Decision Making and Business Performance


Decision Making and Business Performance

9781786430151 Edward Elgar Publishing
Eric J. Bolland, Lecturer, University of Wisconsin Platteville School of Business and formerly Scholar-in-Residence and Professor, Cardinal Stritch University and Carlos J. Lopes, Assistant Professor of Economics, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and formerly Assistant Professor of Economics, Eastern Kentucky University, US
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 015 1 Extent: 224 pp
This breakthrough study examines how business decisions explain successful and unsuccessful performance. Real world and academic research is evaluated, including interviews and cases studies, to create a model of how decisions and performance are connected for businesses of all sizes. Recommendations are made to optimize decision making and projections about the future of decision making and performance are provided.

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How and to what extent do decisions affect business performance? Despite years of study by academic researchers and industry practitioners, there still remains a need to draw a clear and established connection between decision making and performance. By closely examining consequential business decisions made by key executives, this book offers a better understanding of business performance and recommendations for improved business practices.

Through the use of case studies and interviews with business leaders based on 17 theorized measures of performance, this breakthrough study not only clarifies the impact of decisions on business performance, but also defines and distinguishes decisions that lead to successful and unsuccessful performance. Recommendations are made to optimize decision making for businesses of all sizes and projections about the future of decision making and performance are provided.

This book can be used both as a reference source for academic researchers and students seeking further research on the subject, and as a practical guide for leaders and business professionals seeking advancement and better decision making within the industry.
Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Decisions 3. Performance 4. Modeling Performance and Research Approach 5. First Round Findings 6. Detailed Findings and Analysis 7. Underlying Performance Factors 8. Overall Research Conclusions 9. Recommendations for Business 10. Deciding and Performing in the Future Index

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