Handbook of Research Methods for Supply Chain Management

9781788975858 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Stephen Childe, Associate Professor in Business Management and Operations, Plymouth Business School, University of Plymouth and Anabela Soares, Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Operations Management, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK
Publication Date: October 2022 ISBN: 978 1 78897 585 8 Extent: c 560 pp
Written by a panel of leading international researchers, this Handbook identifies the key topics for research in supply chain management using an innovative step-by-step approach and provides an extensive range of methodologies for researching the subjects.

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Written by a panel of leading international researchers, this Handbook identifies the key topics for research in supply chain management using an innovative step-by-step approach and provides an extensive range of methodologies for researching the subjects.

Examining the complex and fascinating process of supply chain management, chapters provide a detailed and expansive review of the wide range of research methods used to study the topic. It further investigates the key issues facing supply chains, identifying important research questions such as how to build sustainable and socially responsible supply chains as well as how to address the complexities experienced in developing and emerging economies. The breadth of the Handbook of Research Methods for Supply Chain Management allows the next generation of researchers to successfully engage with the management of supply chains.

This innovative Handbook will be an invaluable resource for research students and their supervisors, supply chain managers and anyone looking for a useful reference tool for contemporary and future challenges in supply chain management. Scholars looking for an excellent guide on research methods in supply chain management and how to identify topics for study will find this required reading.
Critical Acclaim
‘Most thorough, comprehensive, and up-to-date treatise on how to do research in supply chain management. While part 1 lays the foundation for conducting research once the topic is chosen, part 2 dwells with the topical areas that are critical and futuristic. A must guide for every researcher.’
– Mohan Gopalakrishnan, Arizona State University US

‘There has long been a need for a comprehensive reference source for all those engaged in researching supply chain management issues. This excellent Handbook amply meets that need by providing a wide-ranging review of the appropriate research methods and tools, enabling deeper insights to be achieved from the research process.’
– Martin Christopher, Cranfield University School of Management, UK
Contributors include: Johanna Amaya, Felipe Aros-Vera, Alison Ashby, Tim Baines,  David Bennett, Ali Ziaee Bigdeli, Aisling Bonner, Trevor Cadden, Maria Sameiro Carvalho, Stephen Childe, Catarina Cubo, Diane L. Denslow, John Dinwoodie, Rameshwar Dubey, Seyed Mohammad Ebrahimi, Trilce Encarnación, Andrew Fearne, Ana Cristina Fernandes, Barbara B. Flynn, Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Andrea Genovese, Larry C. Giunipero, Benjamin T. Hazen, José Holguín-Veras, Juliana Hsuan, Kawaljeet Kapoor, Felicity Kelliher, Aseem Kinra, Herbert Kotzab, Vikas Kumar, Moya Lerigo-Sampson, Lucy McCarthy, Leonardo Marques, Ahmad Rais Mohamad Mokhtar, Frank Montabon, Simon Peter Nadeem, Mohammed Naim, Giang Nguyen, Peter Nielsen, Breno Nunes, Raymond Obayi, Rui Oliveira, Mark Pagell, Laura Purvis, Diana Ramirez-Rios, Timothy Ramjaun, Carsten Reuter, Paulo Sampaio, Anna Sannö, Joseph Sarkis, Anton Shevchenko, K.T Shibin, Mike Simpson, Tammi Sinha, Anabela Soares, Anthony Soroka, Anne Touboulic, Beverly Wagner, Helen Walker, Miles Weaver, Zhaohui Wu, Qingyun Zhu

Introduction to Research Handbook of Research Methods for Supply Chain
Management xii
Anabela Soares and Stephen Childe

Introduction to Part I 2
Anabela Soares and Stephen Childe
1 The evolution of supply chain literature: key theories, concepts and
categorisations 24
Larry C. Giunipero and Diane L. Denslow
2 Systematic literature review guidelines for supply chain management research 44
Giang Nguyen, Vikas Kumar and Anabela Soares
3 Undertaking supply chain management research: philosophy and practice 70
Breno Nunes, David Bennett and Miles Weaver
4 Gaining access for data collection 85
Mike Simpson, Andrea Genovese and Ahmad Rais Mohamad Mokhtar
5 Questionnaire design in SCM research 104
Barbara B. Flynn
6 Qualitative case study research methods in supply chain management 125
Felicity Kelliher
7 Action research for supply chain management: reflections and practical guide 149
Anne Touboulic, Lucy McCarthy, Anna Sanno and Carsten Reuter
understanding and researching complex systems such as supply chains
and supply chain management 168
Tammi Sinha
9 Qualitative data analysis 186
Moya Lerigo-Sampson
10 Bayesian analysis in operations and supply chain management 201
Qingyun Zhu and Joseph Sarkis
11 Partial least squares in supply chain management: an example study on
sustainable supply chain management practices 220
K.T. Shibin, Rameshwar Dubey and Benjamin T. Hazen
12 Supply chain research – conclusions, implications and limitations 243
Peter Nielsen
13 A paper is not a little thesis! How to write a journal paper 254
Stephen Childe

Introduction to Part II 273
Anabela Soares and Stephen Childe
14 Publication Process and How to Promote Your Paper 277
Stephen Childe
15 Advanced services: new dominant logic for manufacturers 287
Ali Ziaee Bigdeli, Tim Baines and Kawaljeet Kapoor
16 Defining the supply chain quality management concept 306
Rui Oliveira, Paulo Sampaio, Catarina Cubo, Maria Sameiro Carvalho and
Ana Cristina Fernandes
17 Researching social responsibility in the supply chain context 322
Alison Ashby
18 Sustainable supply chain management and theory: taking stock and
looking ahead 338
Leonardo Marques, Anne Touboulic and Helen Walker
19 Sustainability in supply chain management 351
Anton Shevchenko, Frank Montabon, Mark Pagell and Zhaohui Wu
20 Value chain analysis: a diagnostic tool for building sustainable supply chains 367
Andrew Fearne and Beverly Wagner
21 Supply Chain Resilience – research issues in supply chains in the era of
lean and local production 389
Laura Purvis, Mohammed Naim, Anthony Soroka and Timothy Ramjaun
22 Supply chain research issues in developing and emerging industrial economies 403
Breno Nunes and David Bennett
23 Global supply chain configurations using environmental complexity
dimensions: an ontological examination 423
Aseem Kinra, Juliana Hsuan and Herbert Kotzab
24 Circular economy and supply chain management 436
Simon Peter Nadeem, Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes and Vikas Kumar
25 Supply chain systems: life cycle thinking and analysis 447
Raymond Obayi and Seyed M Ebrahimi
26 Physical distribution in international and maritime supply chains: some
current issues and future research directions 467
John Dinwoodie
27 Research needs in disaster response logistics 480
José Holguín-Veras, Trilce Encarnación, Diana Ramirez-Rios, Johanna
Amaya and Felipe Aros-Vera
28 Culture in buyer–supplier relationships in a supply chain 495
Trevor Cadden and Aisling Bonner

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