Handbook on Democracy and Security


Handbook on Democracy and Security

9781839100192 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Nicholas A. Seltzer, Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Reno and Steven Lloyd Wilson, Assistant Professor, Brandeis University, Massachusetts, US
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 83910 019 2 Extent: 388 pp
The Handbook on Democracy and Security offers an insightful new interpretation of the topic that reframes the contemporary challenge of democracy away from competing ideologies or external existential threats, and centres on the security of democracy in the minds and lived experience of its citizens.

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The Handbook on Democracy and Security offers an insightful new interpretation of the topic that reframes the contemporary challenge of democracy away from competing ideologies or external existential threats, and centres on the security of democracy in the minds and lived experience of its citizens.

With a global focus, it provides a cutting edge understanding of contemporary developments in democratic breakdown, investigating the role of new media, social media and the Internet. Expert contributors explore how democracy is affected by the resurgence of populism, terrorism and migration alongside the decline of independent mass media and associated conspiracy theories. The Handbook further argues that the security of government by the people is best understood through the security of people and examines the analysis of democratic security.

Providing a diverse range of perspectives on how democratic breakdown occurs, this Handbook will be an excellent read for political scientists interested in human security and the effect of social media on democracy. Policymakers interested in policy prescriptions and stabilizing democratic backsliding will also find this an illuminating and informative resource.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Handbook on Democracy and Security provides a fascinating analysis of the predominant causes of democratic erosion facing the world today. The book''s contributors define and bound new threats – such as the double-edged sword of “militant democracy” – as well as reexamine long-standing threats – such as the triumphs and pitfalls of democracy assistance. Part IV of the book, in particular, offers keen insights regarding how online media both bolster and undermine democracy. This Handbook should be required reading for any democratization student, scholar or practitioner.’
– Brigitte Seim, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, US

‘In light of the current “third wave” of autocratization worldwide, understanding the factors that sustain democracy is more critical than ever. This volume makes a valuable contribution to that understanding by exploring this at a micro level, focusing on the human factors and security of individual citizens that undergird democratic institutions. It is an extremely timely and very important work.’
– Staffan I. Lindberg, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Contributors: Volker Boehme-Neßler, Omar O. Dumdum, Julia Eggleston, Keely Eshenbaugh, Jeffrey A. Griffin, Mika Hackner, Sandra Horvath, April A. Johnson, Mert Kartal, Nataliia Kasianenko, Dimitri Kelly, Elizabeth A. Koebele, Oliver Lang, Ned Littlefield, Megan MacDuffee Metzger, Michael McDevitt, Michael Masterson, Luiza Rodrigues Mateo, Susanne Martin, Jennifer McCoy, Robert L. Ostergard, Jr., Constanza Sanhueza Petrarca, Nicholas A. Seltzer, Karen Simpson, Inken von Borzyskowski, Steven Lloyd Wilson

Introduction to the Handbook on Democracy and Security xi
Nicholas A. Seltzer and Steven Lloyd Wilson

1 Democratic Whack-a-Mole: the implications of militant democracy 2
Mika Hackner
2 Does globalization hurt liberal democracy? An application of saliency
theory to the globalization–democracy nexus 16
Nataliia Kasianenko
3 The regional adoption of elite rejection and populism 31
Keely Eshenbaugh
4 The impacts of water scarcity on the security of democracies 45
Elizabeth A. Koebele and Karen Simpson

5 International threat and democratic breakdown in new democracies 65
Michael Masterson
6 Democracy assistance by international organizations 84
Inken von Borzyskowski and Mert Kartal
7 Democracy promotion and democracy assistance: approaches from the
north and alternatives from the south 112
Luiza Rodrigues Mateo
8 Authoritarian media abroad: the case of Russia and RT News 126
Megan MacDuffee Metzger

9 The parliamentarian democracy and its digital enemies: how democracy
is facing three challenges from digitalisation 142
Volker Boehme-Neßler
10 Hyper-polarization and the security of democracy 165
Jennifer McCoy
11 Attitudes towards immigrants and refugees in Europe 188
Constanza Sanhueza Petrarca and Sandra Horvath
12 Why do populists flip-flop on soldiers? The drug war’s civil–military
commitment problem 211
Ned Littlefield, Omar O. Dumdum and Oliver Lang

13 Broken-windows journalism: a rationale for democratic repair and
media reform 231
Michael McDevitt
14 The rise of cable news 251
Dimitri Kelly
15 Internet policy in South Korea: liberal imperialism and paradox 270
Julia Eggleston and Steven Lloyd Wilson
16 Conspiracy thinking 289
April A. Johnson

17 Democracy and health 310
Robert L. Ostergard, Jr.
18 Leadership, democracy, and security in sub-Saharan Africa: insights
from the Republic of Uganda 329
Jeffrey A. Griffin
19 Terrorism and threats to democracy 344
Susanne Martin

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