Economic Psychology

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    Public Goods and Private Wants

    Simon Kemp
    ‘In democracy, we ask people whom they would like to govern them. Simon Kemp shows how and why the same principle applies to the types and amounts of public goods that governments supply. If you seek solutions to public-sector supply-dem...
    Hardback (2002)

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    Stock-Market Psychology

    Karl-Erik Wärneryd
    ‘Stock-Market Psychology gives an excellent overview of the state-of-the-art literature on this subject in the fields of economics, psychology and finance. . . a comprehensive overview of the behavior of investors in the stock market. As...
    Paperback (2002)

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    Hardback (2001)

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  3. Add to Wish List Markets and Authorities

    Markets and Authorities

    Edited by Jochen Lorentzen, Marcello de Cecco
    This stimulating book addresses the relationship between market authority and political authority – a favourite theme of Susan Strange to whom the book is dedicated. From a survey of the bias against capital liberalisation in economic th...
    Hardback (2002)

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  4. Add to Wish List Happiness in Economics

    Happiness in Economics

    Edited by Richard A. Easterlin
    ‘Richard Easterlin has pioneered the study of happiness in economics. This book assembles an impressive collection of articles. It demonstrates the major insights gained by integrating individuals’ subjective satisfaction in order to bet...
    Hardback (2002)

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  5. Add to Wish List Behavioral Finance

    Behavioral Finance

    Edited by Hersh Shefrin
    Behavioral finance is the study of how psychology affects financial decision making and financial markets. A valuable resource for both academics and practitioners, this authoritative collection brings together the main works in both psy...
    Hardback (2001)

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  6. Add to Wish List The Economics of Advertising

    The Economics of Advertising

    Edited by Kyle Bagwell
    ‘A unique feature of the book is the systematic and integrative approach used in the presentation of a necessary theoretical framework in the area under study before providing any empirical evidence.’ – M.M. Anand, Global Business Review...
    Hardback (2001)

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  7. Add to Wish List The Psychology of Saving

    The Psychology of Saving

    Karl-Erik Wärneryd
    ‘If you teach about saving, want to motivate higher rates of savings, or do research on any aspect of behavior related to saving, this book will be a guide and inspiration. . . . This book could be the “only book you’ll ever need” on the...
    Hardback (1999)

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  8. Add to Wish List Not Just for the Money

    Not Just for the Money

    Bruno S. Frey
    ‘The main thing is to congratulate Frey for highlighting an important and interesting problem which economists have yet to deal with in a fully satisfactory fashion.’ – David Collard, The Economic Journal ‘[Bruno Frey] suggests how the ...
    Paperback (1998)

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    Hardback (1997)

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  9. Add to Wish List The Economics of Uncertainty

    The Economics of Uncertainty

    Edited by John D. Hey
    ‘. . . the selection of papers is comprehensive, containing both the expected classics and more obscure articles. . . the editor provides an introduction which is a useful route map through the collection.’ – Hugh Gravelle, The Economic ...
    Hardback (1997)

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  10. Add to Wish List Economic Socialization

    Economic Socialization

    Edited by Peter Lunt, Adrian Furnham
    Economic Socialization is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on how children and adolescents come to understand the economic world. Specific issues addressed include the evolution of young people’s ideas about wealth distributio...
    Hardback (1996)

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  11. Add to Wish List ETHICS AND ECONOMICS


    Edited by Alan P. Hamlin
    ‘. . . important articles are gathered which can highly be recommended for those interested in or curious about the normative agenda of economics . . . the selection is useful and comprehensible.’ – Peter Kalmbach, Kyklos These volumes ...
    Hardback (1996)

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  12. Add to Wish List Cognitive Science

    Cognitive Science

    Edited by Noel Sheehy, Antony J. Chapman
    Cognitive science is the study of intelligence and intelligent systems. Several disciplines including psychology, philosophy, linguistics and the neurosciences have well-established interests in these topics. Cognitive science is an at...
    Hardback (1995)

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