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Transportation, Knowledge and Space in Urban and Regional Economics

Edited by Kakuya Matsushima, Graduate School of Urban Management, Kyoto University, Japan and William P. Anderson, Cross-Border Institute, University of Windsor, Canada
This collection of 16 original research chapters by international scholars addresses the complementary roles of transportation and knowledge and their spatial manifestations in modern urban and regional economies. The authors provide research from North America, Europe and Asia. While the studies employ sophisticated methods and theory, there is a strong element of practical applications and policy implications in each chapter as well. This book will be of interest to communities of research and practice in urban and regional economics and planning, regional science and economic geography, transportation research, planning and management and the knowledge economy.

Extent: 384 pp
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Publication Date: 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78536 605 5
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This collection of original research chapters by international scholars addresses the complementary roles of transportation and knowledge and their spatial manifestations in modern urban and regional economies. The featured studies employ the most current and sophisticated technologies, while the authors add a strong element of practical application and policy implications in each chapter.

The book is organized into four major themes. The first is infrastructure and economic growth, addressing the historical and contemporary economic impacts of rail, highway and transit infrastructure. The second theme, models for transportation planning and policy, includes methods for optimal toll setting and the effect of transport costs on interregional trade. The third theme, which is the spatial structure of cities, examines processes that drive and arise from urban form, including personal interaction, shopping, commuting and residential location. The fourth theme is transformations in the knowledge economy, including growing income inequality and the role of knowledge in urban dynamics.

This book will be of interest to the research communities in urban and regional economics and planning, regional science, transportation studies and the knowledge economy. With its emphasis on practical aspects, it will also be of interest to the policy community.
Contributors: W.P. Anderson, A.E. Andersson, C. Burke, Z. Chen, K.E. Haynes, B. Johansson, K. Kobayashi, A. Koike, Y. Konishi, T. Laitila, M. Lundgren, H. Maoh, K. Matsushima, S.-i. Mun, Y. Nishiyama, Y. Ohira, M. Okumura, M. Olsson, M. Onishi, T. Otazawa, G. Ray, K. Sato, S. Segi, J-e. Sung,Y. Wan, H. Westlund, H. Yamaguchi, A. Zhang


1. Introduction, Kakuya Matsushima and William P. Anderson

2. Railways and Regional Growth, Dispersion and Concentration in Scandinavia over 150 Years
Hans Westlund

3. Regional Economic Impacts of a Transportation Infrastructure Project: The Herb Grey Parkway
William P. Anderson, Hanna Maoh and Charles Burke

4. Modeling Transportation in General Equilibrium
Gautam Ray

5. Comparative Assessment of Public Transportation Infrastructure and Regional Economic Development
Zhenhua Chen and Kingsley E. Haynes

6. Second Best Toll Pricing of Highway Taking Account of Maintenance Costs
Shunsuke Segi and Kiyoshi Kobayashi

7. Armington Elasticities in Multi-Regional Trade for Transport Policy in Japan
Keisuke Sato and Atsushi Koike

8. Empirical Analysis of Transport Cost for Interregional Trade
Yoko Konishi, Se-il Mun, Yoshihiko Nishiyama and Ji-eun Sung

9. Airport Charges, Infrastructure Life Cycle, and Economic Impact: A Case Study of Hong Kong
Yulai Wan and Anming Zhang

10. Synergy Effects of Face-to-face Interactions and Urban Spatial Structure
Toshimori Otazawa and Yuki Ohira

11. Endogenous Formation of Urban Structure with Residential Sorting
Kakuya Matsushima and Kiyoshi Kobayashi

12. A Discount Point System and Vitalization of a Commercial District with Small Retail
Kiyoshi Kobayashi and Masamitsu Onishi

13. Private Purpose Inter-Regional Travels: An Integrator of Historical Inter-Regional Migrations
Makoto Okumura and Hiromichi Yamaguchi

14. A Model of Commuting and the Economic Milieu. An Analysis Using Aggregated Data for Sweden
Thomas Laitila, Marie Lundgren and Michael Olsson

15. Internal and External Knowledge and Development in Regions
Åke E Andersson and Börje Johansson

Dedication: Professor Kiyoshi Kobayashi. Kakuya Matsushima and Bill Anderson