Handbook of Citizenship and Migration


Handbook of Citizenship and Migration

9781789903126 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Marco Giugni, Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations and Director, Institute of Citizenship Studies (InCite), University of Geneva, Switzerland and Maria Grasso, Professor of Political Science and Political Sociology, School of Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78990 312 6 Extent: 448 pp
Taking an integrated approach, this unique Handbook places the terms ‘citizenship’ and ‘migration’ on an equal footing, examining how they are related to each other, both conceptually and empirically.

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Taking an integrated approach, this unique Handbook places the terms ‘citizenship’ and ‘migration’ on an equal footing, examining how they are related to each other, both conceptually and empirically.

Expert contributors explore how citizenship and migration intersect in contemporary thinking, going beyond accounts that often treat the terms separately or simply point out the implications of one term for the other. Organised into five parts, chapters address the basic theoretical perspectives on citizenship and migration, including normative approaches, cross-national differences in citizenship regimes, and methodological issues. The Handbook then moves on to look at the three fundamental dimensions of citizenship: membership, rights, and participation. The final part discusses key contemporary challenges and future perspectives for the study of citizenship and migration.

This Handbook will be a valuable resource for scholars and students engaged in the study of citizenship, migration, public policy, human rights, sociology and political science, more broadly. Its interdisciplinary perspective and use of empirical studies will also be beneficial for practitioners and policy makers in these fields.
Critical Acclaim
‘Citizenship and migration have been increasingly important topics in academic research as well as in public discourse. This Handbook connects the two phenomena systematically, looking at migration from a citizenship perspective and examining how citizenship has been transformed through migration. It provides an excellent introduction into the state of art with regard to the membership, rights, and participation dimensions of the citizenship and migration nexus.’
– Rainer Bauböck, European University Institute, Italy and Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

''With a very well selected set of authors, who span a wide range of conceptual and empirical work on citizenship and migration, this Handbook offers an excellent one-stop resource for all advanced scholars of the subject. It captures well some of the key current debates structuring work in this ever-expanding field.''
– Adrian Favell, University of Leeds, UK

‘At a time when the interaction between citizenship and migration comes under intense scrutiny – as the pandemic forces us to rethink who can cross borders, what is the difference between a migrant and a citizen, what are the rights of each and whose work or health is more essential – this is a timely and needed Handbook offering a critical overview of the multiple intersections between migration and citizenship in theory and in real life.’
– Anna Triandafyllidou, Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada

Contributors: J.-T. Arrighi, L.M. Borrelli, S. Cattacin, A.M. Ceobanu, M. Cinalli, X. Escandell, A. Florea, F. Gamba, M. Gianni, M. Giugni, M. Grasso, L. Hadj Abdou, J.F. Hollifield, D. Jacobson, T. Janoski, E. Koning, S. Kurt, L. Lessard-Phillips, N. Lillie, W. Maas, N.C. Malancu, M. Martiniello, N. Nagai, Q. Ndomo, P. Odmalm, L. Pfirter, K. Pilati, S. Rosenberger, D. Ruedin, S. Saggar, D. Stasiulis, O. Strijbis, T. Sunier, D. Vintila, R. Vliegenthart, C. Wihtol de Wenden, M. Xenitidou, R. Zapata-Barrero

1 Citizenship and migration: mapping the terrain 1
Marco Giugni and Maria Grasso

2 Normative perspectives on citizenship and migration: the challenge of
integration into citizenship in immigration societies 21
Matteo Gianni
3 Empirical perspectives on citizenship and migration: the challenge of
capturing complexity 37
Laurence Lessard-Phillips and Nobuko Nagai
4 Citizenship models and migrant integration: rethinking the intersection
of citizenship and migrant integration through (b)ordering 52
Luca Pfirter, Lisa Marie Borrelli, Didier Ruedin and Stefanie Kurt
5 Quantitative methodological approaches to citizenship and migration 66
Natalia C. Malancu and Alexandra Florea
6 Qualitative methodological approaches to citizenship and migration 83
Maria Xenitidou

7 General perspectives on membership: citizenship, migration and the end
of liberalism 101
James F. Hollifield
8 Public attitudes toward granting citizenship status and extending rights
to immigrants in European countries 118
Alin M. Ceobanu and Xavier Escandell
9 Migrants’ economic integration: problematising economic citizenship 135
Nathan Lillie and Quivine Ndomo
10 Membership, migrants and social cohesion 149
Shamit Saggar
11 Public deliberation and political inclusion: questioning Muslim loyalty
in the Netherlands 164
Thijl Sunier

12 General perspectives: citizenship rights and migration 179
Thomas Janoski
13 Immigrants, emigrants and the right to vote: a story of double standards 195
Jean-Thomas Arrighi
14 Citizenship, refugees and migration in the European Union 211
Willem Maas
15 Social protection of migrants and citizenship rights 224
Edward Koning
16 Gender perspectives on citizenship rights and social protection for migrants 237
Daiva Stasiulis

17 General perspectives: citizenship, migration and participation 255
Katia Pilati
18 Framing citizens in the field of immigration politics 270
Rens Vliegenthart
19 Citizenship, migration and voting behavior 285
Oliver Strijbis
20 Migrants’ political participation beyond electoral arenas 304
Daniela Vintila and Marco Martiniello
21 Protest in the policy field of asylum politics 318
Leila Hadj Abdou and Sieglinde Rosenberger

22 Citizenship and migration in a globalized world 334
Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
23 The multiple dimensions of citizenship and the postnational turn 348
Manlio Cinalli and David Jacobson
24 Citizenship and migration in cities 362
Sandro Cattacin and Fiorenza Gamba
25 Populism, citizenship and migration 377
Pontus Odmalm
26 The limits of multicultural citizenship and the intercultural citizenship
post-multicultural research agenda 391
Ricard Zapata-Barrero

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