Foreign Operation Methods


Foreign Operation Methods

Theory, Analysis, Strategy, Second Edition

2nd edition

9781783475759 Edward Elgar Publishing
The late Lawrence S. Welch, formerly Professor, Melbourne Business School, Australia, Gabriel R.G. Benito, Professor, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway and Bent Petersen, Professor of International Business, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78347 575 9 Extent: 496 pp
The choice of foreign operation methods, whether they are used singly or in combination, is a critical question for internationalising companies. This thoroughly updated edition of a successful text provides comprehensive coverage of the main tools companies use in seeking to penetrate foreign markets – covering investment, exporting and contractual arrangements such as franchising and management contracts. An important feature of this book is its thorough overview of theoretical and strategic perspectives such as mode packaging, mode switching and mode flexibility and will be invaluable for final year undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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Presenting a clear and instructive toolkit for upper level undergraduate and postgraduate students to successfully understand and analyse foreign operation methods, this revised second edition brings up to date its unparalleled coverage with new theoretical and empirical research and the latest company case material. As experts in the field, the authors share their wealth of international knowledge to give the book a strong cross-cultural appeal.

New to this edition:

• an extended analysis using new and relevant case studies for students to explore foreign operation methods in the full range of small, large and multinational firms;

• updated strategic analyses of emerging concerns, such as mode combination, flexibility and development over time;

• a thorough overview of theoretical perspectives to encourage better understanding of the ‘why, what and how’ of mode decisions; and

• an updated mode strategy section which allows you to challenge existing perspectives and research.

Influenced by the needs of the next generation of international business, management and marketing students, this second edition provides the most comprehensive coverage of foreign operation methods in current literature, and will be an excellent introduction to the nature and range of mode options available to companies as they internationalise.

Critical Acclaim
‘Welch, Benito and Petersen add depth and conceptual richness
to the study of foreign operation modes.''
– Klaus E. Meyer, Journal of International Business Studies

‘New forms of international venturing continue to emerge but these necessarily involve adaptations on exchange through the market and hierarchies, and by contracting. In this edition of Foreign Operation Methods, Welch and his co-authors present to a wide audience of practitioners, policy makers, scholars and students a comprehensive compilation of theoretical perspectives, descriptive expositions of a multitude of modes of operation, and importantly, strategic perspectives on mode changes and combinations as the firm’s internationalisation evolves. This is the most complete book available on this topic written by scholars and accessible to all.’
– Peter Liesch, The University of Queensland, Australia

‘This is an important book. Many of us have a remarkably narrow view of what foreign operation methods entail. Now we can be exposed to the full range of operation methods in use today, as this book takes us well beyond entry modes. It explains longitudinal method use where change is the norm rather than the exception. If you have time to read only one book on foreign operation methods, this is the one!’
– Rebecca Piekkari, Aalto University, Finland
Contents: Preface PART I INTRODUCTION AND THEORY 1. Introduction 2. Theoretical approaches PART II MODES OF OPERATION 3. Franchising 4. Licensing 5. Management contracts 6. International outsourcing 7. Project operations 8. Exporting 9. Alliances 10. Foreign direct investment PART III STRATEGIES 11. Mode switching and stretching strategies 12. Mode combination strategies 13. Mode flexibility strategies PART IV CONCLUSION 14. Conclusion Index
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