Handbook on Gender and Social Policy


Handbook on Gender and Social Policy

9781785367175 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Sheila Shaver, Professor of Social Policy, Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Australia
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78536 717 5 Extent: 480 pp
Providing a state of the art overview, this comprehensive Handbook is an essential introduction to the subject of Gender and Social Policy. Bringing together original contributions and research from leading researchers it covers the theoretical perspectives of the field, the central policy terrain of gender inequalities of income, employment and care, and family policy. Examining gender and social policy at both the regional and national level, the Handbook is an excellent resource for advanced students and scholars of sociology, political science, women’s studies, policy studies as well as practitioners seeking to understand how gender shapes the contours of social policy and politics.

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After two decades of feminist challenges to mainstream theorising, gender has become a central element of social policy and the welfare state. A new literature has widened the focus of social policy from state and economy to a three-sided discourse encompassing the state, the market and the family. The Handbook on Gender and Social Policy provides a comprehensive introduction to this field with up-to-date accounts of debates and innovative original research by leading international authors.

The Handbook covers the key areas of social policy that relate to the inequalities between men and women in the developed and developing world. It presents original research on contemporary issues at national and transnational levels across the central policy terrain of income, employment, care and family policy, including family policy models, same-sex marriage and child protection. It features chapters on key perspectives on gender and policy and six original studies of the state of play in different regions of the world.

The Handbook on Gender and Social Policy is an excellent resource for advanced students and postgraduate students of sociology, political science, women’s studies, policy studies and related areas. It will also be of interest for practitioners and scholars of social policy seeking up-to-date coverage of how gender affects the contours of social policy and politics.
Critical Acclaim
‘This superb and comprehensive Handbook should be in the collection of every student of social policy – those who have specialized in gender issues and everyone else – for a key strength of the collection is the engagement across the multiple theoretical and empirical traditions of comparative welfare state research. The authors, a mix of leading scholars and emerging researchers, offer incisive and well-written analyses of classic and cutting-edge topics. Feminist theory and analysis come alive in their investigations of freedom, equality and the welfare state, care, intersectionality, transnational policy influences, the transformations of family policy, and more, across the globe. The Handbook is an excellent text for advanced undergraduate and graduate social policy courses, and an outstanding reference work for established analysts.’
– Ann Shola Orloff, Northwestern University, US

‘Bringing together some of the most renowned scholars in the field, this Handbook provides a multi-dimensional lens for understanding the developments and challenges posed by heterogeneity across regions, gender diversities and growing social inequalities for conceptualizing gender and social policy and the potential for making change. It engages with conceptual terrains that have transformed gender and social policy research: intersectionality and multiple inequalities, men and masculinities, and transnationalisms. The prodigious scope and breadth of this volume encompasses the Global North and South and transnational institutions and actors in an array of rich empirical chapters, both comparative and in-depth case studies, addressing themes from various theoretical perspectives, including employment, care, family, poverty, prostitution policies and LGBT rights.’
– Barbara Hobson, University of Stockholm, Sweden

‘This is a sparkling and absorbing collection. The Handbook provides both case studies of specific countries and overviews of key policy areas, including employment, care, family policy, child protection, migration – and much more. The chapters and authors have been well selected to thoroughly cover the concepts and ideas that have informed feminist scholarship on social policy; to introduce cutting-edge current research across a wide range of countries; and to provide a springboard for the next generation of research.’
– Jane Millar, University of Bath, UK and Chair of the UK Social Policy Association
Contributors: E. Adamson, C. Arza, D. Balkmar, M. Bernstein, M. Blaxland, M. Brady, D. Brennan, R. Daiger von Gleichen, M. Daly, A.L. Ellingsæter, V. Esquivel, H. Figueiredo, K.R. Fisher, L. Foster, J. Ginn, S. Harkness, B. Harvey, J. Hearn, B. Hewitt, J. Jenson, T. Knijn, R. Mahon, L. Marg, J. Martínez Franzoni, J. McCoy, S. Meyer, J. Outshoorn, K. Pringle, S. Razavi, E. Reese, J. Rubery, M. Seeleib-Kaiser, X. Shang, S. Shaver, S. Staab, C. Valiente, F. Williams, A. Yeatman

1. Introduction to the Handbook on Gender and Social Policy
Sheila Shaver

Part I Perspectives
2. Gender, social policy and the idea of the welfare state
Anna Yeatman

3. Intersectionality, gender and social policy
Fiona Williams

4. Men, masculinities and social policy
Jeff Hearn, Keith Pringle and Dag Balkmar

5. Rethinking social policy: A gender perspective from the developing world
Shahra Razavi and Silke Staab

6. Policy reforms on prostitution: The quest for control
Joyce Outshoorn

Part II Inequalities in work and care
7. Gender and economic inequality
Susan Harkness

8. Gender, employment and social policy
Jill Rubery and Hugo Figueiredo

9. Family policies and the weakening of the male-breadwinner model
Rosa Daiger von Gleichen and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

10. Transmitting inequality: Pensions policy and the gendered life course
Liam Foster and Jay Ginn

11. Social investment, poverty and lone parents
Jane Jenson

12. Care policies for children and adults in high-income countries
Mary Daly

13. Care policies in the South
Valeria Esquivel

14. Care and migration
Deborah Brennan and Elizabeth Adamson

15. Shaping the way international organizations ‘see’ gender equality: The OECD and ECLAC
Rianne Mahon

Part III Family policy
16. Making and unmaking families
Belinda Hewitt and Michelle Brady

17. The movement towards marriage equality in advanced industrialized countries
Mary Bernstein and Brenna Harvey

18. Women, domestic violence and child protection
Silke Meyer

Part IV Case studies, countries and regions
19. Gender policy in the Netherlands: From a redistributive to an identity-based approach
Trudie Knijn

20. An overview of research on gender and social policy in Spain
Celia Valiente

21. Norway: The evolution of a Nordic earner–carer model
Anne Lise Ellingsæter

22. Social policy in the United States
Ellen Reese, Logan Marg and Julisa McCoy

23. A long decade of gendering social policy in Latin America: Transformative steps and inequality traps
Camila Arza and Juliana Martínez Franzoni

24. Women and care in China
Megan Blaxland, Xiaoyuan Shang and Karen R. Fisher


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