Handbook of Research Methods in Careers


Handbook of Research Methods in Careers

9781788976718 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Wendy Murphy, Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Professor of Organizational Behavior and Jennifer Tosti-Kharas, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Management Division, Babson College, US
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78897 671 8 Extent: 352 pp
This Handbook of Research Methods in Careers serves as a comprehensive guide to the methodologies that researchers use in career scholarship. Presenting detailed overviews of methodologies, contributors offer numerous actionable best practices, realistic previews, and cautionary tales based on their vast collective experience of research in the discipline. 

This title contains one or more Open Access chapters.

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Critical Acclaim
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This Handbook of Research Methods in Careers serves as a comprehensive guide to the methodologies that researchers use in career scholarship. Presenting detailed overviews of methodologies, contributors offer numerous actionable best practices, realistic previews, and cautionary tales based on their vast collective experience of research in the discipline. 

Chapters showcase diverse and interdisciplinary approaches to studying careers across the spectrum of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Providing an in-depth illustration of established methods and current trends in careers research, this Handbook brings together top international authors to discuss the opportunities and limitations of both design and analysis choices.
Offering cutting-edge methods from established and emerging experts, this Handbook is crucial reading for scholars at all levels who are currently studying, or wish to study, careers. It will also be useful for institutions coordinating large research projects on careers, as well as consultants and organizational psychologists providing research support for employee development.
Critical Acclaim
‘Comprised of fifteen erudite articles organized into three major sections, Handbook of Research Methods in Careers must be considered an unreservedly recommended and core addition to personal, professional, corporate, college and university library Human Resources & Personnel Management reference collections and supplemental studies curriculums.’
– James A Cox, Midwest Book Review

‘The Handbook of Research Methods in Careers is a marvel! Editors Wendy Murphy and Jennifer Tosti-Kharas have cleverly organized insights from leading scholars in the careers field to provide a road-map for conducting meaningful research. Each chapter highlights key research issues ranging from how to conduct in-depth interviews to text mining to measuring career constructs. This first-of-its-kind Handbook offers actionable advice on how to avoid errors, details best practices, and discusses innovations in studying careers. The Handbook of Research Methods in Careers is a thought-provoking volume that new and experienced scholars will return to again and again for its comprehensive coverage and realistic recommendations on how to conduct high-quality research.’
– Sherry E. Sullivan, Bowling Green State University, US

‘The careers field encompasses a broad scholarly territory, spanning many disciplines in the social sciences. The methodologies employed in this literature cover a correspondingly broad landscape, from large-scale multi-country surveys to the closely-analyzed accounts of individual narratives and using techniques both quantitative and qualitative, cross-sectional and longitudinal. This book will be a valuable resource for careers scholars. It tells stories about doing career research, it instructs the reader in a wide range of career research methodologies, and it encourages researchers both recently-arrived in the field and long-established to try approaches that are new to them. Like all good accounts, its authors talk about both their successes and their failures, providing wonderful examples of research from which we can all learn. The careers field has been waiting for a book about research methods for a long time, so it is good to see that it has at last arrived.’
– Hugh Gunz, University of Toronto, Canada
Contributors: Jos Akkermans, Mark Bailey, Yehuda Baruch, Janine Bosak, Jon P. Briscoe, Julie Brückner, Matej Černe, Samuel Clegg, Suzanne Crane, Allison Creed, Suzanne C. de Janasz, Michael Dickmann, Shoshana R. Dobrow, Paul Doyle, Katarzyna Dziewanowska, Holly Slay Ferraro, Rajashi Ghosh, Kerry Roberts Gibson, Danna Greenberg, Douglas T. Hall, Brian Harney, Gregory Hennessy, Joeri Hofmans, Robert Kaše, A. Julie Katz, Gábor Kismihók, Ilsang Ko, Vladimer B. Kobayashi, Colin I.S.G. Lee, Ague Manongsong, Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Jessica R. Methot, Katarina K. Mihelič, Stefan T. Mol, Wendy Murphy, Aimilia Mylona, Susan Nacey, Sanne Nijs, Susan O’Donnell, Janneke K. Oostrom, Emma Parry, Alison Pearce, Peter Pease, Rose Quan, Bert Schreurs, Scott E. Seibert, Alireza Shokri, Dimitra Skoumpopoulou, Brenda Stalker, Huan Sun, Jennifer Tosti-Kharas, Jose Aldo Valencia Hernandez, Viktoriya Voloshyna, Jarno Vrolijk, Hannah Weisman, Bart Wille, Szu-Hsin Wu, Jeffrey Yip, Jelena Zikic

Introduction to the Handbook of Research Methods in Careers 1
Wendy Murphy and Jennifer Tosti-Kharas
1 Mapping methods in careers research: a review and future
research agenda 9
Jos Akkermans, Colin I.S.G. Lee, Sanne Nijs, Aimilia Mylona, and
Janneke K. Oostrom

2 Constructs in careers research: an overview of the multiple
constructs and challenges in the careers domain 34
Yehuda Baruch
3 The 5C Group: developing and sustaining a cross-cultural team 55
Jon P. Briscoe, Michael Dickmann, Douglas T. Hall, Emma Parry,
and Wolfgang Mayrhofer
4 Managing a mega-project to explore and enhance careers:
insights from Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3 73
Alison Pearce, Brian Harney, Mark Bailey, Katarzyna
Dziewanowska, Janine Bosak, Peter Pease, Brenda Stalker, Dimitra
Skoumpopoulou, Paul Doyle, Samuel Clegg, Alireza Shokri, Suzanne
Crane, Susan O’Donnell, Rose Quan, Ilsang Ko, Katarina K.
Mihelič, Robert Kaše, Matej Černe, Julie Brückner, John McMackin,
Szu-Hsin Wu, Jose Aldo Valencia Hernandez, and Huan Sun
5 Career decision making 103
Gregory Hennessy and Jeffrey Yip
6 Designing and studying mentoring programs: review and discussion 120
Rajashi Ghosh and Ague Manongsong

7 Text mining in career studies: generating insights from
unstructured textual data 139 Open Access Chapter
Vladimer B. Kobayashi, Stefan T. Mol, Jarno Vrolijk and
Gábor Kismihók
8 Only time will tell: conducting longitudinal research on careers 164
Shoshana R. Dobrow and Hannah Weisman
9 The role of social networks in contemporary careers 191
Jessica R. Methot and Scott E. Seibert
10 Multilevel modeling for careers research 210
Bert Schreurs, Joeri Hofmans and Bart Wille

11 Engaging grounded theory research to study careers: attending
to the relational tensions 236
Kerry Roberts Gibson and Danna Greenberg
12 Using in-depth interviews in careers research 255
Suzanne C. de Janasz and A. Julie Katz
13 Careers, identities and institutions: the promise of narrative
analysis 267
Holly Slay Ferraro
14 Qualitative and quantitative examination of metaphorical
language use in career-life preparedness 283
Allison Creed and Susan Nacey
15 Mixed methods in careers research: contradictory paradigms
or desired approach? 299
Jelena Zikic and Viktoriya Voloshyna

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