Futures Markets


Futures Markets

9781858980706 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by A.G. Malliaris, Walter F. Mullady Sr Professor of Business Administration, Department of Economics and Department of Finance, Loyola University Chicago, US
Publication Date: 1997 ISBN: 978 1 85898 070 6 Extent: 1,456 pp
This significant collection presents a compact guide to the subject of Futures Markets and will be an essential companion for students, researchers and practitioners.

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A typical market for a commodity, a service or a financial instrument can be divided into the cash market and the futures market. Futures markets are currencies by the standardization of the futures contracts and their trading in highly organized exchanges.

Futures Markets contains in three volumes the most influential articles in this field covering a broad range of topics including market characteristics, speculation, pricing, efficiency, interest rates and insurance and foreign characteristics. Important contributors to the volume include among others: Ronald J. Anderson, Eugene F. Fama, Stephen Figlewski, Paul A. Samuelson, Hans R. Stoll and Holbrook Working. As well as providing an authoritative introduction to accompany the piece, the editor has also written three extensive review articles which survey the field of futures markets.

This significant collection presents a compact guide to the subject of Futures Markets and will be an essential companion for students, researchers and practitioners.
Critical Acclaim
‘. . . a publishing bargain. The best of the literature in one convenient package is a must for financial economists and libraries, academics or corporate.’
– Business Library Review

‘. . . this set of papers will be of enormous use to those students and teachers who have access to them.’
– Christopher L. Gilbert, The Economic Journal

‘The three volumes edited by Professor Malliaris are the best compact guide to the subject of Futures Markets that I have seen. These volumes point the student and researcher to major articles in the field and then give them to him in a compact three volumes. This saves searching for both the relevant and the good articles. The choice of articles has been done with considerable care, thought and skill. It should be essential to the library of anyone interested in futures and to any microeconomist.’
– Jerome L. Stein, Brown University, US

‘The three volume set of articles on futures markets has so carefully been put together it should be required reading by all those who wish to quickly obtain comprehensive knowledge of the field. Professor A.G. Malliaris has gathered together many of the most relevant of an important and growing body of literature and, in so doing, saved the reader the arduous task of separating the gold from the gravel.’
– Anthony F. Herbst, The Journal of Financial Engineering

‘This is an outstanding compilation of some of the best articles dealing with basic and applied research on futures markets. Practitioners, legal scholars, economists, serious researchers and public policy officials will find this comprehensive three volume set a much referred to and handy guide.’
– Mark J. Powers, The Journal of Futures Markets

‘What the world needs now is a greater understanding of the cash, futures and derivatives markets. Professor A.G. Malliaris has selected the outstanding research articles for his three volume collection. These volumes will be a “five star” addition to the field.”
– Kay P. Torshen, Torshen Securities Inc., IL, US

‘After years of being relegated to arcane status, futures markets have emerged as indispensable tools for prudent risk management. Accordingly, forward-thinking futures and options strategists around the globe will find this work to be invaluable. Further, the surging interest, from within the academic community will be well served by Professor Malliaris’ compilation of reference material. In this impressive collection he has culled some of the best writing about futures trading ever assembled. Without question, this three volume set will prove to be an indispensable resource for practitioners as well as academics.’
– Patrick H. Arbor, Chicago Board of Trade
70 articles, dating from 1959 to 1993
Contributors include: E.G. Fama, K.R. French, L. Johnson, M.H. Miller, J. Stein, H. Working
Contents: Volume I: Foreword (R. Roll) Introduction Part I: Overview Part II: Early Classics Part III: Institutions Part IV: Market Characteristics Part V: Volatility Part VI: Speculation Part VII: Determinants of Hedging Index • Volume II: Part I: Pricing Part II: Efficiency Part III: Price Distributions Part IV: Chaos Part V: Theories of Hedging Part VI: Portfolio Selection with Futures Part VII: Various Markets Index • Volume III: Part I: Overview Part II: Stock Indexes Part III: Arbitrage Part IV: Portfolio Insurance Part V: Volatility and the October 1987 Crash Part VI: Interest Rates and Insurance Part VII: Foreign Currencies Name Index
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