Handbook of Political Party Funding


Handbook of Political Party Funding

9781785367960 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jonathan Mendilow, Professor of Political Science, Rider University, US and Chair of IPSA RC20, the Research Committee on Political Finance and Political Corruption and Eric Phélippeau, Professor of Political Science, Paris Nanterre University and member of the Institut des Sciences Sociales du Politique (ISP), France
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78536 796 0 Extent: 552 pp
Scrutinizing a relatively new field of study, the Handbook of Political Party Funding assesses the basic assumptions underlying the research, presenting an unequalled variety of case studies from diverse political finance systems.

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Scrutinizing a relatively new field of study, the Handbook of Political Party Funding assesses the basic assumptions underlying the research, presenting an unequalled variety of case studies from diverse political finance systems.

With contributions from both eminent international scholars and prominent representatives of the second generation of students in the field, this original and thought-provoking collection of current research updates our understanding of party funding regimes, while contributing to the re-examination of perennial and often problematic issues. It illustrates, using select empirical data, the range of alternative political finance structures, exposing both the limits of these regimes and their effects on parties, systems and on democratic competition. Offering diverse and detailed case studies, the chapters examine the stakes involved nationally, and the impact of financing on the political environment. At the same time, they present a picture of a field of study that is still establishing itself, offering direction for future research.

Students and academics of political science, public law and comparative politics will find this an essential reference for studying party funding and its wider influence. Members of political institutions and those fighting political corruption will find this an incredibly useful Handbook for understanding the positives and negatives of party funding globally
Critical Acclaim
‘This Handbook is the most important contribution over the past generation to the understanding of the role of money in politics – one of the thorniest issues for democracy today. The breadth and ambition of this book is only equaled by the rigor of the chapters, written by a stellar and global group of scholars. This is simply the best available survey of the knowledge accrued on the regulation of political finance across the world. But it is also a work of wisdom, which combines a sense of urgency with a nuanced view of political finance and the limits of regulation. This volume is destined to become a classic text in the field.’
– Kevin Casas-Zamora, Inter-American Dialogue, US

‘Money is a central part of the political process in all parts of the world, regardless of their past democratic development or current political situation. However, the dynamics of political finance vary between regions and contexts. In this excellent book, scholars examine the influence of money over politics in a wide range of countries from Lesotho to Germany, and in established democracies as well as in non-democratic states. This is essential reading for those wishing to understand more about the complex nature of money in politics today.’
– Magnus Ohman, International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)
Contributors: M.S. Blumenberg, R.G. Boatright, L. Brenez, S.-H. Chang, B.A. Dworkin, N. Evertsson, J. Fisher, A. François, A. Gupta, F. Jiménez, M.A. López Varas, D. May, I. Méndez De Hoyos, J. Mendilow, A. Meyer, K.-H. Nassmacher, H. Onken, G. Orr, E.M. Paz, M. Pelletier, É. Phélippeau, D.R. Piccio, M. Pinto-Duschinsky, V.C. Reyes Jr., G. Sandri, S.E. Scarrow, V. Shale, V. Simral, J. Smulders, H. Soo Sim, S.U. Umoh, I. Van Biezen, M. Villoria, F.C. Von Nostitz, W. Wolfs


Introduction: the Party Funding Paradox and Attempts at Solutions
Jonathan Mendilow

Part I Some issues in contention
1. Funding and Propaganda
Alix Meyer and Eric Phélippeau

2. Corporate Contributions to Electoral campaigns - The Current State of Affairs
Nubia Evertsson

3. Party Election Expenditure Election Effects: National vs. District Level and the Regulatory Challenges
Justin Fisher

4. Political Finance and the Cartel Party Thesis
Daniela R. Piccio and Ingrid Van Biezen

5. Full Public Funding: Cleaning up Parties or Parties Cleaning up?
Graeme Orr

6. Political Finance Regulation and Equality: Comparing Strategies and Impact
Susan E. Scarrow

7. Political Party Funding and the Enigma of Trust
Danielle May

8. Gated Digital Communities and the Future of Party Funding
Jonathan Mendilow

Part II. The arena of party finance
9. Like Water on Pavement: Political Fundraising at the Sub-National Level – The New Jersey Example
Benjamin A. Dworkin

10. Party Finance at the Level of the European Union - Party Finance reform to vitalize the EU’s Proto-party system?
Wouter Wolfs and Jef Smulders

11. State Funding and Party Primaries
Felix-Christopher Von Nostitz and Giulia Sandri

Section A. Party finance in developed democracies
12. Party funding in the United States
Robert G. Boatright

13. Germany: Current Issues of an Aging Party Finance Regime
Manuela S. Blumenberg, Karl-Heinz Nassmacher and Holger Onken

14. Party funding in France
Abel François, Eric Phélippeau,

15. Public Funding in Canada: Reform without Consensus
Maxime Pelletier

16. Party funding in Britain
Michael Pinto-Duschinsky

Section B. Party funding in newly democratized states
17. Party funding in South Korea
Heung Soo Sim

18. Party Funding in Spain
Fernando Jiménez and Manuel Villoria

19. Political Finance in East Central Europe
Vit Simral

20. Party Funding in Brazil Following the Re-Democratization: A Brief Critical Overview
Ezequiel Martins Paz

21. Party funding in Taiwan
Shih-Hsien Chang

Section C. Party funding in Developing Democracies
22. Party funding in India
Asha Gupta

23. Party funding in Mexico and Chile
Irma Méndez de Hoyos and Miguel Angel López Varas

24. Party funding in South Africa
Samuel Uwem Umoh

25. Political Party Funding and Regulation in Lesotho and Mozambique
Victor Shale

Section D. Party funding in countries with single party and hybrid regimes
26. The Iceberg of Political Financing in Russia (2000-2015)
Lou Brenez

27. Survival Politics and Electoral Manipulation: Singapore’s Hegemonic Party, Political Finance and the Reconstitution of the City-State
Vicente Chua Reyes Jr


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