Big Data Applications in Geography and Planning


Big Data Applications in Geography and Planning

An Essential Companion

9781789909784 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Mark Birkin, Professor of Spatial Analysis and Policy, School of Geography and Director, Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, University of Leeds, Graham Clarke, School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK, Jonathan Corcoran, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Queensland and Robert Stimson, Emeritus Professor of Geography, University of Queensland, and Honorary Professorial Fellow of Geography, University of Melbourne, Australia
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78990 978 4 Extent: 288 pp
This unique book demonstrates the utility of big data approaches in human geography and planning. Offering a carefully curated selection of case studies, it reveals how researchers are accessing big data, what this data looks like and how such data can offer new and important insights and knowledge.

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This unique book demonstrates the utility of big data approaches in human geography and planning. Offering a carefully curated selection of case studies, it reveals how researchers are accessing big data, what this data looks like and how such data can offer new and important insights and knowledge.

Contributions from key scholars working in the field bring together an international series of case studies on demography and migration, retail and consumer analytics, health care planning, urban planning and transport studies. Chapters also discuss how data sets leveraged from commercial and public agency sources can greatly improve the data traditionally worked with in academic geography, regional science and planning. While addressing the challenges and limitations of big data, the book also demonstrates the usefulness of data sets held by commercial agencies and explores data linkage between big data and traditional public domain data sources.

Focusing on the applications of big data to investigate issues in a spatial context, this book will be an essential guide for scholars and students of planning, mobility and human geography, particularly those who specialise in economic and transport geography. Its use of key case studies to demonstrate the applications of big data analytics in planning will also be useful for planners in these fields.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is a very timely book featuring a collection of contributions from some of the world’s leading scholars working in the equivalent of social science’s “Wild West” – the world of Big Data. This book is indeed an essential companion for anyone wishing to understand the breadth of opportunities and challenges presented by data which lie outside of the traditional official statistics disseminated by governments. It will provide inspiration for those willing to take themselves out of their comfort zone and a glimpse of what is possible.’
– Adam Dennett, University College London, UK

‘This collection demonstrates just how far “big data” research in geography and planning has come. With chapters spanning multiple countries and geographic contexts, the authors show how these new forms of data can provide valuable insights in a wide range of real-world applications in population geography and urban planning. At the same time, the limitations of big data are critically addressed and the importance of theory recognised. Contributed by many leading scholars, this volume will help to inform and inspire future work in this fast-developing field.’
– Nick Bailey, University of Glasgow, UK
Contributors: M. Alexander, M. Birkin, C. Brunsdon, M. Campbell, M. Charlton, A. Churchman, G. Clarke, A. Comber, J. Corcoran, J. Cromby, L. Dolega, S. Grant-Muller, J. Greenwell, M. Hassan, M. Hobbs, N. Hood, S. Kingham, G. Lansley, S. Leao, Y. Liu, N. Lomax, P. Longley, N. Malleson, L. Marek, J. McCarthy, A. Newing, E. Nyanzu, E. Odiari, C. Pettit, F. Pontin, A. Rae, S. Rafaeli, T. Rains, T. Rashidi, T. Sigler, E. Stern, C. Stich, R. Stimson, S. Tao, M. Tomintz, E. Tranos, J. van Dijk, M. Wei, J. Wiki, J. Wu, M. Zhang

1 Introduction to Big Data Applications in Geography and Planning 1
Mark Birkin, Graham Clarke, Jonathan Corcoran and Robert Stimson
2 Using social media advertising data to estimate migration trends over time 8
Monica Alexander
3 Estimating household mobility using novel big data 25
Nik Lomax
4 Using linked consumer and administrative data to model demographic
changes in London’s city fringe 43
Justin van Dijk, Guy Lansley and Paul Longley
5 Combining large linked social service microdata and geospatial data to
identify vulnerable populations in New Zealand 52
Lukas Marek, James Greenwell, Matthew Hobbs, John McCarthy,
Jesse Wiki, Malcolm Campbell, Simon Kingham and Melanie Tomintz
6 The changing geography of clinical misery in England: lessons in
spatio-temporal data analysis 64
Alexis Comber, Chris Brunsdon, Martin Charlton and John Cromby
7 Utilising smartphone data to explore spatial influences on physical activity 78
Francesca Pontin
8 Spatial extent and classification of retail agglomerations 92
Les Dolega
9 Applications of store loyalty card big data in the location planning process 106
Nick Hood, Graham Clarke, Andy Newing and Tim Rains
10 Online content of local interest and how it attracts individuals online 120
Emmanouil Tranos and Christoph Stich
11 Smart cities, big data: an overview 143
Robert Stimson and Chris Pettit
12 Is Sydney a 30-minute city? Big data analytics assisting to bring
political rhetoric into practice 168
Simone Leao, Mohammad Hassan, Taha Rashidi and Chris Pettit
13 Data and public participation in national strategic planning 188
Eliahu Stern, Sheizaf Rafaeli and Arza Churchman
14 Goldmine or minefield? The methodological challenges associated with
the analysis of the FixMyStreet neighbourhood problems dataset 205
Alasdair Rae and Elvis Nyanzu
15 Big data applications in urban transport research in Chinese cities: an overview 219
Sui Tao, Min Zhang and Jiangyue Wu
16 Unpacking the weather–transit ridership relationship using big data in
Brisbane and beyond 244
Ming Wei, Yan Liu, Thomas Sigler and Jonathan Corcoran
17 Spatial microsimulation models for rail travel: a West Yorkshire case study 255
Eusebio Odiari, Mark Birkin, Susan Grant-Muller and Nick Malleson

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