Big Data


Big Data

Promise, Application and Pitfalls

9781788112345 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by John Storm Pedersen, Professor of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, Environmental and Business Economics, University of Southern Denmark and Adrian Wilkinson, Professor of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia and Visiting Professor, University of Sheffield, UK
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78811 234 5 Extent: 416 pp
Big data and ''the package'' of the digital society is de-mystified in this important book. A group of international experts frame the debates around big data and analyse its impact in different sectors in practice. They also examine whether big data and the digital society can deliver on its promises.

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Since the early 2000s, digital data has transformed the way we live and work. This timely book looks to big data analytics to understand this revolutionary change, unpacking the impact of big data analytics on the mobilization and allocation of individuals, organizations and societies’ resources.

Contributions from leading experts on modern technological trends examine the promises, applications and pitfalls of big data. The contributors assess the ways in which contemporary trajectories of data processing have increased efficiency and had a transformative effect on all avenues of life, from energy, tourism and social media, to human resources, welfare systems and urban citizenship. At a time when our personal data is more valuable than ever, this book seeks to make sense of how big data analytics has transformed our lives and how it will continue to shape society in the future.

Astute and comprehensive, this book is critical reading for business and management scholars with a focus on information systems and communications technologies. It will also prove to be vital information for students and researchers of big data and digital society, as well as politics and administration more widely.
Critical Acclaim
‘The book is a rich collection of the broader applications of big data to a wide variety of emerging contexts, not only including social media, energy, healthcare, human resources, tourism and smart cities, but also less-examined applications in social and digital welfare, child services, education, and politics. A truly comprehensive guide to “big data”!''
– Paul A. Pavlou, Temple University, US
Contributors: P. Aagaard, A.R. Alaei, G. Baruchello, S. Becken, P. Bonev, E. Breit, B.K. Daniel, C. Egeland, V. Estivill-Castro, P. Gillingham, S. Hiremath, T. Kelly, I.B. Løberg, K. Löfgren, A.O. Lyneborg, P. Mikalef, Q.V.H. Nguyen, J.S. Pedersen, P. Ross, A. Sandgaard, T.M. Scholz, M. Söderberg, B. Stantic, W. Webster, A. Wilkinson

1 The promise, application and pitfalls of big data 1
John Storm Pedersen and Adrian Wilkinson
2 Man versus cyborg 22
Vladimir Estivill-Castro
3 Big data and application 49
Patrick Mikalef
4 Big data and human resource management 69
Tobias M. Scholz
5 Big data in the energy industry 90
Petyo Bonev and Magnus Söderberg
6 A brief introduction to ‘big data’ and its application in tourism 107
Ali Reza Alaei and Susanne Becken
7 Big data in government: The case of ‘smart cities’ 133
Karl Löfgren and William Webster
8 Cyborg bureaucracy: Frontline work in digitalized labor and
welfare services 149
Eric Breit, Cathrine Egeland and Ida Bring L.berg
9 Data analytics and health services quality: Implementing
eHealth initiatives wisely 170
Peter Ross, Therese Kelly, Sanjeev Hiremath and
Adrian Wilkinson
10 Data-driven management in practice in the digital welfare state 200
John Storm Pedersen
11 Social work in the Danish digitalized welfare state – and the
use of digital technologies for professional knowledge in child
services 224
Anna Olejasz Lyneborg
12 Big data in social welfare 245
Philip Gillingham
13 Big data and data governance: From the ‘world of ideas’ to the
‘world of practice’ 264
Anders Sandgaard
14 Artificial reality: The practice of analytics and big data in
educational research 287
Ben Kei Daniel
15 The digital welfare state: Dataism versus relationshipism 301
John Storm Pedersen
16 Big data in political communication 325
Peter Aagaard
17 Rumour detection in social media 348
Henry Nguyen and Bela Stantic
18 Big data and professionals: What we can learn from
Michael Polanyi 366
Giorgio Baruchello

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