Handbook of Urban Politics and Policy


Handbook of Urban Politics and Policy

9781802200652 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ronald K. Vogel, Department of Politics & Public Administration, Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 065 2 Extent: 586 pp
This authoritative Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of research into urban politics and policy in cities across the globe. Leading scholars examine the position of urban politics within political science and analyse the critical approaches and interdisciplinary pressures that are broadening the field.

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This authoritative Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of research into urban politics and policy in cities across the globe. Leading scholars examine the position of urban politics within political science and analyse the critical approaches and interdisciplinary pressures that are broadening the field.

Beginning with the study of institutions and power, this Handbook surveys the development and theoretical underpinnings of key research areas in urban politics. It highlights the dynamism of the field drawing on diverse disciplines including sociology, geography and urban planning in addition to political science. Contributing authors cover often overlooked topics, such as feminist urban interventions, Indigenous cities, arts and culture, and age-friendly cities. Adopting a forward-thinking perspective, they explore the future of vital policy areas including housing, poverty, climate change and health, and identify important opportunities for further scholarly engagement and practical application.

The Handbook of Urban Politics and Policy is an invaluable resource for students and scholars of urban and regional studies, public policy and cities. It is also an excellent guide for managers, activists and policy-makers seeking to understand urban problems and devise effective policy solutions.
Critical Acclaim
‘This impressive new volume makes a significant contribution to urban political studies. Wide ranging in scope, critical in orientation and contemporary in focus, it features concise and authoritative state-of-the-field essays by leading scholars. This Handbook will be a valuable reference for researchers, students and practitioners of urban politics and policy.’
– Martin Horak, University of Western Ontario, Canada

‘The Handbook of Urban Politics and Policy is a comprehensive work that will be of great use to students, scholars, and teachers of urban studies. The chapters can stand alone but also complement each other to provide a thorough intellectual history of urban politics and policy over the past 70 years.’
– Edward G. Goetz, University of Minnesota, US

‘The chapters in this volume push the boundaries of urban politics in much needed, insightful, and timely ways. With an impressive group of scholars, the focus is multidisciplinary, multiscalar, comparative, and cutting edge. Here urban governance becomes more than structure to include social movements and citizen participation. Policy topics include traditional foci such as housing and development but also increasingly important and now urban concerns such as climate change, pandemics, intersectionality, immigration, race, aging, and sexual identities. The Handbook is an excellent read for both scholars and students wanting to know about the expanding boundaries of urban politics.’
– Laura Reese, Michigan State University, US

Preface xiii
1 The field of urban politics 1
Ronald K. Vogel

2 Urban theory and critical perspectives 14
Julie-Anne Boudreau
3 Comparative urban politics and the global south 28
Yue Zhang
4 Urban policy process and policy analysis 45
David Kaufmann and Mara Sidney
5 Urban policy: the limits of scientific reason 62
David Imbroscio

6 The metropolis and the suburbs 74
Thomas J. Vicino and Robert Harrison Voigt
7 City and globalization 91
Eleonora Pasotti
8 Neoliberalism and the city 108
Timothy P. R. Weaver
9 Power and urban governance 124
Jonathan S. Davies, Mark Roberts, and Simone Vegliò
10 The right to the city 141
Margaret Kohn

11 Race, class, and urban politics in the United States 156
Michael Javen Fortner and Liann Bielicki
12 Gendered and feminist interventions into the urban 180
Megan E. Heim LaFrombois
13 Politically (im)perfectable: LGBTQ+ urban policies and politics 197
Julie A. Podmore and Alison L. Bain
14 Indigenous cities, politics, and policies in Canada 214
Julie Tomiak
15 Immigrants and urban politics and policy 224
Els de Graauw

16 Urban government 240
Madeleine Pill
17 The complexities of managing urban space 255
Ashley E. Nickels and Amanda D. Clark
18 Neighborhood governance 269
Brady Collins
19 The role of participation in global/world cities 286
Maureen M. Donaghy
20 Urban social movements in the early 21st century 300
Louise Jezierski

21 Urban political economy 320
Andrea Pollio and Ugo Rossi
22 Economic development: from growth to degrowth 337
Matthew Thompson
23 Urban development – an ever-evolving concept – process, outcomes
and methods 355
Jill Simone Gross
24 Arts and culture in the city: unveiling cultural policy mechanisms 368
Eleonora Redaelli
25 Cities and technology 383
Genie Stowers

26 National urban politics and policy: between local, national, and global 405
Daniel Pejic, Amelia Leavesley, Tadashi Matsumoto and Michele Acuto
27 Housing policy 421
Martine August
28 Urban poverty: a critical perspective 437
Zachary D. Wood and Prentiss Dantzler
29 Urban climate change policy and politics 451
Sara Hughes and Yuer Wang
30 Education and urban politics 465
Domingo Morel
31 Crime, punishment, and urban criminal justice systems in the United States 480
Michael Javen Fortner and Cameron Stevens
32 The politics of urban transport 504
Rosalie Singerman Ray
33 Pandemics, cities, and health policy 523
Roger Keil
34 Age friendly cities 539
Meghan Joy
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