Handbook on Gender and Health


Handbook on Gender and Health

9781784710859 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jasmine Gideon, Professor of Global Health and Development, School of Social Sciences, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78471 085 9 Extent: 640 pp
This Handbook brings together a groundbreaking collection of chapters that uses a gender lens to explore health, healthcare and health policy in both the Global South and North. Empirical evidence is drawn from a variety of different settings and points to the many ways in which the gendered dimensions of health have become reworked across the globe.

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This Handbook brings together a groundbreaking collection of chapters that uses a gender lens to explore health, healthcare and health policy in both the Global South and North. Empirical evidence is drawn from a variety of different settings and points to the many ways in which the gendered dimensions of health have become reworked across the globe.

This collection includes insightful contributions from 56 leading authorities from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, offering a wealth of knowledge, theoretical reflection, and empirical detail on the essential elements surrounding gender and health. Topics covered include theoretical approaches to understanding gender and health, migration, sexuality, ageing, masculinities, climate change and sexual and reproductive rights. Split into four thematic sections, this book strives to develop a clear road map towards achieving gender justice in health.

The Handbook on Gender and Health will be an important resource for researchers, students, as well as instructors of health policy and family and gender studies.
Critical Acclaim
‘Gender, one of the most misunderstood but important determinants of health, is expertly analysed, reviewed and critiqued in this invaluable book. Jasmine Gideon and her co-authors deliver a comprehensive analysis of the meanings of both gender and health, and discuss both contemporary and more recent historical debates about the relationship between the two. With voices from the global north and south, and from both men and women, this book will be invaluable reading for anyone (academics, practitioners, advocates, activists) concerned with ensuring the links between gender and health – whether as determinant, outcome, or system response – are fully acknowledged, understood and addressed in order to improve health outcomes for everyone.’
– Sarah Hawkes, University College London, UK

‘This Handbook is a compilation of reflections that place the subjects of gender and health in historical and political context. As such, it makes for important reading for anyone in the field, including students, who are trying to critically understand the ways in which both global health narratives and the organization of health systems construct power relations that inevitably have gendered dimensions. Particularly useful are the chapters that cover new terrain – public private partnerships and the manifestations of commercialization within health sectors – and those which look at specific populations and regions, from indigenous women’s health post 2015, to migration and health in China. Jasmine Gideon’s excellent introduction draws out important themes throughout the volume.’
– Alicia Ely Yamin, Harvard University, US
Contributors: G. Alvarez Minte, E. Ansoleaga Moreno, L. Artazcoz, A.-E. Birn, R.A. Burgess, A.M. Cardarelli, A. Coates, I. Cortès-Franch, S. Del Pino, K. Devries, X. Díaz Berr, L. Doyal, K. Elzein, V. Escribà-Agüir, B. Eveslage, C. Ewig, J. Gideon, J. Gonçalves Martín, B. Gough, H. Grundlingh, M. Gutmann, R.R. Habib, M.C. Inhorn, D. Johnston, D.M. Kamuya, L. Knight, M. Koivusalo, R. Kumar, M. Leite, J. Lyra, E. MacPherson, P. McDonough, B. Medrado, L.M. Morgan, S.F. Murray, J. Namakula, L. Núñez Carrasco, S. Payne, E. Richards, N. Richardson, M. Richter, S. Robertson, M. Robinson, J. Samuel, S. Sexton, J.A. Smith, S. Smith, D.L. Spitzer, S.N. Ssali, S. Theobald, R. Tolhurst, J. Vearey, P. Vero-Sanso, S. Witter, N. Younes, F. Zalwango

1. Gender and Health: An Introduction
Jasmine Gideon

2. Agenda-Setting in Women’s Health: Critical Analysis of a Quarter Century of Paradigm Shifts in International and Global Health
Ramya Kumar, Anne-Emanuelle Birn and Peggy Mcdonough

3. Gender, Health and Climate Change
Sarah Payne

4. Towards a New Political Agenda for Indigenous Women’s Health in Latin America in the Post 2015 Era
Anna Coates and Sandra Del Pino

5. Dangerous Discourses? Silencing Women Within ‘Global Mental Health’ Practice
Rochelle Ann Burgess

6. Cost-Cutting, Coproduction and Cash Transfers: Neoliberal Policy, Health and Gender
Deborah Johnston

7. Applying a Genders Lens to Public Health Discourses on Men’s Health
James A. Smith, Noel Richardson and Steve Robertson

8. Men, ‘Masculinity’ and Mental Health: Critical Reflections
Brendan Gough, Steve Robertson and Mark Robinson

9. Stigmatised, Marginalised and Overlooked: Health, Later Life and Gender in India and the United Kingdom
Penny Vera-Sanso

10. Gender, Work and Health: A Step Forward in Women’s Occupational Health
Lucía Artazcoz, Imma Cortès-Franch and Vicenta Escribà-Agüir

11. Intersectionality: The Value for Occupational Health Research
Rima R. Habib, Kareem Elzein and Nadia Younes

12. Gendered Work Violence Issues and Mental Health Among Chilean Women Workers
Elisa Ansoleaga Moreno, Ximena Díaz Berr and Amalia Mauro Cardarelli

13. Migration, Gender and Health
Lorena Núñez Carrasco

14. Migration and Health in a Chinese Context: Examining the Linkages Through a Gender Lens
Jasmine Gideon

15. Engendered Movements: Migration, Gender, and Health in a Globalised World
Denise L. Spitzer

16. Migration and Sex Work in South Africa: Key Concerns for Gender and Health
Marlise Richter and Jo Vearey

17. Gender Equity and the Politics of Health Sector Reform: Overcoming Policy Legacies, Forming Epistemic Communities
Christina Ewig

18. Gender and Commercialization of Health Care
Meri Koivusalo and Sarah Sexton

19. Commercialization in Maternity Care: Uncovering Trends in the Contemporary Healthcare Economy
Susan F. Murray

20. Building Post Conflict Health Systems: A Gender Analysis from Northern Uganda
Sarah N. Ssali, Sally Theobald, Justine Namakula and Sophie Witter

21. Reproductive Health Care and Indigenous Peoples in Venezuela
Johanna Gonçalves Martín

22. Cycles of Violence in Gendered Social Contexts: Why Does Child Maltreatment Lead to Increased Risk of Intimate Partner Violence in Adulthood? Karen Devries, Heidi Grundlingh and Louise Knight

23. Capacities to Exercise Strategic Decision-Making Agency: Exploring the Gendered Production of Health Within Intimate Partnerships and Households
Rachel Tolhurst, Esther Richards, Eleanor Macpherson, Dorcas M. Kamuya, Flavia Zalwango and Sally Theobald

24. Citizen Monitoring: Promoting Health Rights Among Socially Excluded Women in Andean Peru
Jeannie Samuel

25. Emergent Masculinities, Men’s Health, and the Movember Movement
Sara Smith and Marcia C. Inhorn

26. Men’s Sexual Health and Destiny
Matthew Gutmann

27. Claiming Rosa Parks: Conservative Catholic Bids for “Rights” in Contemporary Latin America
Lynn M. Morgan

28. Conservative Backlashes to Women’s Bodily Integrity in Latin America; The Case of Chile
Gabriela Alvarez Minte

29. Deconstructing Human Rights-Based Discourses: The Case of Women''s Right to Health and Health Sector Reforms in Brazil
Marianna Leite

30. Men, Masculinities and Health in Brazil: A Feminist Critique
Jorge Lyra and Benedito Medrado

31. Sexual Health or Rights? USAID-Funded HIV/AIDS Interventions for Key Populations in Ghana
Benjamin Eveslage

32. Positive Women Managing Reproduction in the HIV Pandemic
Lesley Doyal


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