China’s Integration with the Global Economy


China’s Integration with the Global Economy

WTO Accession, Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade

9781848442146 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Chunlai Chen, Associate Professor, Policy and Governance Program, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University, Australia
Publication Date: August 2009 ISBN: 978 1 84844 214 6 Extent: 240 pp
China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 was widely regarded as a major milestone in the development of the Chinese economy as well as the multilateral trading system. This book provides a remarkable background of information about China’s economy after WTO accession and analyses many important issues concerning China’s economic growth, international trade, transparency of trade policy, regional trade arrangements, foreign direct investment, banking sector liberalization, exchange rate reform, agricultural trade and energy demand.

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This comprehensive collection provides a remarkable wealth of information and a timely assessment of China’s economic development and integration with the global economy after WTO accession.

Chunlai Chen brings together a distinguished group of scholars who employ economic theories, econometric modelling techniques and the latest statistics to analyse many important issues. These hotly debated topics include China’s economic growth, international trade, regional trade arrangements, foreign direct investment, banking sector liberalization, exchange rate reform, agricultural trade and energy demand.

Aimed at an international audience, this highly focused book will be of great benefit to academics and postgraduate students involved in Chinese economy and business studies as well as researchers in international trade and foreign investment.
Critical Acclaim
‘. . . this book provides a benchmark for China’s global integration since its WTO accession in 2001. The 15 compilers present an intense analysis, employing economic theories, modeling techniques and the latest statistics.’
– Peter F. Eder, World Future Review
Contributors: V. Bath, C. Chen, T. Jiang, X. Kang, K. Li, W. McKibbin, H. Qiu, Y. Sheng, L. Song, X. Wang, Y. Wu, L. Xu, J. Yang, J.X. Zhang, Z. Zhou


1. China’s Economy After WTO Accession: An Overview
Chunlai Chen

2. China’s Foreign Trade: Trends and Issues After WTO Accession
Kunwang Li and Xiaosong Wang

3. Capital Stock Estimates by Region and Sector
Yanrui Wu

4. The WTO and China’s Transparency Requirements
Vivienne Bath

5. What Does a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific Mean to China?
Tingsong Jiang and Warwick McKibbin

6. Characteristics of FDI Firms in China After WTO Accession
Chunlai Chen

7. Foreign Banks in China: Market Segmentation and Expanded Presence in the Post-WTO Environment
Lilai Xu

8. The Impact of the RMB Revaluation on China and the World Economy
James Xiaohe Zhang

9. China’s Grain TRQs: Five Years Since WTO Accession
Zhangyue Zhou and Xia Kang

10. The Impact of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area on China’s Economy and Regional Agricultural Development
Jun Yang, Huanguang Qiu and Chunlai Chen

11. Linking Economic Development with Demand for Energy: A Discontinuous Estimation of Energy Demand Elasticity
Ligang Song and Yu Sheng

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