Handbook on Asian Public Administration


Handbook on Asian Public Administration

9781839104787 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by M. Shamsul Haque, Department of Political Science, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Wilson Wong, Data Science and Policy Studies Programme, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Kilkon Ko, Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University, Korea
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 83910 478 7 Extent: 368 pp
Providing context-specific regional and national perspectives, this novel Handbook sets out to disentangle the considerable intellectual ambiguities that surround Asian public administration and Asia’s diverse applications of Western administrative models.

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Providing context-specific regional and national perspectives, this novel Handbook sets out to disentangle the considerable intellectual ambiguities that surround Asian public administration and Asia’s diverse applications of Western administrative models.

Building a holistic understanding of public administration systems across East, Southeast and South Asia, chapters explore the various historical formations, contemporary changes, and impacts of local contexts. It also covers social accountability, performance and human resource management, and the role of local governments. An international range of leading scholars track the gradual embrace of market-driven reforms in Asian public policy and administration, including privatisation, agencification, outcome-based performance, and customer choice. With its cross-regional and cross-national comparisons finding divergences in these reforms, the Handbook’s most significant revelation highlights the impacts of national political contexts and actors on bureaucracy.

Illustrating a clear overarching picture of the divergences in Asian public administration, the comparative focus of this Handbook will prove invaluable to students and scholars of Asian politics, public policy and administration. It will also be a useful point of reference to Asian policy makers and bureaucrats dealing with national administrative reforms who are looking to innovate the public sector.
Critical Acclaim
‘Covering diverse regions in Asia, this edited collection of articles convincingly illustrates how Asian public administrative systems are constituted by the complex interplay of historical heritage, colonialism, modernization, political development and international policy culture. The editors invite readers to understand Asian public administration from country-specific particularities rather than preconceived models. This will be a valuable reference for those who are interested in the rich contexts underlying the changing administrative culture and institutions of Asian states.’
– Eliza W.Y. Lee, The University of Hong Kong

‘This volume is an important contribution to the study of Asian public administration with its origins and transformation. It provides a context for Asian public administration and select administrative issues, structures, and systems from various Asian countries. Expert scholars deliver recent developments in theoretical and practical aspects of Asian public administration.’
– Naim Kapucu, University of Central Florida, US

‘This book edited by Professors Haque, Wong and Ko is an admirable new adventure to tease out complex and dynamic public administration practices in East, South, and Southeast Asia, exhibiting the evolving paths and frontier issues and debating their connections to West-based administrative practices and theories.’
– Yijia Jing, Fudan University, China
Contributors: Alex Bello Brillantes, Phanuphat Chattragul, Mergen Dyussenov, Madiha Rehman Farooqi, Lin Han, M. Shamsul Haque, Farhad Hossai Ahmed Shafiqul Huque, Sidra Irfan, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jadoon, Ishtiaq Jamil, Sumin Kim, Taehee Kim, Kilkon Ko, Yasuhiko Kotagiri, Soo-Young Lee, Amani Moazzam, Shabana Naveed, Asti Amelia Novita, Aya Okada, Narendra Raj Paudel, Duy Nghia Pham, Ora-Orn Poocharoen, Farhana Razzaque, Karl Emmanuel V. Ruiz, Yaamina Salman, Ananya Samajdar, Abu Elias Sarker, Muying Shen, Noore Alam Siddiquee, Kuppusamy Singaravelloo, Yang Wan, Jie Wang, Peijie Wang, Andy Fefta Wijaya, W. Wike, Wilson Wong, Zhiju Xie, Raymond Hau-Yin Yuen, Habib Zafarullah


Preface xiii
1 Why public administration in Asia? An introduction 1
M. Shamsul Haque, Wilson Wong and Kilkon Ko

2 China’s national administrative reforms over 40 years: process,
characteristics, impetus and outlook 10
Lin Han and Yang Wan
3 Public administration in Hong Kong: diffusion of governance from
China to Hong Kong 23
Wilson Wong
4 Agencification and the ‘hollowing-out’ of the administrative state in
Hong Kong: origin, dynamics, and consequences 37
Raymond Hau-yin Yuen
5 Critical review of multi-dimensional aspects of performance
management of South Korea 55
Kilkon Ko and Taehee Kim
6 Public administration in Japan: towards new public governance? 75
Yasuhiko Kotagiri and Aya Okada
7 Public administration reforms in Southwest China: from the perspective
of education reforms 91
Jie Wang, Muying Shen and Zhiju Xie
8 Introduction to the current Korean civil service system 105
Soo-Young Lee and Sumin Kim
9 State–society relations in transition: NGOs and their role in China’s
social governance 120
Peijie Wang

10 Recent reforms in public sector performance management in Asia:
major limitations and implications 137
M. Shamsul Haque
11 Paradoxes of public administration in Malaysia 146
Noore Alam Siddiquee
12 Thailand in transition: paradoxical reform policies in the age of anxiety 162
Ora-orn Poocharoen and Phanuphat Chattragul
13 Public administration in the Philippines: features, trends, issues, and directions 175
Alex Bello Brillantes, Jr and Karl Emmanuel V. Ruiz
14 Privatisation, decentralisation and local government in Peninsular Malaysia 196
Kuppusamy Singaravelloo
15 Indonesian public administration: past, present, and future 214
Andy Fefta Wijaya, W. Wike and Asti Amelia Novita
16 Public administration reform within the socialist party state: the case of
Vietnam 224
Duy Nghia Pham
17 Comparing ICT and e-government policy implementation in Thailand
and Indonesia: success or failure? 236
Mergen Dyussenov

18 Conceptualizing the role of social accountability in public service
delivery: a comparative study of Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan 253
Abu Elias Sarker, Farhana Razzaque and Farhad Hossain
19 Public administration in twenty-first century Bangladesh: fossilised,
bureaucratised, politicised 270
Ahmed Shafiqul Huque and Habib Zafarullah
20 Fostering innovation in public services: illustrations from Pakistan 284
Yaamina Salman, Sidra Irfan and Amani Moazzam
21 Challenges of governance in the ‘new’ federal system in Nepal 297
Ishtiaq Jamil and Narendra Raj Paudel
22 HRM in the public administration in Pakistan: from personnel
administration to strategic alignment 311
Shabana Naveed, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jadoon and Madiha Rehman Farooqi
23 Balancing representation, participation and capacity for democracy and
development: an assessment of India’s rural local government system 327
Ananya Samajdar

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