Research Handbooks on Criminal Law and Justice series

Series Editor: Paul Roberts, Professor of Criminal Jurisprudence, University of Nottingham, UK and Adjunct Professor of Law, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing, China and Mike McConville, Founding Dean, Emeritus Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Research Handbooks on Criminal Law and Justice series occupies a distinctive niche in legal publishing and criminal law scholarship. Located between conventional textbook treatments and more narrowly focussed specialist monographs, volumes in this series provide accessible and dependable guides to broad sectors of scholarly terrain to support advanced studies at all levels. More than merely surveying current research, this series aims to contribute materially to the range, impact and innovation of criminal law and justice scholarship.

With postgraduate, postdoctoral and upper level undergraduate researchers firmly in mind, Research Handbooks on Criminal Law and Justice provide synoptic overviews of well-defined topics combining surveys of core issues, reflections on methodological foundations and cutting-edge ideas to structure student research projects and inspire novel research questions. For the benefit of more experienced scholars, volumes in this series simultaneously explore the boundaries of existing disciplinary taxonomies, address emergent legal, social and technological developments, reconsider foundational concepts, and challenge prevailing theoretical assumptions. The series will build into an integrated library of fresh thinking on criminal law and justice, fostering ambitious interdisciplinary scholarship and opening up timely new research agendas.

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