Handbook of Behavioral Industrial Organization


Handbook of Behavioral Industrial Organization

9781784718978 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Victor J. Tremblay, Elizabeth Schroeder, Carol Horton Tremblay, Department of Economics, Oregon State University, US
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78471 897 8 Extent: 480 pp
The Handbook of Behavioral Industrial Organization integrates behavioral economics into industrial organization. Chapters cover concepts such as relative thinking, salience, shrouded attributes, cognitive dissonance, motivated reasoning, confirmation bias, overconfidence, status quo bias, social cooperation and identity. Additional chapters consider industry issues, such as sports and gambling industries, neuroeconomic studies of brands and advertising, and behavioral antitrust law. The Handbook features a wide array of methods (literature surveys, experimental and econometric research, and theoretical modelling), facilitating accessibility to a wide audience.

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This Handbook presents insights from the expanding field of behavioral economics. The unique collective volume integrates behavioral concepts into the study of industrial organization to enhance understanding and interest in the subject.

The Handbook of Behavioral Industrial Organization explores critical topics such as relative thinking, salience, shrouded attributes, overconfidence, status quo bias, identity and motivated reasoning (including cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias). The chapters link these behavioral concepts to industrial organization and consider multiple industries in order to present a well-rounded and composite approach. Additional chapters focus on industry issues such as those relating to the sports and gambling industries, neuroeconomic studies of brands and advertising, and behavioral antitrust law. Throughout the Handbook, authors use a variety of research methods such as literature surveys, experimental and econometric research and theoretical modelling, making the chapters accessible to a wide audience.

Researchers, academics and economists in the fields of behavioral economics, industrial organization, regulation and consumer psychology will find this book stimulating and useful.
Contributors: O.H. Azar, J.P. Berkowitz, J.V. Butler, Y. Cao, S.M. Chowdhury, D. Coates, C.A. Depken, R. Eisenhuth, X. Gabaix, J.M. Gandar, F. Herweg, C. Horton Tremblay, B.R. Humphreys, D.R. Just, D. Laibson, E. Lukinova, S. Martin, A.A. Mazooz, D. Müller, D. Murphy, M. Myagkov, A. Neuhierl, E. Schroeder, D.F. Stone, C.H. Tremblay, V.J. Tremblay, D.E. Waldman, F. Wandschneider, P. Weinschenk, W.W. Wilson, D.H. Wood


1. Behavioral industrial organization: A synthesis of behavioral economics and industrial organization
Elizabeth Schroeder, Carol Horton Tremblay, and Victor J. Tremblay

2. Relative thinking and industrial organization: A survey
Ofer H. Azar and Amit A. Mazooz

3. Shrouded attributes, consumer myopia, and information suppression in competitive markets
Xavier Gabaix and David Laibson

4. Salience in markets
Fabian Herweg, Daniel Müller, and Philipp Weinschenk

5. Cognitive dissonance, motivated reasoning, and confirmation bias: Applications in industrial organization
Daniel F. Stone and Daniel H. Wood

6. Risk, overconfidence, and production in a competitive market
David R. Just and Ying Cao

7. Status Quo Bias
Don E. Waldman

8. Cooperation in the social domain: Prisoners’ dilemma and social interactions
Evgeniya Lukinova, Wesley W. Wilson, and Mikhail Myagkov

9. Identity and the theory of the firm
Jeffrey V. Butler

10. Casino game markets
Roland Eisenhuth, Dermot Murphy, and Andreas Neuhierl

11. One-armed bandits and behavioral economics
Jason P. Berkowitz, Craig A. Depken, II, and John M. Gandar

12. Behavioral and sports economics
Dennis Coates and Brad R. Humphreys

13. Neuroeconomic studies in industrial organization: Brand, advertising, and price effects on consumer valuation and choice
Carol Horton Tremblay

14. Antitrust and the ‘Beckerian Proposition’: The effects of investigation of fines on cartels
Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Frederick Wandschneider

15. Behavioral Antitrust
Stephen Martin


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