Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems


Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems

Strategies, Platforms, Technologies, Governance and Societal Challenges

9781839107184 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Sabine Baumann, Professor of Digital Business, Berlin School of Economics and Law, and Scientific Director, OFFIS Institute for Information Technology, Germany
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 83910 718 4 Extent: 784 pp
This timely Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems provides a comprehensive overview of current research and industrial applications as well as suggestions for future developments. Multi-disciplinary in scope, the Handbook includes rigorously researched contributions from over 80 global expert authors from a variety of areas including administration and management, economics, computer science, industrial engineering, and media and communication.

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This timely Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems provides a comprehensive overview of current research and industrial applications as well as suggestions for future developments. Multi-disciplinary in scope, the Handbook includes rigorously researched contributions from over 80 global expert authors from a variety of areas including administration and management, economics, computer science, industrial engineering, and media and communication.

Chapters analyze the core areas of digital business ecosystems: strategies, platforms, entrepreneurship, business models, governance, data and technologies as well as sustainability and societal issues. The Handbook also explores a wealth of industry applications. It is the most comprehensive compendium on digital business ecosystems and a fascinating resource.

Scholars, students and practitioners from all areas of business administration and management, economics, computer science, industrial engineering, and media and communication interested in digital transformation and digital business ecosystems will find this Handbook invaluable. It is also exemplary for practitioners in manufacturing and logistics, media industries, the health sector, and other service sectors who are seeking solutions to practical issues regarding digital business ecosystems.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems approaches the theory and practice from an interdisciplinary and system perspective. The Handbook presents a body of knowledge from international scholars and practitioners, sharing their research, experiences, and latest thinking related to Digital Business Ecosystem implementation. The authors capture the scope of the technological, business, economic, social, and political factors that influence the development of Digital Business Ecosystem and provides guidance researchers, practitioners, and those embarking on a career in advancing the diffusion of digital technologies in business systems.''
– Gerard H. Gaynor, 3M Director of Engineering (Retired), US

‘The digital business ecosystem is a fundamentally new context for strategising, managing and organising, one that transcends traditional industry structures – and many established theories of management and organisation. This Handbook is an invaluable guide to this emerging landscape, not simply capturing developments but exploring their implications from a rich diversity of perspectives.’
Lucy Kueng, University of Oxford, UK

‘Digital business ecosystems revolutionize the practice and theory of value creation in manufacturing, services and supply chains. This Handbook is a very timely and comprehensively designed source of an utmost importance. It comprises both conceptual and technological views. Being edited and written by the leading experts in the field, the Handbook is an invaluable source for both introductory and advanced reading.’
– Dmitry Ivanov, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany
Contributors: Wafaa A.H. Ahmed, Felix Arndt, Verena Luisa Aufderheide, Karolina Bähr, Sabine Baumann, Stephanie Birkner, Traci M. Bricka, Christoph Buck, Oliver Budzinski, Christopher Buschow, Antonio Crupi, Yu Cui, Giovanna Culot, Nicola Del Sarto, Alberto Di Minin, Gillian Doyle, Torsten Eymann, Julia Feldt, Sebastian Floerecke, Sophia Gaenssle, Franziska Götz, Geoffrey M. Graybeal, Ricardo Guerrero, Katharina Hölzle, Christian Horneber, Samina Husain, Vinzenz Jeglinsky, Anna Jupowicz-Ginalska, Martin F. Kenney, David R. King, Timo Klünder, Henning Kontny, Ivana Kostovska, Oliver Kullik, Reinhard E. Kunz, Christoph Lattemann, Benjamin Lawrence, Marcel Leerhoff, Franz Lehner, Johannes M. Lehner, Nadine Lindstädt-Dreusicke, Lisa Lohrenz, Bart L. MacCarthy, Oluwasoye P. Mafimisebi, Päivi Maijanen, Reinhard Meckl, Simon Michalke, Laura Montag, Philipp Mosch, Volker Nissen, Robert Obermaier, Ngozichukwuka M. Eneh Ojo, Raissa Pershina, Patrick Peter, Cindy Price Schultz, Caroline Reelitz, Sabine Reisinger, Will Ritzrau, Susanne Robra-Bissantz, Robert Rose, Michael Rosemann, Alexander Roth, Amber N. Schroeder, Nina Schumacher, Reinhard Schütte, Dominik Siemon, Prakash J. Singh, Victoria Konovalenko Slettli, Krzysztof Sokół, Marion Steven, Maike Suhr, Soichiro Tanaka, Matthias Teichert, Verena Telkmann, Adrian Toschka, Ana Trigo, Masaharu Tsujimoto, Martina Weifenbach, Herwig Winkler, Tobias Wulfert, Yimin Yang, Christian Zabel, W.G. Will Zhao

1 Introduction to the Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems:
Strategies, Platforms, Technologies, Governance and Societal Challenges 1
Sabine Baumann

2 Networks, platforms, and digital business ecosystems: mapping the
development of a field 11
Sabine Baumann and Marcel Leerhoff
3 Strategies for bridging traditional and digital ecosystems 25
David R. King
4 Disentangling the importance of digital platforms and absorptive
capacity in digital business ecosystems 40
Antonio Crupi, Nicola Del Sarto, Alberto Di Minin and Martin F. Kenney
5 Digital business ecosystems and dynamic capabilities 50
Päivi Maijanen
6 Dealing with strategic tensions in digital business ecosystems 63
Sabine Reisinger and Johannes M. Lehner
7 Organizations as ecosystems: the case of television production 80
Gillian Doyle

8 Navigating digital waters: entrepreneurial ambiguities and the triad of
in digital business modeling 94
Stephanie Birkner and Martina Weifenbach
9 The relevance of entrepreneurship ecosystems for start-up success:
a venture capital perspective 109
Nina Schumacher
10 Value creation through start-up integration 126
Christian Horneber
11 Female entrepreneurs’ innovativeness in digital business ecosystems 143
Ngozichukwuka M. Eneh Ojo, Oluwasoye P. Mafimisebi, and Felix Arndt

12 Design knowledge for digital business ecosystems: towards design
principles for digital engagement platforms 161
Simon Michalke, Lisa Lohrenz, Dominik Siemon, Christoph Lattemann, and
Susanne Robra-Bissantz
13 Digital platforms in the industrial sphere: value creation logics and
platform types 177
Philipp Mosch and Robert Obermaier
14 Customer roles in digital business ecosystems: different forms of
customer contribution in value creation 194
Karolina Bähr
15 Digital platforms and trading companies: the evolution of traditional
business ecosystems into integrated digital business ecosystems 212
Reinhard Schütte and Tobias Wulfert
16 The digital consulting ecosystem business model 232
Volker Nissen

17 The role of location for non-focal firms in emerging digital business
ecosystems: relevance of agglomeration factors in the German XR industry 250
Christian Zabel and Verena Telkmann
18 A digital business ecosystem maturity model for personal service firms 269
Ricardo Guerrero, Christoph Lattemann, Simon Michalke, and Dominik Siemon
19 Business ecosystems in digital journalism: cross-border collaborative
investigations as a novel organizational form 292
Christopher Buschow and Maike Suhr
20 Improved decisions for digitalization projects in digital business ecosystems 307
Vinzenz Jeglinsky and Herwig Winkler
21 Meta-study of success-related factors of SaaS providers based on
a cloud computing ecosystem perspective 327
Sebastian Floerecke and Franz Lehner

22 Data (r)evolution: the economics of algorithmic search and
recommender services 349
Oliver Budzinski, Sophia Gaenssle, and Nadine Lindstädt-Dreusicke
23 Blockchain technology in the supply chain: learning from emerging
ecosystems and industry consortia 367
Wafaa A.H. Ahmed and Bart L. MacCarthy
24 Blockchain-based supply chain architecture adapted to digital business
ecosystems 387
Yu Cui and Prakash J. Singh
25 Blockchain ecosystems in the creative industries: big dreams for
micro-payments 405
Ivana Kostovska
26 Artificial intelligence meets onto-epistemologies: distinctive
sociomaterial perspectives for organizational research at the intersection
of digital business ecosystems and robotics 424
W.G. Will Zhao and Yimin Yang

27 Having a platform to stand on: examining modern challenges faced by
workers in platform-facilitated multi-sided markets 439
Traci M. Bricka and Amber N. Schroeder
28 Better data, better business, better lives: towards a symbiotic reporting
framework for sustainable digital business ecosystems 457
Patrick Peter and Will Ritzrau
29 Conceptualizing smart-circular product-service ecosystems for the
photovoltaic power industry 475
Verena Luisa Aufderheide, Laura Montag, and Marion Steven
30 The digital business ecosystem sustainability cube: an instrument
enabling systematic collaboration decisions 492
Timo Klünder and Marion Steven
31 Big data analytics for developing sustainable capabilities of digital
business ecosystems 510
Raissa Pershina

32 Digital business ecosystems: a comparison of different industries 530
Franziska Götz, Christoph Buck, Michael Rosemann, and Reinhard Meckl
33 Doing digital news: a comparison of three business models from an
ecosystems perspective 549
Cindy Price Schultz
34 Digital business ecosystems in the media: VR technology
implementation models 564
Anna Jupowicz-Ginalska and Krzysztof Sokół
35 The digital innovation ecosystem of eSports: a structural perspective 582
Katharina Hölzle, Oliver Kullik, Robert Rose, and Matthias Teichert
36 Value co-creation in eSports from a service ecosystem perspective 596
Reinhard E. Kunz and Alexander Roth
37 Entrepreneurial responses to the coronavirus pandemic: digitization of
the US restaurant business 614
Geoffrey M. Graybeal and Benjamin Lawrence
38 Driving automation: an evolving digital business ecosystem tale 629
Samina Husain and Ana Trigo
39 Case study of the customer acceptance of Personal Data Trust Bank in
Japan: a questionnaire survey 646
Masaharu Tsujimoto and Soichiro Tanaka
40 Potentials of digital business ecosystems in the healthcare market 661
Franziska Götz, Caroline Reelitz, Christoph Buck, Torsten Eymann, and
Reinhard Meckl
41 Digital twins in real estate: driving value throughout the building life cycle 679
Adrian Toschka
42 Developing big data analytics capability in a focal firm of a digital
business ecosystem: the case of the Norwegian swine breeding industry 696
Victoria Konovalenko Slettli
43 Evolving internal digital business ecosystems for order fulfillment 713
Julia Feldt and Henning Kontny
44 Digital ecosystems in manufacturing: emerging models for Industry 4.0 726
Giovanna Culot

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