Cases on Critical Leadership Skills


Cases on Critical Leadership Skills

9781035311859 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by D.D. Warrick, Professor of Leadership and Organization Change and President''s Teaching Scholar, College of Business, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, US, Jens Mueller, MNZM, Director of Massey Executive Development, Massey University, New Zealand and Anna Warrick, Vice President, The Warrick Agency Training and Development Company and Assistant Instructor, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, US
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03531 185 9 Extent: 354 pp
It is important for leaders to learn as much as possible about what it takes to be a good leader. However, it is even more important to be able to apply what is being learned. Cases on Critical Leadership Skills provides interesting, real world, and often inspiring cases written by well-known experts and top level executives from around the world of leaders applying the critical skills needed to be a successful, high impact leader in a fast-paced modern society.

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Critical Acclaim
More Information
It is important for leaders to learn as much as possible about what it takes to be a good leader. However, it is even more important to be able to apply what is being learned. Cases on Critical Leadership Skills provides interesting, real world, and often inspiring cases written by well-known experts and top level executives from around the world of leaders applying the critical skills needed to be a successful, high impact leader in a fast-paced modern society.

Key Features:
• The 34 cases are organized around nine critical leadership skills
• A brief summary of each case is provided so specific cases can be selected to read or emphasize
• The cases come from around the globe, from many types of industries and organizations, and from large and small organizations
• Each case includes a statement of the major focus of the case, engaging discussion items, and key leadership lessons to be learned

Cases on Critical Leadership Skills can be used in academic courses and leadership development programs that need examples of applications of critical leadership skills. It would also be of interest to leaders at all levels of an organization and anyone interested in developing critical leadership skills.
Critical Acclaim
‘Don Warrick and his co-authors’ extraordinary collection of case studies, written by leading researchers and educators around the world, illuminates the leadership mindsets and behaviors that help organizations thrive in a world that has never been more complex and uncertain. This book is an invaluable resource for students and leaders.’
– Amy C. Edmondson, Harvard University, US

‘Cases on Critical Leadership Skills is one of the best books on leadership of its generation. It explores the impact of leaders, leadership styles, ethical leadership, and many more very relevant aspects of leadership in these challenging times. It is comprised of top business academics and senior business leaders. It is a “must read” by all who are or should be interested in leadership – very readable, timely, and so relevant to the world of work and wider society.’
– Cary Cooper, University of Manchester, UK

‘This is a truly exciting book, one that shows leaders addressing crucial issues in global settings and provides models from which students – and faculty – can learn. It provides a forum for many highly skilled consultants and executives to describe best practices in response to the challenges that change brings, and inspire readers to think more deeply about what it means and what is required to lead major change successfully.’
– Jean M. Bartunek, Boston College, US

‘Don Warrick is one of those senior scholars whose work has changed countless lives and organizations’ performance. He has justifiably won just about every award given to professors of organizational change, development, and leadership. In this book, Don brings together a fascinating array of leadership lessons learned, prescriptions for practice, and insights that can supplement courses of leadership and change. The cases are global in scope and cover just about every topic being taught in leadership courses today. This book needs to be on your shelf.’
– Kim Cameron, University of Michigan, US

‘In these fast-paced turbulent times, leadership is increasingly vital to the well-being of societies and organizations, and there is a plethora of readings, talks, and training aimed at crafting effective leaders. Sparse among this educational abundance is a comprehensive collection of case studies portraying effective leadership in action. Don Warrick, Jens Mueller, and Anna Warrick’s Cases on Critical Leadership Skills fills this gap, and does so admirably. It provides rich and engaging cases showing essential leadership expertise in a diversity of organizations, industries, and cultures. It is “must reading” for all of us learning to be effective leaders.’
– Thomas G. Cummings, University of Southern California, US

‘This exemplary collection of examples of leadership qualities, skills, challenges, and behaviors in organizations around the world is an ideal resource for university courses related to leadership as well as executive and management development programs. The cases prepared by a mix of real-world executives, leadership educators, and organizational change consultants invite exploration of timeless and leading-edge aspects of leadership qualities. This is a wonderful resource as a stand-alone collection or used to augment other readings and experiences in leadership development.’
– Robert J. Marshak, American University, US
Contributors include: Susan Albers Mohrman, David Anderson, Achilles Armenakis, Andrew W. Backus, Sarah Boyd, Steve Brown, Steven H. Cady, Katherine Farquhar, Jeffery Ferguson, C.Theodor Forde-Stiegler, Dennis M. Gassert, Lloyd Gibson, Regina Gibson, Tracy Gonzalez-Padron, Neha Gupta, Thomas C. Head, M.C. Immendorf, Sohel M. Imroz, Theodora Issa, David Jamieson, Sandra Janoff, Todd Jick, Jeanne D. Maes, Sarah McArthur, Janet McCollum, Mark L. McConkie, Arienne McCracken, Anju Mehta, John Milliman, James Moore, Vijayalaxmi Moovala, Alan Mulally, Ken Murrell, Larry Peters, David Pick, Ron Riggio, Linda Ronnie, William J. Rothwell, Virginia E. Schein, Jane Galloway Seiling, Jireh Hooi-Inn Seow, Robert A. Shearer, Peter Sorensen, William A. Sorrentino Jr., Angela Spranger, Jacqueline M. Stavros, Kate Wardle, Therese Yaeger, D.D. Warrick, Marvin Weisbord

Foreword xxxix
Alan Mulally
Preface xli

1 Changing a country through transformational leadership
and teacher empowerment 2
Ronald E. Riggio
2 A physician turned leader commits to building an
award-winning organization 10
Susan Albers Mohrman and Arienne McCracken
3 Robert Swan: from polar expeditions to entrepreneurial
environmental leadership 19
Jireh Hooi-Inn Seow
4 Visionary leadership from Northern Ireland: a woman of
many firsts 27
Sandra Janoff and Marvin Weisbord
5 The first woman conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra 35
Katherine Farquhar and David W. Jamieson

6 Responding to the Great Resignation 43
Linda Ronnie and Sarah Boyd
7 Building a change-ready organization for today’s
challenging times 53
D.D. Warrick
8 Leadership challenges in law enforcement in changing times 62
David Anderson, Peter Sorensen, and Therese Yaeger

9 Abraham Lincoln and the Reaper Case: on forgiveness,
trust-building, and mutual respect 72
Mark L. McConkie
10 Ecolab Inc.: how a company encourages ethical leadership 80
Tracy L. Gonzalez-Padron
11 Cultural leadership: building an ethical organizational culture 90
Achilles Armenakis, Steven Brown, and Anju Mehta

12 How leaders and companies treat people matters: voices
of women garment assembly workers in Nicaragua 99
Virginia E. Schein
13 The importance of leadership style on morale,
performance, and culture 105
D.D. Warrick
14 Leadership in a turnaround situation and a multicultural
environment 112
Lloyd Gibson and Regina Gibson

15 The leadership principles Alan Mulally followed in
transforming Ford Motor Company into a successful
company with a strong people-oriented culture 120
D.D. Warrick and Alan Mulally
16 Building a people-oriented organization pre-pandemic and
post-pandemic 134
Jeanne D. Maes and Dennis M. Gassert
17 Reigniting demotivated employees: reversing career entrenchment 140
Angela Spranger
18 Using collaborative leadership at all levels to build
people-oriented organizations 144
C. Theodor Forde-Stiegler, M.C. Immendorf, and Steven H. Cady
19 Taking care of your employees results in better care of
customers: a case study of a large private hospital in
Dhaka, Bangladesh 153
William J. Rothwell and Sohel M. Imroz

20 The fundamentals of building high-performance teams 163
D.D. Warrick
21 The synergistic Robin Hood: building upon strengths to
make productive teams 174
Mark L. McConkie
22 Building teamwork in a hostile unionized culture in
a large company in India 181
Neha Gupta

23 Developing an award-winning organization: a case study
of a Saudi Chamber of Commerce 188
Vijayalaxmi Moovala
24 Building a state-of-the art, world-class hospital 197
Jeanne D. Maes, Colonel Andrew W. Backus, William A.
Sorrentino Jr., James P. Moore, and Robert A. Shearer
25 Huron Hospital: leading with sustainability to create
a high-performance organization 204
Arienne McCracken and Susan Albers Mohrman

26 How Zappos built a zany, high-performance culture 214
D.D. Warrick, John Milliman, and Jeffery M. Ferguson
27 The influence of an Australian CEO’s philosophy and
personality on shaping culture 225
Theodora Issa and David Pick
28 The organizational challenge: building a change-adept culture 233
Janet McCollum and Ken Murrell
29 Building, rebuilding, and sustaining a winning culture at
the Madame Zingara Restaurant Group 247
Kate (Herbert) Wardle and Linda Ronnie
30 The intentional engagement of informal leaders in
a large-scale organization and culture change 260
Larry Peters

31 Exploring the world of pseudo change 271
Thomas C. Head and Peter Sorensen
32 Leading change: a case study of Al Salam Bank–Bahrain 277
Vijayalaxmi Moovala
33 Brandeis University: selling art or the art of selling change 285
Todd Jick

34 What I learned from Frances Hesselbein: work is love
made visible 295
Sarah McArthur
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