Handbook of Inclusive Innovation


Handbook of Inclusive Innovation

The Role of Organizations, Markets and Communities in Social Innovation

9781800881327 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Gerard George, Michael Brown Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, McDonough School of Business and Director of the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative, Georgetown University, US, Ted Baker, George F. Farris Professor of Entrepreneurship, Rutgers Business School – Newark and New Brunswick, US and Honorary Professor, University of Cape Town, South Africa, Paul Tracey, Professor of Innovation and Organization, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK and Professor of Entrepreneurship, Department of Management and Marketing, University of Melbourne, Australia and Havovi Joshi, Director, Centre for Management Practice, Singapore Management University, Singapore
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 80088 132 7 Extent: 544 pp
The Handbook of Inclusive and Social Innovation: The Role of Organizations, Markets and Communities offers a comprehensive review of research on inclusive innovation to address systemic and structural issues – the “Grand Challenges” of our time. With 27 contributions from 57 scholars, the Handbook provides frameworks and insights by summarising current research, and highlights emerging practices and scalable solutions. The contributions highlight a call to action and place social impact at the heart of theory and practice. It will be an invaluable resource for academics, practitioners, and policymakers who champion social inclusion and emphasize innovative approaches to addressing sustainable development goals.

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Offering a comprehensive review of contemporary research on inclusive innovation, chapters address the systemic, structural issues that present the ‘grand challenges’ of our time. With 27 contributions from 57 expert scholars, this Handbook highlights both emerging practices and scalable solutions.

Acting as a call to action, the chapters place social impact at the heart of theory and practice, providing fresh insight into global issues and practical solutions. Organized into five distinct sections to reflect current theoretical approaches and frameworks, contributions cover social innovation in practice; community and place; systems, institutions and infrastructure; individuals, organizations and organizing, and networks and social change. This Handbook emphasizes the fundamental shift needed in management scholarship to address global problems and achieve social impact by working towards the UN''s Sustainable Development Goals.

This will be an invaluable resource for those championing social inclusion in both research and practice, including innovation researchers and management scholars more broadly.
Critical Acclaim
‘Bravo! Inclusive innovation is one of the most important topics in management research. Yet, there has been no standard reference available for mapping out the topic and providing a systematic discussion of what we know and what remains to be done. In this essential contribution, George, Baker, Tracey and Joshi have brought together many of the leading scholars on the topic and have provided a much needed overview. This will undoubtedly become the key reference in inclusive innovation.’
– Nelson Phillips, Imperial College Business School, London, UK
Contributors: T. Baker, L. Ballesteros, H. Barkema, J. Battilana, M. Besharov, Y. Bhatti, C. Busch, B. Butler, A.C. Campos Marques, M.T. Dacin, P.A. Dacin, T. Darabi, G.F. Davis, S. Dorado, E. Embry, M. Fava, P.D. Fernández, A. Florini, G. George, N. Gil, H.M. Haugh, T. Inouye, J. Jones, A.M. Joshi, H. Joshi, Y.H. Kim, M. Kimsey, A. Kourula, J. Mair, C. Marquis, A.M. McGahan, M. McLean, G. Molecke, W. Nilsson, D. Nyberg, M. O’Carroll, A.-C. Pache, A.M. Peredo, Y. Plourde, J. Prabhu, J.A. Robinson, C. Seelos, J.D. Shaw, N. Slawinski, W. Smith, D. Souder, N. Stott, H.-P. Tan, H.-X. Tan, M. Toubiana, P. Tracey, C. Tremblay, L. Vickerie-Dearman, C. Wright, J.G. York, X. Zhou, C. Zietsma


1. Inclusion and Innovation: A Call to Action
Gerard George, Ted Baker, Paul Tracey and Havovi Joshi

2. A Silent Evolution: Innovative and Inclusive Narratives on Sustainability
Ana Cristina Campos Marques

3. Climate Change and Social Innovation
Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg

4. Problem, person, and pathway: A framework for social innovators
Julie Battilana, Brittany Butler, Marissa Kimsey, Johanna Mair, Christopher Marquis and Christian Seelos

5. Inclusion and Innovation in Healthcare
Anita M. McGahan

6. How do we know when social innovation works? A review and contingency model of social impact assessment
Greg Molecke and Anne-Claire Pache

7. Indigenous Social Innovation: What Is Distinctive? And a Research Agenda
Ana María Peredo, Murdith McLean, Crystal Tremblay

8. Urban Innovation: At the nexus of urban policy and entrepreneurship
Jeffrey A. Robinson, Amol M. Joshi, Lutisha Vickerie-Dearman and Todd Inouye

9. Community social innovation: Taking a long view on community enterprise
Neil Stott, Michelle Fava and Natalie Slawinski

10. Collective Social Innovation: Leveraging Custodianship, Tradition and Place on Fogo Island
M. Tina Dacin and Peter A. Dacin

11. Coordinating Infrastructure Changes to Meet Retiring Baby Boomers’ Needs
David Souder

12. Sustainable Technology-Enabled Innovations for Ageing-in-Place:
The Singapore Example
Hwee-Pink Tan and Hwee-Xian Tan

13. How Firms Bring Social Innovation and Efficiency to the Global Effort to Recover From national uncertainty shocks
Luis Ballesteros

14. The Lack of Public Goods in Emergent Economies: A Call for Research and a Case Study of Innovative Organisational Design
Nuno Gil

15. An institutional framework to the scaling up of inclusive social innovations: the case of La Salada
Silvia Dorado and Pablo D. Fernández

16. Social Innovation as Institutional Work
Warren Nilsson

17. Challenges for Global Supply Chains and Opportunities for Social Innovation
Yong H. Kim and Gerald F. Davis

18. Emotions as the Glue, the Fuel and the Rust of Social Innovation
Charlene Zietsma and Madeline Toubiana

19. Income Inequality: Consequences and Implications for Social Innovation
Xiang Zhou and Jason D. Shaw

20. Frugal Innovation and Social Innovation: Linked Paths to Achieving Inclusion Sustainably
Yasser Bhatti and Jaideep Prabhu

21. Climate Change and Entrepreneurship
Elizabeth Embry, Jessica Jones and Jeffrey G. York

22. A Framework for Sustaining Hybridity in Social Enterprises: Combining Differentiating and Integrating
Marya Besharov, Wendy Smith and Tiffany Darabi

23. Organizing for global change
Yves Plourde

24. Collaborative Governance
Ann Florini

25. Inclusive Innovation through Alliance Networks
Arno Kourula

26. Social Entrepreneurs as Network Orchestrators: A Framework and Research Agenda on Networks and Leadership in the Context of Social Innovation
Christian Busch and Harry Barkema

27. Empowerment, Social Innovation and Social Change
Helen M Haugh and Maggie O’Carroll


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