Concise Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility


Concise Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility

9781800880337 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Lee Matthews, Lara Bianchi, and Claire Ingram, members of the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Nottingham University Business School, University of Nottingham, UK
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80088 033 7 Extent: 278 pp
This Concise Encyclopedia is an interdisciplinary overview of the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It not only incorporates well-established concepts proffered by highly influential voices, but also captures the perspectives of tomorrow.

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More Information
This Concise Encyclopedia is an interdisciplinary overview of the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It not only incorporates well-established concepts proffered by highly influential voices, but also captures the perspectives of tomorrow.

The entries present some of the main topics gravitating around CSR and its theoretical evolution, while recognising how the framework has spread out into different academic fields. This Concise Encyclopedia helps to update CSR scholarship in line with developments within the broader discourse on the responsibilities of business, with new reflections on well-established concepts.

Presenting a state-of-the-art discussion on the evolution of and future for CSR, this Concise Encyclopedia will serve as a significant reference point for both scholars and students of Business Ethics, Business and Human Rights and Corporate Sustainability. The depth of discussion throughout the Concise Encyclopedia will be useful for academics, practitioners, and policymakers alike.

Key Features:
- 46 accessible and fully-referenced entries
- Contributions from leading scholars and academics in the field
- Written in a critical and reflective style, with entries grounded in ongoing debates on CSR
- Recognition of Business and Human Rights (BHR) as an emergent theme within CSR, with entries on modern slavery and workers’ rights
Contributors include: Susel Arzuaga, Matthijs Bal, Roland Bardy, Lara Bianchi, Andreas Blumer, Natasha Bonner, Andrea Caputo, Robert Caruana, Lucia Cervi, Szu-Yu Chen, Stuart Cooper, Ericka Costa, Iain Coyne, Karen Cripps, John Elkington, Jane Frecknall-Hughes, Morgane M. C. Fritz, Samentha Goethals, Stefan Gold, Gabriela Gutierrez-Huerter O, Anqi Hu, Claire Ingram, Akilah Jardine, Mihaela Kelemen, Rebecca Chunghee Kim, Rachael Lamb, Todd Landman, Fabian Maier, Charlotte Mann, Fabien Martinez, Lee Matthews, Giovanna Michelon, Iva Mihaylova, Jeremy Moon, David Morris, Iana Nesterova, Niamh O’Sullivan, Emilio Passetti, Isabel Rimanoczy, Michael Rogerson, Erica Santini, Martin C. Schleper, Alysha Shivji, Jordan Spurge, Michelle Stirk, Simone Terzani, Christos Themistocleous, Angela Toothill, Luis Torres, Teresa Turzo, Zi Wang, Glen Whelan, Simon Wright, Ruizhi Yuan

Preface xii
1 Business and human rights 1
Lara Bianchi and Todd Landman
2 Business and society 8
Robert Caruana
3 Business ethics 13
Claire Ingram, Robert
Caruana, and Lee Matthews
4 Compliance 18
Luis D. Torres
5 Corporate accountability 23
Stuart Cooper
6 Corporate citizenship 28
Lucia Cervi
7 Corporate governance 32
Ericka Costa and Giovanna Michelon
8 Corporate social performance 38
Szu-Yu Chen
9 Corporate social responsibility 43
Lee Matthews and Claire Ingram
10 Corporate sustainability 55
Fabien Martinez
11 Creating shared value 61
Rebecca Chunghee Kim
12 CSR communication 66
Susel Arzuaga
13 Degrowth 72
Fabian Maier
14 Doughnut economics 82
David Morris
15 Ethical purchasing and
supply management 88
Martin C. Schleper and Stefan Gold
16 Ethical sourcing 92
Morgane M.C. Fritz
17 Government and CSR 98
Jeremy Moon
18 Green consumption 102
Ruizhi Yuan, Anqi Hu, and Zi Wang
19 Health and safety, accounting for 108
Emilio Passetti
20 Modern slavery 114
Akilah Jardine
21 Multi-national enterprises
and CSR 118
Gabriela Gutierrez-Huerter O
22 Non-financial reporting 124
Teresa Turzo and Simone Terzani
23 Places: responsibilities towards 128
Iana Nesterova
24 Politics and CSR 132
Glen Whelan
25 Public goods:
responsibility towards 136
Roland Bardy
26 Responsible leadership 142
Mihaela Kelemen
27 SMEs and social responsibility 147
Erica Santini and Andrea Caputo
28 Social and environmental
innovation 152
Rachael Lamb
29 Social enterprise 157
Natasha Bonner, Charlotte
Mann and Jordan Spurge
30 Stakeholder management 162
Lee Matthews and Claire Ingram
31 Supply chain visibility:
a blockchain perspective 169
Michael Rogerson
32 Sustainability balanced scorecards 174
Iva Mihaylova and Andreas Blumer
33 Sustainability mindset 179
Karen Cripps and Isabel Rimanoczy
34 Sustainability transitions 184
Simon Wright
35 Sustainable banking 188
Niamh O’Sullivan
36 Sustainable careers 193
P. Matthijs Bal
37 Sustainable finance 197
Niamh O’Sullivan
38 Sustainable insurance 203
Niamh O’Sullivan
39 Sustainable investment 208
Niamh O’Sullivan
40 Sustainable marketing 216
Christos Themistocleous
41 Sustainable supply chain
management 220
Stefan Gold and Martin C. Schleper
42 Taxation and CSR 228
Jane Frecknall-Hughes,
Michelle Stirk and Angela Toothill
43 The triple bottom line,
a brief history of 233
John Elkington
44 Worker-driven social
responsibility 239
Alysha Kate Shivji
45 Workers’ rights 244
Samentha Goethals
46 Workplace bullying 251
Iain Coyne
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