

‘This Handbook is an essential resource for anyone with a personal or professional interest in the sports law and policy of the EU. It draws together many of these fields’ leading experts to provide a definitive insight into the impact of EU sports law and policy on modern sport that will stand as a benchmark for future work.’
– Mark James, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Contributors include: J. Anderson, W. Andreff, S. Boyes, A. Cattaneo, J.-L. Chappelet, C. Coors, N. De Marco, M. de Wolff, B. García García, J. Kornbeck, S. Ó’Conaill, L. O’Leary, R. Parrish, N. Partington, K. Pijetlovic, S. Schenk, E. Szyszczak, A. Tsoukala, S. Van den Bogaert, A. Vermeersch, S. Weatherill


Yves Le Lostecque

Introduction to the Research Handbook on EU Sports Law and Policy

1. Sources and origins of EU sports law
Stephen Weatherill

2. Sources and origins of EU sports policy
Richard Parrish

3. Health-friendly sport policy: an emerging soft law doctrine
Jacob Kornbeck

4. The EU’s role on doping in sport
Jack Anderson

5. Volunteering and EU sports law policy
Neil Partington

6. Human rights at the intersection of European Union law and sport
Simon Boyes

7. Violence at sporting events
Anastassia Tsoukala

8. The autonomy of sport and the EU
Jean-Loup Chappelet

9. EU action on sports statistics
Wladimir Andreff

10. State aid and sport
Andrea Cattaneo

11. Harmonisation and Diversity: Trends and Challenges in European Sports Image Rights Law
Corrina Coors

12. Sustainable financing in football and the EU
Seán Ó’Conaill

13. Application of EU competition rules to sport
Erika Szyszczak

14. European law and the governance of sport
Borja García García and Mads de Wolff

15. Specificity of sport
An Vermeesch

16. European model of sport: alternative structures
Katarina Pijetlovic

17. Sport, free movement and nationality
Stefaan Van den Bogaert

18. Transfers, agents and minors
Nick De Marco

19. Regulating the employment relationship in professional team sports in the European Union
Leanne O’Leary

20. Integrity of sport
Sylvia Schenk