Chinese Technology Transfer in the 1990s


Chinese Technology Transfer in the 1990s

Current Experience, Historical Problems and International Perspectives

9781858982458 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Charles Feinstein, formerly Chichele Professor of Economic History and Fellow, All Souls College, University of Oxford, UK and Christopher Howe OBE, Emeritus Professor, Chinese Business and Management , School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK
Publication Date: 1997 ISBN: 978 1 85898 245 8 Extent: 256 pp
Chinese Technology Transfer in the 1990s examines – with special reference to the reform policy and encouragement of foreign direct investment – scientific policy, research and development, and technology transfer in the People’s Republic of China.

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Chinese Technology Transfer in the 1990s examines – with special reference to the reform policy and encouragement of foreign direct investment – scientific policy, research and development and technology transfer in the People’s Republic of China.

The book presents new original work by leading Chinese and British scholars who provide an up-to-date account of recent developments in the rapidly changing process of technological modernization, and of the current problems China is now facing. It demonstrates the extent to which technology policy and transfer from abroad remain central to the successful economic development of China. The authors also highlight the character of the continuing debate within China on these issues. Complementing these articles are authoritative discussions on technology transfer, innovation and industrial development from theoretical, historical and international perspectives.

The book will be of interest to governments, international agencies interested in the economic development of China, academics and graduate students.
Critical Acclaim
‘An attractive feature of the book is that the papers deal with both contemporary and historical aspects of technology transfer in China and other countries . . . Altogether this volume is a valuable source of information about China’s rapid economic growth during the past two decades, the impact of S&T policies to industrial and technological development of developing countries in general, and the importance of foreign direct investment for the development of domestic technological capabilities.’
– Thee Kian Wie, Asian-Pacific Economic Literature

‘This is an excellent book and has relevance beyond the issues regarding technology transfer to China. The authors and editors have struck a chord that will resonate into the 21st century. Their discussion on the technology transfer issues associated with China, Japan and other countries are good case studies for those concerned with the study and implementation of technology transfer programs. I highly recommend this volume for those scholars and practitioners interested in a serious work in the field of technology transfer. Its value transcends the particular focus on China and adds significant merit to the ongoing debate in this arena.’
– Scott M. Shemwell, Journal of Asian Business

‘This collection contains a number of very interesting articles that should be of interest to any student of China’s modernization . . . Almost all essays are highly entertaining to read; great care has been taken in the translation of the contributions written by non-native speakers of English.’
– Wilt L. Idema, China Information

‘The book is unique as the first collaborative work in this theme.’
– Malcolm Warner, Asia Pacific Business Review

‘. . . this is an excellent study of technology transfer to China in a comparative context . . . This pioneering study is nevertheless indispensable for scholars, students and those practically involved in trade and investment in China.’
– Robert Taylor, Asian Affairs
Contributors: P. David, J. Enos, C. Feinstein, C. Howe, Jangping X., Jingping D., Shiguo T., G.N. von Tunzelmann, D. Wall, Xiangshuo Y., Xiaojuan J., Youjing Z.
Contents: Introduction (C. Howe) 1. Rethinking Technology Transfers: Incentives, Institutions and Knowledge-based Industrial Development (P.A. David) 2. Technology and Competitiveness in Asia: Case Studies in Japanese Technology Transfer with Implications for the People’s Republic of China (C. Howe) 3. Technical Progress and Technology Transfer in a Centrally Planned Economy: The Experience of the USSR, 1917–87 (C. Feinstein) 4. China’s International Technology Transfer: The Current Situation, Problems and Future Prospects (X. Jianping) 5. Using Imported Technology to Transform Existing Enterprises in China (D. Jingping) 6. The Adoption of Innovations and the Assimilations of Improvements (J. Enos) 7. Chinese Government Policy Towards Science and Technology and its Influence on the Technical Development of Industrial Enterprises (J. Xiaojuan) 8. Sino-Japanese Technology Transfer and its Effects (T. Shiguo) 9. Technology Development and Export Performance: Is China a Frog or a Goose? (D. Wall and Y. Xiangshuo) 10. Economic Growth and Technology Transfer in China (Z. Youjing) 11. The Transfer of Process Technologies in a Comparative Perspective (N. von Tunzelmann) Index
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