Handbook of Collaborative Public Management


Handbook of Collaborative Public Management

9781789901900 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jack Wayne Meek, Professor Emeritus of Public Administration, College of Law and Public Service, University of La Verne, US
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78990 190 0 Extent: 512 pp
This insightful Handbook presents readers with a comprehensive range of original research within the field of collaborative public management (CPM), a central area of study and practice in public administration. It explores the most important questions facing collaboration, providing insights into future research directions and new areas of study.

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This insightful Handbook presents readers with a comprehensive range of original research within the field of collaborative public management (CPM). As a central area of study and practice in public administration, the Handbook explores the most important questions facing collaboration and provides future research directions and new areas of study.

Featuring expert contributions from a diverse range of scholars, this Handbook showcases the emergence of collaborative governance research and charts connections among the multiple arenas of CPM; including public/private partnerships, emergency management and climate change management. Chapters cover the fundamental practices and limitations of CPM as well as future possibilities. Reflecting on leading theories and research, the Handbook argues that CPM is both an evolving field, as well as a varied and maturing one that is worthy of continued exploration.

The Handbook will be a valuable resource to scholars and graduate students in subjects such as public administration and public policy, who are interested in examining current research and approaches within the field. The examination of collaborative initiatives will also be beneficial to administrative leaders in public services who want to understand how to lead and manage more dynamic arrangements.
Critical Acclaim
‘At a time of growing complexity of pressing public policy problems, the authors in this book masterfully examine collaboration as a way to address those problems. The balanced and thoughtful assessments of the many facets of collaboration open doors to greater understanding concerning the what, how, and why behind the decision to collaborate. The new ideas presented here – from macro network analyses to micro examinations of how to collaborate – are a breath of fresh air. This is a “must read” for anyone interested in collaboration as a management, leadership, or policy strategy.’
– Rosemary O''Leary, University of Kansas School of Public Affairs, US
Contributors: R. Agranoff, L.B. Amsler, C. Ansel, S.F. Azim, O. Berthod, C. Bianchi, E. Boruvka, T.A. Bryer, J.B. Carr, R. Chang, L.K. Comfort, J. Dingfelder, K. Emerson, E. Eppel, L. Gerrits, M.L. Godwin, N. Kapucu, R. Keast, E.H. Klijn, C. Koliba, T.M. Koontz, J. Koppenjan, H. Lee, S. Lee, J. Li, S. McQuaid, J.W. Meek, A. Menon, G. Morçöl, T. Nabatchi, F. Naert, A.E. Ortega, S. Prysmakova-Rivera, K. Quick, M.L. Rhodes, J. Sánchez, M.D. Siciliano, E. Sorenson, M. Stout, J. Sydow, C.W. Thomas, K. Thurmaier, J. Torfing, J. Tyler, E. Walter, R. Warsen, E. Yoo, A. Zia

Preface xxvi
Acknowledgements xxix
Introduction: collaborative public management as an emergent field xxx
Jack Wayne Meek

1 Collaboration: what does it really mean? 2
Margaret Stout and Robyn Keast
2 The collaborative governance networks literature: a comprehensive and
systematic review 21
Göktuğ Morçöl, Eunsil Yoo, Shahinshah Faisal Azim, and Aravind Menon
3 Negotiation within collaborative networks 35
Elise Boruvka and Lisa Blomgren Amsler
4 Mapping the communities of practice of public administrators 51
Christopher Koliba
5 The generation and selection of diversity in collaborative processes: an
evolutionary view 69
Lasse Gerrits and Robin Chang
6 The complexity of integrating sustainability with transportation
asset management processes: governance of intergovernmental
decision-making on prioritizing transportation infrastructure projects 83
Asim Zia and Christopher Koliba

7 Hybridity and the search for the right mix in governing PPP collaboration 97
Erik Hans Klijn, Joop Koppenjan, and Rianne Warsen
8 Collaborative governance of freshwater 113
Elizabeth Eppel and Jackie Dingfelder
9 Collaborative emergency management: effectiveness of emergency
management networks 130
Jenna Tyler and Naim Kapucu
10 A ‘Key Actors Governance Framework’ (KAGF) for nature-based
solutions to societal challenges 148
Siobhan McQuaid, Mary Lee Rhodes and Aitziber Egusquiza Ortega
11 Local governments and shared services: insights on institutional
mechanisms, partners, and purpose 163
Jun Li, José Sánchez, Jered B. Carr, Michael D. Siciliano
12 Who will risk interlocal collaboration? 180
Evan Walter and Kurt Thurmaier
13 Collaboration in public budgeting 197
Marcia L. Godwin
14 Democratizing network governance: the role of citizen input 212
Sofia Prysmakova-Rivera
15 From collaborative responsiveness to collaborative empowerment 225
Thomas Andrew Bryer

16 Tribal sovereignty and the limits and potential of inter-governmental
collaboration 237
Kathy Quick
17 Functional collective action dilemma and collaborative management 252
Heewon Lee
18 Collaborative governance of SDGs: a welfare economics view 266
Frank Naert
19 Limitations of collaborative public management in American fiscal federalism 283
Soomi Lee

20 Improving the use of science in collaborative governance 297
Tomas M. Koontz and Craig W. Thomas
21 Collaborating in high-reliability settings 315
Olivier Berthod and Jörg Sydow
22 Fostering sustainable community outcomes through policy networks:
a dynamic performance governance approach 333
Carmine Bianchi
23 Continuous improvement (CI) in collaborative management 357
Robert Agranoff
24 Implementation in collaboration governance 386
Tina Nabatchi and Kirk Emerson
25 The social embedding of generic governance instruments 405
Christopher Ansell, Eva Sørensen and Jacob Torfing
26 Collaborative governance under stress: limits, failure, renewal 425
Louise K. Comfort
Epilogue: the significance of collaborative public management 442
Jack Wayne Meek

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