Principles of Information Law series

Information is a crucial asset, whether for combating crime and terrorism or for meeting customer needs, and the evolution of modern technology with the ability to collect, use, analyse and disseminate information on an unprecedented scale has established information law as a key strand of the evolving legal landscape. The Principles of Information Law series provides modern and authoritative guides to the fundamental principles and concepts that regulate the security of, and access to, personal information in relation to both public authorities and private companies.

The series addresses core concepts in information law including data privacy, information governance and the regulation of AI, as well as more practical elements such as blockchain, e-commerce law and IT Outsourcing. Written by key scholars in the field, as well as select, emerging authorities on the subject, titles in the series seek to provide structured and analytical overviews that serve as go-to platforms for researchers and postgraduate students, as well as for lawyers and policymakers.
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