Principles of Commercial Law series

Globalisation and the development of increasingly complex trade networks, dispute resolution mechanisms, and cross-border agreements are pushing commercial law to the forefront of our society. Addressing an increasing need for accessible yet authoritative works in the area, the Principles of Commercial Law series offers structured, analytical overviews of the fundamental principles and concepts that underpin substantive and procedural law and practice across the spectrum of private and commercial law.

Coverage of the series includes core concepts in private law such as remedies, damages and negligence, as well as more practical, commercial subject matter including commercial litigation, arbitration and taxation. Written by some of the best names in the field, as well as an emerging generation of experts, these rigorous overviews function both as a scholarly reference point, and as a broad but deep introduction to their respective fields, offering an indispensable platform for scholars and postgraduate students, as well as for lawyers and policymakers.

Books in this series

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