Handbook on Ethics and Marketing


Handbook on Ethics and Marketing

9781781003428 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Alexander Nill, Professor of Marketing and International Business, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, US
Publication Date: July 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78100 342 8 Extent: 464 pp
Exploring both the theoretical and the applied aspects of the role ethics plays in marketing, this Handbook analyzes key issues in order to advance our understanding and provide an overview of the state of the art in this vital field.

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Exploring both the theoretical and the applied aspects of the role ethics plays in marketing, this Handbook analyzes key issues in order to advance our understanding and provide an overview of the state of the art in this vital field.

Nationally and internationally recognized contributors cover the most important, timely developments in marketing ethics as well as trends and ideas for a future research agenda. Topics such as consumer ethics, morality in marketing and corporate social responsibility are covered with breadth and depth to paint a current and comprehensive picture of the field today.

This innovative book will be a valuable resource for both students and academics wishing to keep abreast of crucial developments in the field of business ethics. New, comprehensive insight from the world’s experts in the field will also provide guidance for company executives and policy decision makers.
Critical Acclaim
‘From its inception and professional organization in the late 1970s, the macromarketing field has maintained a strong interest in ethics and distributive justice and an article on the topic was published in the very first issue of the Journal of Macromarketing in March 1981. The Handbook on Ethics and Marketing features chapters by leading macromarketing scholars that explore how ethics relate to marketing systems as well as to other macromarketing interests including environmental sustainability, human and economic development, and global supply chains. Thus, the Handbook should become an excellent resource for new macromarketing scholarship.’
– Terrence H. Witkowski, Editor, Journal of Macromarketing
Contributors: R.J. Aalberts, R. Benton, T. Beschorner, C.B. Bhattacharya, L. Ferrell, O.C. Ferrell, J.F. Gaski, D.U. Gilbert, M. Haase, T. Hajduk, P. Harrison, S.D. Hunt, M. Jackson, J.L. Johnson, T.A. Klein, G.R. Laczniak, K.D. Martin, P.E. Murphy, A. Nill, C. Nishihara, G. Palazzo, A. Rasche, T. Rittenburg, J. Sawayda, C. Schank, J. Schibrowsky, B.B. Schlegelmilch, C.J. Shultz, A. Singhapakdi, N.C. Smith, J.R. Sparks, B. Swinburn, I. Szőcs, S.J. Vitell

1. Marketing Ethics and CSR in Marketing: Research Challenges for the Next Decade
Gene R. Laczniak and Patrick E. Murphy

2. The General Theory of Marketing Ethics: The Consumer Ethics and Intentions Issues
Scott J. Vitell and Shelby D. Hunt

3. A Review of Ethical Decision-Making Models in Marketing
O.C. Ferrell, Linda Ferrell and Jennifer Sawayda

4. The Influence of Ethics Institutionalization on Ethical Decision Making in Marketing
Scott J. Vitell, Anusorn Singhapakdi and Ceri Nishihara

5. Ethical Judgments are Different: An Information Processing Perspective on the Unique Nature of Ethical Judgments and Ethical Judgment Processes
John R. Sparks

6. The Trouble With Marketing Ethics . . .
John F. Gaski

7. The Cooperation of Marketing Theory and the Ethic of Responsibility: An Analysis With Focus on Two Views on Value Creation
Michaela Haase

8. Marketing Ethics and Differentiation: Implications for Normalized Deviance
Kelly D. Martin and Jean L. Johnson

9. Distributive Justice: Theory and Applications in Global Markets
Thomas A. Klein

10. The Ethical Imperative of Constructive Engagement in a World Confounded by the Commons Dilemma, Social Traps and Geopolitical Conflicts
Clifford J. Shultz, II

11. Upstream, Downstream: Toward a New Morality of Marketing in Global Supply Chains
N. Craig Smith, Guido Palazzo And C.B. Bhattacharya

12. Environmental Ethics: Theory And Implications For Marketing
Raymond Benton, Jr

13. Corporate Social Responsibility: Individual, Institutional And Systemic Perspectives
Thomas Beschorner, Thomas Hajduk And Christoph Schank

14. What Drives Ethics Education In Business Schools? Studying Influences On Ethics In The MBA Curriculum
Andreas Rasche And Dirk Ulrich Gilbert

15. Approaches To Marketing Ethics Education
Terri Rittenburg And Linda Ferrell

16. Corporate Philanthropy And Ethicality: Two Opposing Notions?
Bodo B. Schlegelmilch And Ilona Szőcs

17. Marketing Ethics In Context: The Promotion Of Unhealthy Foods And Beverages To Children
Michaela Jackson, Paul Harrison, Boyd Swinburn And Mark Lawrence

18. New Telecommunication Technologies, Big Data And Online Behavioral Advertising: Do We Need An Ethical Analysis?
Alexander Nill, Robert J. Aalberts, Herman Li And John Schibrowsky


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