Handbook on Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility


Handbook on Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

9781802208764 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Michel Magnan, Distinguished University Professor of Accountancy and S.A. Jarislowsky Chair in Corporate Governance, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Canada and Giovanna Michelon, Professor of Accounting, University of Bristol Business School, UK
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 876 4 Extent: 428 pp
The world-wide transition towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) results in profound changes to business practices. Hence, this crucial Handbook adopts a global perspective to review key CSR issues and their implications for the future evolution of corporate governance.

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The world-wide transition towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) results in profound changes to business practices. Hence, this crucial Handbook adopts a global perspective to review key CSR issues and their implications for the future evolution of corporate governance.

Michel Magnan and Giovanna Michelon bring together leading experts who deftly explore the critical tensions and areas of convergence between CSR and corporate governance. The Handbook further assesses the environmental responsibilities corporations are now facing and examines the wide range of social responsibility issues affecting businesses, with a particular focus on corporate philanthropy, boardroom diversity, workplace harassment and gender equality. The Handbook concludes with some thought-provoking discussion about the future evolution of corporate governance if it is to succeed in addressing emerging environmental and social challenges. Arguing that environmental and social responsibilities represent the essence of CSR, this dynamic Handbook provides a number of policy and practical recommendations, proposing ideas for future research and useful indications for boards of directors.

This incisive and forward-thinking Handbook will be an important read for academics and researchers interested in corporate governance, CSR, and sustainability. It will also prove highly beneficial for professionals and practitioners working in corporate governance and its intersection with sustainability.
Critical Acclaim
‘Magnan and Michelon designed an approach that lays the foundations for a new era in governance. Presenting key corporate social responsibility issues and their implications, they share novel and practical ways to enhance corporate governance effectiveness in facing these new challenges. An exciting and timely contribution to the field, I strongly recommend it.’
– François Dauphin, Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations, Canada

‘This Handbook couldn''t have come out at a better time. With the way we work, consume and communicate changing at a rapid pace, organizational leaders are in constant planning mode, and none will be able to achieve their objectives without a fit-for-purpose governance framework.’
– Rachael Johnson, ACCA, UK

‘This book collects several interesting perspectives on the convergence of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. Thanks to the editorship of Michel and Giovanna and the contributions provided by different scholars, the book helps students and practitioners to mature an updated and comprehensive understanding of this increasingly relevant topic.’
– Alessandro Zattoni, Luiss University, Italy

‘This book brilliantly combines CSR and corporate governance concerns by reflecting both an academic lens and a practical perspective. The result is a reference work that is equally useful for researchers, board members, managers, and policymakers. It is as relevant as it is comprehensive, providing an appreciation of the risks as well as the opportunities.’
– Jean-François Henri, Université Laval, Canada

‘This is a must read for anyone doing research or teaching in the corporate governance area. It pulls together the disparate work on corporate governance in an easy to use source. A total winner.’
– Jeffrey Cohen, Boston College, US
Contributors include: Carol Adams, Jan Bebbington, Paula Bernardino, Olivier Boiral, Lies Bouten, Huijuan Cao, Bennett Cherry, Charles H. Cho, Valentina De Marchi, Jesse Dillard, Dinithi Dissanayake, Tracie Frost, Silvia Gaia, Alessandro Ghio, Mathieu Gomes, Johanne Grosvold, Alireza Jahandideh, Paul Kalyta, Hania Khursheed, Carlos Larrinaga, Tiemei Li, Adriane Macdonald, Michel Magnan, Sylvain Marsat, Rod Masson, Giovanna Michelon, Irene Nalukenge, Paola Ometto, Eduardo Ordonez-Ponce, Ifigenia Paliabelos, Camelia Radu, Vidisha Ramlugun, Kathyayini (Kathy) Rao, Catalin Ratiu, Robin Roberts, Michelle Rodrigue, Andrea Romi, Steve Sauerwald, Ruth Sealy, Juliette Senn, Chaoyuan She, Luciana Simion, Nadia Smaili, Teerooven Soobaroyen, Sophie Spring, Sylvie St-Onge, Wiechieh Su, Carol Tilt, Albert Tsang, Alexander Yuriev

Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility: Introduction and roadmap xxi

1 Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility:
A reconciliation with tension 2
Michel Magnan and Giovanna Michelon
2 Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility: A continuity
perspective 12
Michel Magnan and Giovanna Michelon
3 Corporate social responsibility: A director’s perspective 24
Michel Magnan
4 CEO activism: Connecting with stakeholders 34
Paula Bernardino
5 Net zero targets and governance: A literature review (2009–2021) 50
Ifigenia Paliabelos
6 The challenge of measuring CSR performance 68
Lies Bouten, Giovanna Michelon and Robin W. Roberts

7 Internal carbon pricing: Origins, determinants, and the impact of governance 82
Mathieu Gomes, Hania Khursheed and Sylvain Marsat
8 Multi-stakeholder climate action partnerships: What do we ‘really’
know about business partner contributions to partnership goals? 92
Adriane Macdonald and Alireza Jahandideh
9 Responsible investment, integrating the SDGs, corporate reporting
and governance by an asset owner: The case of the Construction and
Building Industry Superannuation Fund (Cbus) 107
Carol Adams and Rod Masson
10 An overview of the circular economy 119
Michelle Rodrigue and Andrea Romi
11 CSR-related governance mechanisms: Is the impact on CSR
performance effective or symbolic? 137
Camélia Radu and Nadia Smaili
12 Corporate governance and environmental disclosures 148
Silvia Gaia and Chaoyuan She
13 CSR disclosure, capital markets, and the moderating influence of
corporate governance 164
Albert Tsang, Tracie Frost and Huijuan Cao
14 Sustainability from the top: Revisiting the roles and responsibilities of
the board of directors 176
Olivier Boiral and Alexander Yuriev

15 Corporate philanthropy: Antecedents, consequences, and Implications
for corporate governance 193
Steve Sauerwald and Weichieh Su
16 Boardroom diversity: The role of the responsible leader 205
Ruth Sealy and Johanne Grosvold
17 Social alliances as catalyzers of CSR programs’ impact 218
M. Paola Ometto, Luciana Simion, Catalin Ratiu and Bennett Cherry
18 Corporate governance, COVID-19, and stakeholders: Learnings from
the Canadian financial sector 235
Eduardo Ordonez-Ponce
19 What should a board of directors know about workplace harassment? 246
Sylvie St-Onge
20 Knowing your supply chain 265
Valentina De Marchi
21 The ladder of Indigenous governance 273
Paul Kalyta
22 Promoting women on African boards: An examination of board
diversity provisions in corporate governance codes 285
Irene Nalukenge, Vidisha Ramlugun and Teerooven Soobaroyen
23 Relying on offshore financial centers: A social issue that raises
governance concerns for multinationals 311
Tie Mei (Sarah) Li
24 Social reporting: Trends, determinants, and implications 325
Carol Tilt, Kathy Rao and Dinithi Dissanayake

25 Diversity at the top: Evidence on board composition and representation 346
Alessandro Ghio, Juliette Senn, Sophie Spring and Charles H. Cho
26 A socio-ecological approach to corporate governance 360
Jan Bebbington, Carlos Larrinaga and Giovanna Michelon
27 Accountability-based participatory corporate governance and corporate
social responsibility 372
Jesse Dillard
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