Handbook of Research Methods in Organizational Change


Handbook of Research Methods in Organizational Change

9781800378513 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by David B. Szabla, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology, Western Michigan University, US, David Coghlan, Professor Emeritus, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, William Pasmore, Professor of Practice, Teachers College, Columbia University and Jennifer Y. Kim, Assistant Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine, Center for the Study of Drug Development, US
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 851 3 Extent: 552 pp
The Handbook of Research Methods in Organizational Change offers innovative and practical information to aid in the successful implementation of research methodologies. Written by a collective of experienced scholars, it provides inspiration for future academics wishing to advance research into human system changes.

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The Handbook of Research Methods in Organizational Change offers innovative and practical information to aid in the successful implementation of research methodologies. Written by a collective of experienced scholars, it provides inspiration for future academics wishing to advance research into human system changes.

Presenting traditional, modern and potential future research methods within the field of organizational change and development, the Handbook offers practical guidance on how to carry out a wide range of different research methods, from rapid response to action research. Chapters explore the methods aligned with the phenomena of organizational change, as well as the various ontologies, epistemologies, frameworks, and values that researchers of organizational change adopt. The Handbook ultimately calls for the discipline to challenge existing paradigms and rethink its approaches to advancing knowledge regarding organizational change.

This stimulating Handbook will be valuable for students and scholars of business and innovation hoping to conduct research into what transformational change on such a grand scale requires. Its expert insights will also be beneficial for scholars of interconnected disciplines such as sociology and psychology.
Critical Acclaim
‘With their invitation to revitalize how we research change, this edited volume by David Szabla, David Coghlan, Bill Pasmore, and Jennifer Kim challenges all of us to think and rethink a pathway forward on perpetual research method questions (and problems.) As a practical, useful, and timely addition to what we often think we know and what we already do, the volume is just what is needed as the world deals with even more change and turbulence in the current organizational and societal climate. Whether you are a serious scholar, a pragmatic practitioner, or anything in between, the topics raised speak to how our work can engage and lead conversations on researching change and its practice.’
– Gavin Schwarz, UNSW Sydney, Australia

‘Given the rapidly escalating call for evidence-based knowledge in management and organizations, the Handbook of Research Methods in Organizational Change could not have come at a more crucial time. This is especially the case for research-based understanding of organization change, where fads, testimonials, and opinions have long steered knowledge in the field. The Handbook offers a comprehensive and up-to-date account of research methods for developing valid knowledge of all stages and facets of organization change. I heatedly applaud the Handbook contributors for bringing the organization change field onto more solid evidence-based footing.’
– Thomas G. Cummings, USC Marshall School of Business, US
Contributors: Julie Bayle-Cordier, Marc Bonnet, William Brock, Anthony F. Buono, Sophia-Jeanne Caring, David Coghlan, Joshua Elmore, Leonardo Fernandes Martin, Tobias Fredberg, Margaret Gearty, Agathe Gilain, Armand Hatchuel, David A. Jarrett, Jacqueline D. Jenkins, Caroline Jobin, Jennifer Y. Kim, Regina Kim, Pascal Le Masson, Susan Long, John Loonam, Michael R. Manning, Joe McDonagh, Flemming Norgren, Debra A. Noumair, Donna L. Ogle, William Pasmore, Johanna E. Pregmark, Elaine Rabelo Neiva, Henri Savall, Deepak Saxena, Zhida Shang, Abraham (Rami) B. Shani, Inger Stensaker, David B. Szabla, Yunzi (Rae) Tan, Ramkrishnan (Ram) V. Tenkasi, Maxime Thomas, William R. Torbert, Chipten Valibhay, Benoit Weil, Véronique Zardet

1 An invitation to revitalize research into organizational change 2
William Pasmore and David B. Szabla

2 Action research as the social science of change and changing 19
David Coghlan
3 Conducting processual research on organisation change 47
Deepak Saxena and Joe McDonagh
4 The grounded theory methodology: over fifty years of inquiry! 69
John Loonam
5 Longitudinal research methods for studying processes of organizational change 88
Elaine Rabelo Neiva and Leonardo Fernandes Martins

6 Psychoanalytic and socioanalytic approaches to organizational change research 124
Susan Long
7 Qualimetric intervention-research as an approach to studying
organizational change 150
Henri Savall, Véronique Zardet, Marc Bonnet, and Anthony F. Buono
8 Collaborative management research: theoretical foundations,
mechanisms and practices 172
Abraham (Rami) B. Shani
9 Learning history: engaging multiple perspectives for learning 194
Margaret Gearty
10 Principles for productive inquiry into ICT-enabled change in organisations 221
Joe McDonagh
11 Using participatory mixed methods to study “grand challenges”: an
illustrative case of diversity, equity, and inclusion change research in
organizations 242
Regina Kim and Yunzi (Rae) Tan

12 Conducting phenomenon-driven rapid-response research to explore
disruption and its impact on the minority experience 261
Jennifer Y. Kim and Zhida Shang
13 Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry: a new paradigm for
leadership and organizational change research 281
William R. Torbert and Sofia-Jeanne Caring
14 Advancing Strong Structuration Theory in organizational change research 299
David B. Szabla and David A. Jarrett
15 Design science for organizational change: how design theory uncovers
and shapes generativity logics in organizations 327
Pascal Le Masson, Agathe Gilain, Armand Hatchuel, Caroline Jobin, Maxime
Thomas, Chipten Valibhay, and Benoit Weil
16 Longitudinal designs, Big Data, and social network analysis in
organization development and change research 355
Ramkrishnan (Ram) V. Tenkasi, William (Bart) Brock, and Donna L. Ogle
17 X-Ray Vision: a research tool for uncovering system psychodynamics
to advance organization change 397
Debra A. Noumair and Jacqueline D. Jenkins
18 Applying data science in organizational change research 431
Joshua Elmore

19 Ethical dilemmas in collaborative action research 452
Tobias Fredberg and Johanna E. Pregmark
20 Reflections on the identity journey of a budding organizational change
scholar or insights on constructing a meaningful research path and life 467
Julie Bayle-Cordier
21 Reflections on guiding doctorates in organizational change 486
David Coghlan and Jennifer Y. Kim

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