Handbook of Territorial Politics


Handbook of Territorial Politics

9781784718763 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Klaus Detterbeck, Senior Researcher, Institute of Political Science, Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany and Eve Hepburn, Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh’s Europa Institute, Founding Chief Executive of Fearless Femme and Founding Director of PolicyScribe, UK
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78471 876 3 Extent: 432 pp
The study of territorial politics has enjoyed a renaissance in the last thirty years. Scholars have questioned the state-centric assumptions upon which mainstream social science has been built, pointing to the territorial (re)distribution of power across and within states.

This Handbook brings together leading scholars to demonstrate how territory has shaped institutional structures, public policies, elections, political parties, and identity across the world. Offering theoretical, comparative and empirical insights, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of territory on modern political, economic and social life.

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Territory continues to be an essential part of modern political discussion, evidenced in the recent decentralization of state structures and rise of sub-state nationalist and regionalist parties. With extensive empirical evidence alongside contemporary theory, this multidisciplinary Handbook makes the case for an outright rejection of state-centric views on territorial politics.

Original research by political scientists, geographers, sociologists, lawyers, historians and public policy specialists demonstrates how territory continues to have an impact across institutional and political structures, as well as on culture, identity and citizenship. Over four sections, contributions cover institutions and ideas; elections and political parties; public policy concerns; and geographical perspectives, including conflict resolution and gendered approaches to territorial politics. With perspectives from European, North American, Sub-Saharan African, South Asian and Australasian case studies, Klaus Detterbeck and Eve Hepburn provide a state-of-the-art international Handbook of Territorial Politics.

Incorporating public policy, comparative politics, multilevel governance and political geography, this Handbook provides scholars and students with a compelling collection on territorial politics that will prove invaluable.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Handbook is definitely a must read both for students and scholars of territorial politics.’
– Kévin Vercin, European Review of International Studies

‘This book is an important contribution to the field, bringing together
some of the most prominent thinkers in this field. The book will be a valuable addition for established scholars seeking an overview of the field to keep within arm’s reach, as well as postgraduate students working to get to grips on the latest thinking and ideas as they embark upon their research. Lecturers might also find the individual chapters useful for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, as they provide up-to-date and accessible discussions of some of the key issues.’
– Coree Brown-Swan, Regional & Federal Studies

‘For a long time neglected, territorial politics has become a wide, differentiated and dynamic area of contemporary social science. This Handbook containing excellent articles by renowned scholars provides a concise overview of relevant topics, approaches, findings and research prospects. It is a valuable compendium for students and academics.’
– Arthur Benz, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

‘An odyssey through the kaleidoscope of territory, a journey to the essence of power and its organization. The most complete and updated anthology of territorial politics.’
– Francesco Palermo, Institute for Comparative Federalism, Italy and IACFS
Contributors: I. Adam, J. Agnew, P. Anderson, N. Aroney, N. Behnke, D. Béland, N. Bolleyer, C. Colino, L. de Winter, K. Detterbeck, J. Erk, K. Fahey, M. Gomez, S.L. Greer, E. Hepburn, M. Keating, S. Keil, A. Lecours, P. Lynch, A. Mantegna, L. Moreno, S. Piattoni, L. Piccoli, A.H. Schakel, C. Sharman, K. Stolz, W. Swenden, M. Tatham, S. Vergari, J. Vickers, S. Wälti, C.S. Weissert

1. Introduction to the Handbook of Territorial Politics
Eve Hepburn and Klaus Detterbeck

Part I: Institutions, Actors and Ideas
2. Rescaling the European State. A Constructivist and Political Perspective
Michael Keating

3. Federal, Devolved or Decentralized State – on the Territorial Architecture of Power
Nathalie Behnke

4. Challenges of Interdependence and Coordination in Federal Systems
Nicole Bolleyer

5. Multilevel Governance
Simona Piattoni

6. ‘Gendering’ Territorial Politics
Jill Vickers

7. Decentralization as a Tool for Conflict Resolution
Soeren Keil and Paul Anderson

Part II: Elections, Parties and Political Culture
8. De-nationalization of Elections? Tracing the Developments in the Conceptualization and Measurement of the Nationalization of the Vote
Arjan H. Schakel

9. Statewide Parties in Western and Eastern Europe: Territorial Patterns of Party Organizations
Klaus Detterbeck and Eve Hepburn

10. Ethno-Regionalist Parties
Lieven de Winter, Marga Gomez and Peter Lynch

11. Multilevel Party Competition: A Theory of Territorial Contagion
Eve Hepburn

12. Political Careers and Territorial Politics
Klaus Stolz

13. Multiple Territorial Identities and Multi-Level Polities
Luis Moreno

14. Regional Citizenship in a System of Plural Memberships and Multilevel Rights
Lorenzo Piccoli

Part III: Territorial Public Policies
15. Education Policy in Canada and the United States: Dispersed Governance or Centralization?
Sandra Vergari

16. Health Policy and Territorial Politics: Disciplinary Misunderstandings and Directions for Research
Scott L. Greer

17. Territorial Politics and Environmental Policy: A Comparison of Findings about Climate Change and Resource Management Policies
Sonja Wälti

18. Immigration and Sub-State Nations: Researching the Nexus
Ilke Adam

19. Regions beyond the State: External Relations and Paradiplomacy
Michaël Tatham

20. Comparative Perspectives on the Territorial Politics of Fiscal Federalism: Canada, Australia, and the United States.
Daniel Béland and André Lecours

21. Territorial Politics and Economic Development
John Agnew and Agostino Mantegna

22. Territorial Reform Policies in Federal and Multilevel Systems
César Colino

Part IV: Geographical Perspectives
23. Actor-Centered or Institutional Approaches in Europe and the US: Moving toward Convergence
Carol S. Weissert and Kevin Fahey

24. Comparative Territorial Politics in sub-Saharan Africa
Jan Erk

25. Territorial Politics in South Asia: Between Territorial Accommodation and Majoritarianism
Wilfried Swenden

26. Territorial Politics and the Federal Frame in Australia
Nicholas Aroney and Campbell Sharman


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