Air Transport Security


Air Transport Security

Issues, Challenges and National Policies

9781786435194 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Joseph S. Szyliowicz, University of Denver, US and Luca Zamparini, University of Salento, Italy
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 519 4 Extent: 296 pp
The growing number of terrorist attacks throughout the world continues to turn the interest of scholars and governments towards security issues. As part of the Comparative Perspectives on Transportation Security series, this book provides a multidisciplinary analysis of the security challenges confronting air transportation. The first part encompasses the industry’s characteristics and the policy, economic and regulatory issues shaping the security environment. The second provides a comparative analysis of security policies and practices in several key countries.

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This timely book provides a multidisciplinary and comparative analysis of the ongoing terrorist threats against all aspects of air transportation, the effectiveness of the responses, globally, regionally and nationally, and the continuing challenges to policymakers seeking to achieve a safe and secure global aviation system.

The first part provides an overview of the industry’s characteristics, the economic and regulatory issues shaping the security environment, such as legal frameworks, and the role of the private sector in safeguarding passenger and air cargo flights. The second part provides comparative analyses of security policies and practices in several key countries: the United States, Canada, Brazil, Kenya, Israel, Malaysia, Japan and Australia. The book concludes with a comparative analysis of the contemporary state of aviation security policies and practices and its future challenges.

Containing extensive interdisciplinary analyses of the main issues and challenges related to all aspects of aviation security, the book will be of great interest not only to scholars, students and practitioners concerned with aviation security, and to institutions that provide courses or programs in aviation management and related fields, but also to anyone dealing with such related topics as terrorism, public policy, transport, urban studies and logistics.
Critical Acclaim
‘This work constitutes an interdisciplinary compendium on air transport security. The merits of the editors cannot be underestimated. The contributors elegantly and horizontally cross different subjects, from law to policy, from economics to logistics. From a geographical standpoint, there is very little doubt that the book achieves its objectives. It tackles international, regional and national issues, while maintaining, at the same time, an easy language and a clear structure. Air Transport Security: Issues, Challenges and National Policies represents an unquestionable must-read for regulators, policy makers, academics and economists involved in the air transport sector’
– Andrea Trimarchi, German Journal of Air and Space Law

‘This book is a landmark in the field, providing original reflections and a series of case studies from different countries all over the world. This will be of high value to researchers and practitioners, given the current urgent need to investigate air transport security policies and analyze their (networked) economic impacts at the global, national and regional level.’
– Aura Reggiani, University of Bologna, Italy

‘Its visibility, widespread use, economic value and vulnerability has meant that air transportation has been the subject of numerous attacks over the years. These have taken a diversity of forms and been driven by a variety of motivations. The contributions to this edited book value offer a set of insightful studies not only of the nature of the broad on-going trends in attacks, but also the perspectives of the various actors in both the public and private sector, who have to formulate countermeasures. Because of the uncertainties involved, the tasks of airlines, airports and air traffic control, as well as national and international public bodies, to counter attacks on aviation have been especially challenging. The chapters here offer those new to the subject an excellent overview of the challenges being confronted and the reactions of the aviation sector and public policymakers to them.’
– Kenneth J. Button, George Mason University, US
Contributors: H. Avilai, D. Brittin, E. Irandu, T. Prenzler, J. Price, P. Puri, D. Rhoades, F. Rossi Dal Pozzo, M.S. Sandhu, J.S. Szyliowicz, T. Udagawa Hirakawa, S. Vaithilingam, M.J. Williams, K. Zaidi, L. Zamparini


1. Introduction
Joseph S. Szyliowicz and Luca Zamparini

PART I Themes, Issues, and Frameworks
2. The Policy Dimensions of Air Transport Security
Joseph S. Szyliowicz

3. Economic Issues in Air Transport Security
Luca Zamparini

4. International and EU Legal Frameworks of Aviation Security
Francesco Rossi Dal Pozzo

5. The Role of the Private Sector for Air Transport Security
Jeffrey Price

6. The Challenge of Air Cargo Security
Douglas Brittin

PART II Policy Applications
7. Aviation Security in the US
Joseph S. Szyliowicz

8. Aviation Security Policy in Canada
Kamaal Zaidi

9. Safety and Security in Brazilian Aviation
Dawna Rhodes and Michael J. Williams

10. Air Transport Security in Israel
Hillel Avihai

11. Air Transport Security in Kenya
Evaristus Irandu

12. Air Transport Security in Malaysia
Priyanka Puri, Manjit Singh Sandhu and Santha Vaithilingam

13. Air Transport Security in Japan
Toki Udagawa Hirakawa

14. Aviation Security in Australia
Tim Prenzler

15. Conclusions
Joseph S. Szyliowicz and Luca Zamparini


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