Cities and Sustainable Technology Transitions


Cities and Sustainable Technology Transitions

Leadership, Innovation and Adoption

9781783476763 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Marina van Geenhuizen, Professor of Innovation and Innovation Policy in Urban Economies, Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, J. Adam Holbrook, Associate Director and Adjunct Professor, Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology, Simon Fraser University, Canada and Mozhdeh Taheri, Researcher, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78347 676 3 Extent: 416 pp
This enlightening book elucidates the leadership challenges of various cities in emerging transitions towards higher levels of sustainability. It examines elements of three socio-technical systems, energy, transport and healthcare, while addressing technology invention, commercialization, mass-production and adoption. The book breaks new ground in the analysis of topical issues such as local ‘cradle’ conditions, incentive schemes, niche-development, living labs, impact bonds, grass-roots intermediation and adaptive policy making. It offers a broad coverage of global systems of cities, with a particular focus on Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, China, Korea, Japan, the US and Canada.

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Cities are undoubted key players in technology creation and adoption for sustainable transitions. This book addresses both the active and passive roles of cities in technology innovation, commercialisation, mass-production and adoption. In particular, it examines elements of three socio-technical systems, energy, transport and healthcare.

The authors investigate cities in Europe, Asia and North America, providing an in depth understanding of the differences in leadership roles that cities adopt across the globe. The book breaks new ground in the analysis of topical issues such as local ‘cradle’ conditions, incentive schemes, niche-development, living labs, impact bonds, grass-roots intermediation and adaptive policy making.

Researchers and students involved in the urban studies, socio-technical transitions and sustainability would greatly benefit from reading this book. The variety of practical examples also makes this book an important tool for city policy makers, as well as public policy and public sector scholars.
Contributors: J.A. Annema, U. Dewald, C. Díaz-Pérez, S. Diek, M. Dignum, S. Faber, M. Fromhold-Eisebith, N. Guldemond, J.A. Holbrook, H. Jeekel, S. Konsti-Laakso, F. Kuipéri, H. Melkas, R. Nejabat, S. Pekkarinen, W. Ravesteijn, V. Scholten, L. Song, P.E. Stek, M. Taheri, M. van Geenhuizen, B. van Hulst, B. Wixted, Q. Ye

1. Transitions in socio-technical systems and challenges of city leadership
Marina van Geenhuizen, J. Adam Holbrook and Mozhdeh Taheri

2. Cities and photovoltaic inventions: global leaders over time
Pieter E. Stek

3. University spin-offs’ steps in commercialization of sustainable energy inventions in Northwest Europe
Razie Nejabat, Mozhdeh Taheri, Victor Scholten and Marina van Geenhuizen

4. ‘Solar Cities’ in China as leaders in photovoltaic manufacturing
Marina van Geenhuizen and Qing Ye

5. Urban innovation or rural dedication? Contrasts in socio-technical niche development in photovoltaics in Germany
Martina Fromhold-Eisebith and Ulrich Dewald

6. Vancouver’s fuel cell cluster: new opportunities or a genteel decline?
Claudia Díaz-Perez, Brian Wixted and J. Adam Holbrook

7. Cities and adoption of innovation in passenger mobility
Hans Jeekel

8. Seaport development and accelerating energy transition. Could Rotterdam and Shanghai take on a leadership role?
Marina van Geenhuizen, Lili Song and Wim Ravesteijn

9. Performance of university spin-off firms in commercialization of medical technology
Mozhdeh Taheri and Marina van Geenhuizen

10. Adoption of e-health in hospitals and in cities: a myriad of influences
Sander Faber and Marina van Geenhuizen

11. Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure: adaptive policy making in cities
Freek Kuipéri, Marina van Geenhuizen and Jan Anne Annema

12. Urban intermediaries and the governance of the energy transition, two case studies in Amsterdam
Marloes Dignum

13. Living labs in health care innovation: critical factors and potential roles of city government
Marina van Geenhuizen and Nick Guldemond

14. Enhancing public sector innovation: living lab case studies on well-being services in Lahti, Finland
Suvi Konsti-Laakso, Satu Pekkarinen and Helinä Melkas

15. Health Impact Bonds as a novel financial arrangement in healthcare transition
Stephan Diek, Marina van Geenhuizen and Bart van Hulst

16. Role of cities and governance in sustainability transitions: challenges in leadership
Marina van Geenhuizen and J. Adam Holbrook


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