Getting Women on to Corporate Boards


Getting Women on to Corporate Boards

A Snowball Starting in Norway

9781782547921 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Silke Machold, Leeds Beckett University, UK, Morten Huse, Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication and Culture, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway, Katrin Hansen, Westfälische Hochschule, Germany and Marina Brogi, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Economics, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Publication Date: December 2013 ISBN: 978 1 78254 792 1 Extent: 256 pp
This book provides unique insights into how the idea of quota laws to get women on to corporate boards gained international momentum from its origins in Norway. Invaluable insights are gained through the stories of actors involved in shaping the discourse and practice on women of boards.

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This book provides unique insights into how the idea of quota laws to get women on to corporate boards gained international momentum from its origins in Norway. Invaluable insights are gained through the stories of actors involved in shaping the discourse and practice on women of boards.

In exploring political contexts, the role of the advocacy movement, experiences of women directors themselves and latest research findings, the contributors provide a comprehensive overview of the rationales, processes and outcomes of formal approaches to gender diversity on boards. Drawing on insights from political, business and academic actors, the book discusses how and why the Norwegian law on gender equality on corporate boards is turning into a blueprint for action internationally.

Getting Women on to Corporate Boards will prove an invaluable resource for policy-makers, principle-setters, practitioners and students interested in the international lessons from Norway, as well as for current and potential female directors.
Critical Acclaim
''This slim but informative volume contains contributions from practitioners, policy-makers, principle-setters, advocacy groups and researchers on gender balance in the boardroom, the outcomes of the Norwegian quota law and its snowball effects in other countries. . . .The book contains personal stories and research from around the world. . . .The stories of the Norwegian pioneers were of most interest to me, providing color and a clearer picture of what was involved – more than any piece of statistical research can deliver. However, the book also has much to offer to Americans and others who must argue not for justice but bottom line performance. . . .Whether you are interested in micro or macro issues of economics, politics or justice – it delights.''
– James McRitchie,

‘This is an extremely insightful book on an important and timely topic – how to get women on to corporate boards. I am proud to have been a part of the discussion and processes presented in this book, and I am impressed by how the editors have put together a systematic and comprehensive overview of the snowball effects of the Norwegian gender balance law. This book will definitely be influential when policy-makers and politicians in various countries are considering voluntary actions or legal regulations to empower women in corporate life.’
– Kjell Magne Bondevik, Director, Oslo Centre for Peace and Human Rights and Former Prime Minister of Norway (1997–2000 and 2001–2005)

‘This book provides significant and important insight into the continuing challenge in getting more women on to corporate boards globally. Catalyst has always believed that competing in a global economy requires that companies leverage the talents of both men and women leaders. This book’s evidence-based reflections about gender balance in the boardroom, from Norway and beyond, help further the dialogue on this important business issue.’
– Ilene H. Lang, President and CEO, Catalyst
Contributors: K. Bergstø, H. Bjørkhaug, A. Bolsø, M. Brogi, A.D. Bührmann, L. Dåvøy, C. Finocchi Mahne, H. Foust-Cummings, K. Hansen, V. Heidenreich, E. Hurvenes, M. Huse, G. Ladegård, M. Lütken, S. Machold, D.P. Moore, I.R. Myhre, N.H. Nergaard, V. Reding, M. Schulz-Strelow, R. Sealy, C. Seierstad, S.Ø. Sørensen, E.G. Standal, M. Torchia, S. Vinnicombe, D. Weber-Rey, C. Wetli, T. Widvey

Morten Huse and Marina Brogi

1. The Political Process Behind the Gender Balance Law
Morten Huse

2. Women on Board
Laila Dåvøy

3. Women Mean Business: Why and How Norway Legislated Gender Balance on the Boards of Listed Companies
Kirsti Bergstø

4. Concluding Remarks to Part I
Morten Huse

5. Institutionalizing Women’s Representation on Boards: An Introduction to the Advocacy Movement
Silke Machold

6. Competence at Board Level: The Norwegian Case
Elbjørg Gui Standal

7. Professionalizing Boards: The Work of the Professional Boards Forum
Elin Hurvenes

8. The Swiss Case of Women on Boards of Directors
Christine Wetli

9. Boards and Role Models for Supporting the Climb Upwards: Italy and Women Corporate Directors (WCD)
Cristina Finocchi Mahne

10. Research and Considerations Regarding Women on Boards
Heather Foust-Cummings

11. Concluding Remarks to Part II
Silke Machold

12. Characteristics and Background of the Norwegian Women Directors
Morten Huse

13. Stories from Four Norwegian Multi-board Women
Nini Høegh Nergaard, Merete Lütken, Thorhild Widvey, Ingvild Ragna Myhre and Morten Huse

14. Concluding Remarks to Part III
Morten Huse

15. Women on Boards: What We Know, What We Do Not Yet Know and How We Should Further Advance Knowledge
Katrin Hansen

16. Women on Boards: The United States in a Global Comparison
Dorothy Perrin Moore

17. Consequences of the Norwegian Gender Quota Regulation for Public Limited Company Boards
Vibeke Heidenreich

18. Women Directors and Corporate Innovation: A Critical Mass Perspective
Mariateresa Torchia

19. Gender-balanced Corporate Boards
Agnes Bolsø, Hilde Bjørkhaug and Siri Øyslebø Sørensen

20. Gender Quotas on Corporate Boards in Norway, Necessary But Not Ideal
Cathrine Seierstad

21. Legitimacy, Inclusion and Influence: Investigating Women Directors’ Board Experiences
Gro Ladegård

22. Lessons from Previous Research on Women on Board for Future Research
Andrea D. Bührmann

23. Concluding Remarks to Part IV
Katrin Hansen

24. Policy Approaches to Gender Diversity on Boards: An Introduction to Characteristics and Determinants
Silke Machold and Katrin Hansen

25. Women on Boards: Lessons Learnt from Norway
Monika Schulz-Strelow

26. Professionalization on the Supervisory Board, Diversity and Women
Daniela Weber-Rey

27. Italy’s Lessons Learnt from Norway
Marina Brogi

28. Women on Boards in the UK: Accelerating the Pace of Change?
Ruth Sealy and Susan Vinnicombe

29. Winning the Board Game: Europe’s Economy Needs More Women in Business
Viviane Reding

30. Concluding Remarks to Part V
Katrin Hansen and Silke Machold

Katrin Hansen and Silke Machold

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