Handbook of Research Methods on Gender and Management


Handbook of Research Methods on Gender and Management

9781788977920 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Valerie Stead, Professor of Leadership and Management, Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster University, Carole Elliott, Professor of Organization Studies, Sheffield University Management School, The University of Sheffield and Sharon Mavin, Professor of Leadership and Organization Studies, Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle University, UK
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78897 792 0 Extent: 352 pp
This timely Handbook of Research Methods on Gender and Management exemplifies the multiplicity of gender and management research and provides effective guidance for putting methods into practice.

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This timely Handbook of Research Methods on Gender and Management exemplifies the multiplicity of gender and management research and provides effective guidance for putting methods into practice.
Through a range of international perspectives, contributors present an essential resource of diverse research methods, including illustrative examples from corporate, public and entrepreneurial sectors. Chapters offer clear guidance, considering opportunities and challenges of differing approaches to research and exploring their ethical implications in practice. Outlining autoethnographical, practical, critical and methodological approaches to research, the Handbook illustrates a broad base from which to build a research project in gender and management.
This cutting-edge Handbook is crucial reading for scholars of gender and management, highlighting useful methods and practices for accessing key scholarly insights. It will also benefit graduate students in need of a guided entry into the field of gender and management.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Handbook fills a much needed gap in methods and methodologies for those engaged in gender and intersectionality research in management studies. The contents cover traditional and novel approaches for those interested in giving voice to equity deserving groups who are overlooked, invisible and marginalized in management studies. It is a must have resource for all gender scholars.’
– Gina Grandy, University of Regina, Canada

‘Professors Stead, Elliott and Mavin have brought together numerous leaders in the field of gender in management to create an excellent understanding of the interdisciplinary and complex nature in conducting gender and management research. This welcomed and innovative Handbook delivers a range of methods that capture and provide critical insights to help our comprehension of gendered behaviours and practices. An extremely valuable addition to the field of gender and management.’
– Adelina Broadbridge, University of Stirling, UK
Contributors: Jouharah M. Abalkhail, Sophie Alkhaled, Anita Biressi, Jeremy W. Bohonos, Jamie L. Callahan, Jennifer Chisholm, Joshua C. Collins, Hannah Dean, Allan Discua Cruz, Carole Elliott, Hayley Finn, Rita A. Gardiner, Caroline Gatrell, Mark Gatto, Elisabeth Anna Guenther, Cécile Guillaume, Eleanor Hamilton, Maylon Hanold, Anne Laure Humbert, Sarah L. Jack, Juanita Johnson-Bailey, Patricia Lewis, Natasha S. Mauthner, Sharon Mavin, Farooq Mughal, Saoirse O’Shea, Aaron Page, Alexia Panayiotou, Lara Pecis, Sophie Pochic, Mayra Ruiz Castro, Ruth Sealy, Valerie Stead, Lorna Stevenson

Introduction to the Handbook of Research Methods on Gender and
Management 1
Valerie Stead, Carole Elliott and Sharon Mavin

1 A scholarly journey to autoethnography: a way to understand,
survive and resist 10
Juanita Johnson-Bailey
2 Autoethnography in qualitative studies of gender and management 25
Saoirse O’Shea
3 Autoethnography in qualitative studies of gender and
organization: a focus on women successors in family businesses 38
Allan Discua Cruz, Eleanor Hamilton and Sarah L. Jack

4 Focus group use in gender research aimed at program innovation 57
Maylon Hanold
5 Using oral history and archival research to advance gender
studies in management and organisational studies 71
Hannah Dean and Lorna Stevenson
6 Translating gender policies into practice: mapping ruling
relations through institutional ethnography 86
Rita A. Gardiner, Jennifer Chisholm and Hayley Finn
7 Participant observation in gender and management research 101
Farooq Mughal, Valerie Stead and Caroline Gatrell
8 Gendered encounters in a postfeminist context: researcher
identity work in interviews with men and women leaders in
the City of London 115
Patricia Lewis
9 Being ‘native’: insider research in qualitative studies of gender
and management 130
Jouharah M. Abalkhail
10 Data with a (feminist) purpose: quantitative methods in the
context of gender, diversity and management 145
Anne Laure Humbert and Elisabeth Anna Guenther
11 Topic modelling: a method for analysing corporate gender
diversity statements 161
Aaron Page and Ruth Sealy

12 Exposing interpellation with dystopian fiction: a critical
discourse analysis technique to disrupt hegemonic masculinity 182
Mark Gatto and Jamie L. Callahan
13 Media semiotics: analysing the myth of the corporate superwoman 202
Anita Biressi
14 Intersectional reflexivity: using intersectional reflexivity as
a means to strengthen critical autoethnography 214
Mayra Ruiz Castro

15 Visual research as a method of inquiry for gender and organizations 232
Alexia Panayiotou
16 Understanding the underrepresentation of women in union
leadership roles: the contribution of a ‘career’ methodology 249
Cécile Guillaume and Sophie Pochic
17 Phenomenology and autoethnography as potential
methodologies for exploring masculinity in organizations,
communities and society 265
Joshua C. Collins and Jeremy W. Bohonos
18 Concept as method: ethnography in a posthumanist world 281
Lara Pecis
19 Using the Listening Guide to analyse stories of female
entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia: a diffractive methodology 295
Natasha S. Mauthner and Sophie Alkhaled

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