Elgar Encyclopedia of Labour Studies


Elgar Encyclopedia of Labour Studies

9781800377530 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Tor Eriksson, Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics and Business Economics, Aarhus University, Denmark
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 753 0 Extent: 280 pp
This authoritative Elgar Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive overview of central concepts in labour studies, and how they can be used to analyse labour markets. Examining regional and sectoral labour markets alongside the internal labour markets of firms, it clearly lays out the current state of social scientific knowledge on labour.

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This authoritative Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive overview of central concepts in labour studies, and how they can be used to analyse labour markets. Examining regional and sectoral labour markets alongside the internal labour markets of firms, it clearly lays out the current state of social scientific knowledge on labour.

Combining theoretical and empirical insights, leading scholars map the latest developments in labour economics, focusing on micro-level data and applied studies. Entries explore the definition, background, and history of key concepts in labour studies, including regional and sectoral labour markets, labour policy, different forms of labour, labour market discrimination, and the decisions facing firms concerning labour. Highlighting the most important aspects of the topics covered, this Encyclopedia gives expert insight into the steadily growing research and public policy debate on labour issues.

The Encyclopedia of Labour Studies will be an invaluable resource for academics and students of labour economics and policy, employment relations, social policy, business, and management. It will also be a useful guide for policy practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding of how labour markets function.

Key Features:

・58 extensive entries
・Accessible explanations of key social scientific terms
・Provides clear thematic grouping of entries using Journal of Economic Literature classification codes
Critical Acclaim
‘This Encyclopedia will be very useful for all those who want to understand the key issues, findings, and gaps in virtually all major topics in labour economics and related areas. Each one of its nearly 60 entries, all written by international experts in the subjects, provide succinct and focused presentations and thus very useful stepping stones into a particular theme in labour studies.’
– Pedro Martins, Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal

‘This Encyclopedia presents a broad selection of what labor studies has to offer, combining basic theory, empirical evidence, and policy implications of more than 50 topics. Entries are presented in an accessible manner, making this suitable for ambitious students and others who want to catch up on topics in the field.’
– Maria Stanfors, Lund University, Sweden

''This brand new Encyclopedia edited by Tor Eriksson offers tremendous insights into labor economics, as well as essential issues of employment relations and human resource management.’
– Christian Grund, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

‘This book includes a set of thorough surveys by leading researchers in each field. The reader can catch up to the frontier of the topic in the quickest way possible. As a researcher studying the labor market of Japan, I found the chapter on this issue particularly useful.’
– Daiji Kawaguchi, University of Tokyo, Japan
Contributors: Davit Adunts, Ali Ahmed, Uschi Backes-Gellner, Erling Barth, Pieter Bevelander, Jo Blanden, Uwe Blien, Niels-Hugo Blunch, Michael Bognanno, René Böheim, István Boza, Alex Bryson, Franz Buscha, Diane Charlton, Gary Charness, Martin J. Conyon, Michael Cooper, Monica Costa Dias, Jed DeVaro, Matthew Dickson, Peter Dolton, Nick Drydakis, Dominik H. Enste, Tor Eriksson, Anders Forslund, John Forth, Anders Frederiksen, Michael J. Gibbs, Francis Green, Andries de Grip, Holger Görg, Mats Hammarstedt, Robert A. Hart, Wolter Hassink, John S. Heywood, Boris Hirsch, Pekka Ilmakunnas, Elke J. Jahn, Uwe Jirjahn, Ryo Kambayashi, Takao Kato, John Kennan, Morris Kleiner, Sarosh C. Kuruvilla, Patrick Lehnert, Claudio Lucifora, Dominique Meurs, Jaime Ortega, Jan C. van Ours, Hideo Owan, Lia Pacelli, Saumik Paul, Gerard A. Pfann, Mariola Pytlikova, J. Lucas Reddinger, Kathryn L. Shaw, Robert Simmons, Alexandra Spitz-Oener, Leslie S. Stratton, Paulino Maria Freitas Teixeira, Ioannis Theodissou, Roope Uusitalo, Juuso Vanhala, Marie Claire Villeval

Introduction to the Elgar
Encyclopedia of Labour Studies x
Tor Eriksson
1 Active Labour Market Policies 1
Anders Forslund
2 African Labor Markets 5
Niels-Hugo Blunch
3 Agricultural Labor Markets 9
Diane Charlton
4 Apprenticeships 14
Uschi Backes-Gellner and
Patrick Lehnert
5 Beveridge Curve,
Matching Functions 19
Juuso Vanhala
6 Dynamic Employment
Adjustment of Firms 24
Gerard A. Pfann
7 Early Retirement 27
René Böheim
8 Employee ownership 30
Takao Kato
9 Employer and employee learning 35
Jaime Ortega
10 Employer Search 38
Jan C. van Ours
11 Employment Protection
Legislation Impacts 42
Paulino Maria Freitas Teixeira
12 Executive Compensation 46
Martin J. Conyon
13 Firms and Wages 52
István Boza
14 Footballers’ Labour Market 57
Robert Simmons
15 Global Value Chains and
Employment Relations 61
Sarosh C. Kuruvilla
16 HRM Practices and Productivity 66
Kathryn L. Shaw
17 Intergenerational Income Mobility 71
Jo Blanden
18 International Migration 75
Mariola Pytlikova and Davit Adunts
19 Japanese Labor Market 81
Ryo Kambayashi
20 Job Design 84
Michael J. Gibbs
21 Job Insecurity 89
Francis Green
22 Job Satisfaction 93
John S. Heywood
23 Jobs, Tasks, Authority 97
Alexandra Spitz-Oener
24 Labor Income Share 101
Saumik Paul
25 Labour Market
Discrimination: Ethnicity
and Race 104
Mats Hammarstedt and Ali Ahmed
26 Labour Market
Discrimination: Gender 107
Dominique Meurs
27 Labor Market
Discrimination: Method
and Measurement 111
Ali Ahmed and Mats Hammarstedt
28 Labor Market
Discrimination: Sexual Orientation 115
Nick Drydakis
29 Labour Market Integration
of Immigrants 120
Pieter Bevelander
30 Labour Supply and Taxes 123
Monica Costa Dias
31 Monopsonistic Labour Markets 129
Boris Hirsch and Elke J. Jahn
32 Non-Financial Motivation
in the Workplace 133
Gary Charness, Michael Cooper
and J. Lucas Reddinger
33 Non-Wage Labour Costs 140
Robert A. Hart
34 Occupational Licensing 144
Morris Kleiner
35 Outsourcing, Consequences
for Employees 148
Holger Görg
36 Payroll Taxes: Incidence
and Employment Effects 153
Roope Uusitalo
37 Performance Evaluations 157
Anders Frederiksen
38 Performance Feedback:
Cognitive and Motivational Effects 160
Marie Claire Villeval
39 Performance Pay:
Consequences on Workers’ Health 164
Ioannis Theodissou
40 Performance Related Pay
and Performance 171
Tor Eriksson
41 Promotion Tournaments 176
Michael Bognanno
42 Public Sector Labor Markets 180
Claudio Lucifora
43 Recruitment: Internal or External? 185
Jed DeVaro
44 Regional Labour Markets 189
Uwe Blien
45 Returns to Education 194
Franz Buscha and Matthew Dickson
46 Shadow Economy Labour Markets 199
Dominik H. Enste
47 Skill-Biased Technological
Change 203
Pekka Ilmakunnas
48 Skills acquisition:
workplace learning and
workers’ productivity 206
Andries de Grip
49 Strikes and Conflict Mediation 210
John Kennan
50 Team Productivity 213
Hideo Owan
51 Temporary Jobs 218
Lia Pacelli
52 Unemployment: Duration,
Incidence 222
Tor Eriksson
53 Unpaid Work 226
Leslie S. Stratton
54 Wage Bargaining Institutions 231
Erling Barth
55 Worker Representation 235
Alex Bryson and John Forth
56 Working Hours 240
Peter Dolton
57 Workplace Sickness Absence 245
Wolter Hassink
58 Works Councils 249
Uwe Jirjahn

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