Constitutions and Religion


Constitutions and Religion

9781786439284 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Susanna Mancini, Department of Legal Studies, University of Bologna, Italy
Publication Date: September 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78643 928 4 Extent: c 544 pp
Constitutions and Religion is the first major reference work in the emerging field of comparative constitutional law and religion. It offers a nuanced array of perspectives on various models for the treatment of religion in domestic and supranational legal orders.

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Constitutions and Religion is the first major reference work in the emerging field of comparative constitutional law and religion. It offers a nuanced array of perspectives on various models for the treatment of religion in domestic and supranational legal orders.

Arranged into five main sections, the Handbook addresses a range of topics through the lens of comparative constitutional law, including history, concepts and theories, models of managing religion, the politics of religion, supranational constitutionalism and challenges and controversies. The contributors take an interdisciplinary approach to survey historical, legal, political and philosophical views of the contemporary multifaceted treatment of religion within the constitutional order. Chapters explore in depth the interplay between domestic, European and international law, the interaction of the traditions of the major religions with the constitutional ordering of religion and the state, as well as the key challenges brought about by the repolitizisation of religion.

This innovative Handbook will be a definitive resource for academics and students interested in religious studies, international and European Union law, international relations, comparative constitutionalism, history, legal and political theory and sociology.
Critical Acclaim
‘A comprehensive, fascinating survey which brings together leading experts working at the cutting edge of contemporary debates about comparative constitutional law and religion.’
Cécile Laborde, University of Oxford, UK

‘Deftly edited by Susanna Mancini, this volume is a great synthetic overview of some of the most important constitutional issues of our time. It will be indispensable for anyone seeking to understand the role of contemporary constitutionalism.’
– Robert Post, Yale Law School, US
Contributors include: F. Ahmed, A.A. An-Na‘im, F. Biagi, E.L. Cohen, A.M. Corrêa, N. Cox, D. Dabby, P.G. Danchin, R. de Silva-Wijeyeratne, S. Ferrari, C.M. Fombad, J.-F. Gaudreault-DesBiens, C. Joppke, R. Kapur, J. Lemaitre Ripoll, S. Mancini, R. McCrea,C. McCrudden, A.F. March, L. Ozzano, I. Rorive, M. Rosenfeld, A. Sajo, R. Sen, K. Stoeckl, G. Stopler, R. Uitz

Susanna Mancini: Comparative Constitutional Law and Religion

Part I: History, Concepts, Theories

1. Constitution and Secularism: A Western Account
Michel Rosenfeld

2. Secularism’s Others: The Legal Regulation of Religion and Hierarchy of Citizenship
Ratna Kapur

3. The Theoretical Framework of Modern Islamic Constitutionalism​
Andrew F. March

4. The Architecture of Religious Freedom as a Fundamental Right
Peter G. Danchin

Part II: Constitutional Coexistence: Models of Managing Religion and the State
5. Constitutional Patterns of Law and Religion Relations in Western Europe
Silvio Ferrari

6. Constitutionalism and Religion in Common Law North America
Dia Dabby and Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens

7. Religious Freedom in Latin American Constitutions: From Freedom from the Catholic Church to Freedom from “Gender Ideology”
Julieta Lemaitre Ripoll

8. Constitutions and Religion in Africa
Charles Manga Fombad

9. Islam, Sharia and Comparative Constitutionalism
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na‘im

10. Managing Religion and Difference: Ancient Constitutionalism in the Theravāda Buddhist Tradition and the Transformative Impact of the Modernist and Post-Colonial Turn
Roshan de Silva-Wijeyeratne

11. Constitutionalism and Religion in a Jewish and Democratic State
Gila Stopler

12. Reforming Religion: The Indian Constitution, the Courts and Hinduism
Ronojoy Sen

13. Three Models of Church-state Relations in Contemporary Russia
Kristina Stoeckl

Part III: The Constitution and Politics of Religion
14. Religion in Constitution-Making Processes: Comparative Perspectives
Francesco Biagi

15. Religion and Political Parties
Luca Ozzano

Part IV: Religion and Supranational Constitutionalism
16. Individual Religious Freedom Under the European Convention of Human Rights
András Sajó and Renáta Uitz

17. Religion in the European Union
Ronan McCrea

18. Religion and Human Rights
Christopher McCrudden

Part V: Challenges and Controversies
19. Gender Justice and Religious Freedom in the Post-Secular Age
Susanna Mancini and Elena L. Cohen

20. Religious Conscientious Objection: A Troubled Path
Isabelle Rorive and Ana Maria Corrêa

21. Constitutional Law and Islam Integration in Europe
Christian Joppke

22. Blasphemy, Freedom of Expression and the Role of Constitutional Rights: The Case of Ireland
Neville Cox

23. Pluralism and Personal Laws in India
Farrah Ahmed


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eISBN: 978 1 78643 929 1
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