Handbook of Policy Transfer, Diffusion and Circulation


Handbook of Policy Transfer, Diffusion and Circulation

9781789905595 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Osmany Porto de Oliveira, Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78990 559 5 Extent: 488 pp
This important Handbook brings together preeminent international scholars, sharing their comparative and international perspectives on the topic. Their original contributions cover the key issues and questions around policy transfer, diffusion and circulation research. Altogether, chapters illuminate how rich and provocative the current debate on the interpretation of how public policies travels is and the vibrancy of the area’s research within the broad planet of public policy analysis.

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This important Handbook brings together preeminent scholars, both from Global South and North, sharing their comparative and international perspectives on the topic. Their original contributions cover the key issues and questions around policy transfer research.

Offering a pluralist perspective and focusing on critical areas of research including policy transfer, diffusion, circulation and mobilities, this Handbook overcomes epistemological and methodological cleavages in the field. Opening with a series of discussions on the concepts and advancements in the study of policy transfer, the Handbook moves to an examination of agents and structures involved in the process. The Handbook also sheds light on the role of culture and context, with chapters devoted to Asian, Latin American and European particularities. Altogether, chapters illuminate how rich and provocative the current debate on the interpretation of policies moving across borders is and the vibrancy of the area’s research within the broad planet of public policy analysis.

Presenting a ground-breaking and unique contribution to the area of public policy analysis, the Handbook of Policy Transfer, Diffusion and Circulation will be a useful resource for well-established scholars, researchers, policy-makers and both post graduate and undergraduate students in this field.
Critical Acclaim
‘This very impressive collection of chapters by established and emerging scholars from different streams of policy transfer provides new insights into the mechanisms and dynamics of policy transfer. Especially important are the several chapters detailing the agents, structures, and outcomes of the travel of policies and their components across countries in the Global South and from them to the Global North.’
– Grace Skogstad, University of Toronto, Canada

‘This Handbook collects an impressive number of contributions on the state of the art in policy transfer studies. Approaching major substantive areas, methodological approaches, policy instruments and policy fields from a global perspective, the Handbook is a must-read for researchers and students of policy studies.’
– Alketa Peci, Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brazil

‘An admirably global, conceptually inclusive guide to contemporary analyses and discussions about how, why, and with what consequences policies travel. The Handbook is particularly valuable for how it highlights the contributions of Global South contexts and authors in a literature that has tended to be too Northern-focused.’
– Eugene McCann, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Contributors: Matthias Brunn, Ramona Coman, Fabrizio De Francesco, David P. Dolowitz, David Dumoulin Kervran, Magdaléna Hadjiisky, Patrick Hassenteufel, Michael Howlett, Guillermo Jajamovich, Jacint Jordana, Johanna Kuhlmann, Iara Costa Leite, Carolina Milhorance, Cecilia Osorio Gonnet, Raul Pacheco-Vega, Leslie A. Pal, Melissa Pomeroy, Osmany Porto de Oliveira, Gilles Pradeau, Jennifer Robinson, Giulia C. Romano, Eric Sabourin, Kidjie Saguin, Camila Saraiva, Kritika Sha, Gabriel Silvestre, Jennifer Spence, Diane Stone, Richard Stren, Elsa Tulmets, Laura Trajber Waisbich, Ulrike Zeigermann

Foreword xiii
Jacint Jordana
Acknowledgements xvi
1 A prelude to policy transfer research 1
Osmany Porto de Oliveira

2 Learning and transfer: who learns what from whom? 26
David P. Dolowitz
3 Mechanisms of policy transfer and policy diffusion 43
Johanna Kuhlmann
4 Translation and translators in policy transfer processes 58
Patrick Hassenteufel and Ulrike Zeigermann
5 Collaborative event ethnography as a strategy for analyzing policy
transfers and global summits 80
David Dumoulin Kervran
6 Policy mobilities as comparison: urbanization processes, repeated
instances, topologies 100
Jennifer Robinson

7 International organizations as complex agents in policy transfer processes 121
Magdaléna Hadjiisky
8 International agencies and urban policy diffusion 155
Richard Stren
9 Private consultants and policy advisory organizations: a blind spot on
policy transfer research 173
Diane Stone, Leslie A. Pal and Osmany Porto de Oliveira
10 Instrument constituency and policy transfer: how a collective actor
mediates the transnational movement of policy instruments 196
Michael Howlett and Kidjie Saguin
11 Travelling across developing countries: unpacking the role of South–
South Cooperation and civil society in policy transfer 214
Laura Trajber Waisbich, Melissa Pomeroy and Iara Costa Leite
12 Defending the realm: knowledge networks, regime maintenance and
policy transfer 237
Leslie A. Pal and Jennifer Spence

13 Understanding the role of culture in policy transfers 258
Giulia C. Romano
14 Circulations of planning ideas and urban policy mobilities in Latin America 278
Camila Saraiva, Guillermo Jajamovich and Gabriel Silvestre
15 Social policies in movement: diffusion and transfer in Latin America 298
Cecilia Osorio Gonnet
16 Policy transfer in Asia 317
Kidjie Saguin and Kritika Sha
17 Policy transfer within the European Union and beyond: Europeanization
in times of stability and crises 337
Ramona Coman and Elsa Tulmets

18 The diffusion of democratic innovations 365
Gilles Pradeau
19 Policy transfer of environmental policy: where are we now and where
are we going? Examples from water, climate, energy, and waste sectors 386
Raul Pacheco-Vega
20 Policy transfer research in the rural sector 406
Eric Sabourin and Carolina Milhorance
21 Policy transfer in the health sector 425
Matthias Brunn
22 The diffusion of regulatory governance innovations: a research synthesis 443
Fabrizio De Francesco

Index 463
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