Asian-Pacific Rim Logistics


Asian-Pacific Rim Logistics

Global Context and Local Policies

9781847206282 Edward Elgar Publishing
Peter J. Rimmer Emeritus Professor, School of Culture, History and Language, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 978 1 84720 628 2 Extent: 552 pp
Encompassing China, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, extending to Australasia and connecting with South Asia, the Asian-Pacific Rim forms the world’s most dynamic economic region. Comprehending the region’s logistical structure and its institutions are of pivotal importance for businesses, researchers and policy-makers.

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Encompassing China, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, extending to Australasia and connecting with South Asia, the Asian-Pacific Rim forms the world’s most dynamic economic region. Comprehending the region’s logistical structure and its institutions is of pivotal importance for businesses, researchers and policy-makers.

The flow of goods, people and information constitutes the global and local economic system. Through a unique analysis of this system and the transport and communications technologies that sustain it, Peter J. Rimmer provides a framework for identifying the multilayered networks and gateways in which the Asian-Pacific Rim’s logistics are embedded. Highlighting important structural and institutional features, the role of corporations (money) and states (power) in configuring global and local markets is illustrated by case studies drawn from across the world’s major economic regions. This book addresses evolving challenges for policy-makers, arising from the extension of manufacturing and retailing supply chains across national borders, and from globalizing logistics services.

By deepening knowledge and viewpoints on these issues, the well-illustrated Asian-Pacific Rim Logistics is essential reading for students exploring global logistics, supply chain management, international business, transportation, freight logistics and development studies. Policy-makers and a new generation of logistics and supply chain professionals will also benefit from the insights into this dynamic region.

Critical Acclaim
‘This book’s strengths lie in its comprehensive grasp and synthetic approach to the material, together with the many maps and diagrams explaining the conceptual ideas and spatial patterns of the region’s transportation networks between countries, as well as national development corridors, either actual or proposed. It will be very valuable for not only business studies scholars but also for geographers and spatial planners interested in the Asian-Pacific region.​‘
– Pacific Affairs​

‘Asian-Pacific Rim Logistics presents a wide span of material, geographically and conceptually, in considerable depth. Current conditions are presented with an historical context and up-to-date detail that will satisfy the specialist reader as well as those new to logistics and to Asian conditions. The coverage of logistics and policies within and between Japan, South Korea and China is particularly strong. The examination of developments in global logistics and of conditions in the extended Rim to include Australia and India, provides an interesting base from which to speculate about future directions in logistics.’
– Trevor Heaver, University of British Columbia, Canada

‘This book is a tour de force on the dynamic complexities surrounding logistics operations in the Asian-Pacific Rim. Writing in a highly accessible fashion, Professor Rimmer systematically probes those dynamics that mould the complex protocols through the lens of structure and institutions. This is a not-to-miss book for anyone who wants to understand how global flows of goods, finance, information and people are relentlessly reshaped by local policies and logistics practices in countries of the Asian-Pacific region.’
Booi H Kam, RMIT University, Australia

‘There is no doubt that this book represents an original, important, and significant contribution to a better understanding of the drivers of change and the spatial outcomes of a changing logistics environment in Asia and the Pacific. It is a stand-out reference and handbook for researchers and decision-makers at many levels. It is at once both encyclopaedic and expansive in its perspective; and mind numbing in its excep-tional attention to detail—supported by a widely and deeply trawled literature base.’
– Asian-Pacific Economic Literature

Contents: Acknowledgements Preface 1. Global + Local Logistics: Asian-Pacific Rim Perspectives Part I: Global Context 2. Multinational Industrial and Global Logistics Corporations 3. Maritime Networks 4. Aviation and Telecommunications Networks 5. The Network of Networks Part II: Local Policies: Asian-Pacific Rim 6. Gateways and Corridors 7. Japan and Southeast Asia 8. South Korea 9. China 10. Northeast Asia: Regional Logistics Policy Part III: Local Policies: The Wider Rim and Beyond 11. Australia 12. India Epilogue Bibliography Index
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